Tamriko B-V.

Being a photographer myself for over a decade, choosing the right person who will bring my creative vision to life was a challenging task. Tino was always my first choice, and after consulting a few other people, I landed on it confidently. What I am most grateful for, is the supreme professionalism of this photographer. 
Throughout the wedding day, he has never given me a hint of worry, a shadow of a doubt, or a bit of stress – and that is HUGE on a day as stressful as hectic as a wedding. He was quiet, fast and invisible, just as a photographer should be. Also, flexible, adaptive, and creative. Whenever the circumstances would change, he quickly would make a decision and keep rolling without getting me involved. The wedding pictures I got are to die for..like from a wedding magazine, pure magic. As an avid critic for visuals, I was completely happy with the approach and execution of my wedding photography. 
Another thing worth mentioning is that Tino’s process for getting the bride ready (providing tips about the best conditions, and angles, what will be needed on the day, etc), is a well oiled machine. You receive hints, advice, and questionnaires via email, and it truly feels like he is constantly thinking of you and getting ready for your big day just as tediously as you are. 
It was easy. It was well thought through. It was pleasant.It was worry free.It was on time. It didn’t break the bank. 
Look no further. Here’s your wedding photographer.