What happens when healing and art come together? You’ve now entered into my life’s story and my life’s work. My name is Amber Taylor and I’m the artist and owner behind Amber Taylor Artistry. I love providing a place where clients can experience the true value of their beauty, through listening to my clients I am able to plan how to give you exactly what you want. I not only aim to simply give brides-to-be & beauty clients a makeup transformation, but also to lift their spirits and help boost their inner confidence. When a client comes to me, I nurture their inner strength as well as embellishing their natural beauty.

The Wedding Industry

When I first started training to become a Professional Makeup Artist, my mentor and educator specialized in bridal makeup. So that is how I began my journey into the wedding industry. I booked my first bride just a few months after becoming a makeup artist. I also recognized that my soft natural glam aesthetic attracted. bridal clients. What I love about being in the wedding industry is that I get to make another women feel beautiful on one of the most important days of her life. What I do as an makeup artist is a very intimate service, and I am responsible for how a women sees and feels about the way she looks on her special day.

The Wedding Memories

One of my favorite wedding memories was with one of my dream brides who had a beautiful modern wedding in East Hampton. She had rented a beautiful home for her entire bridal party including the groom and groomsmen. It was my first time having to get ladies ready with the men around. It was like one big party. The men were singing and dancing all morning. It made the getting ready process such a fun experience, that I would consider the option of having the men and women get ready together one day for my future wedding.


I specialized in natural makeup looks for brides. I am an expert at color matching and creating customized foundation for women of all shades and deeper skin tones. I love creating makeup looks where skin looks like skin, and that when a person see's my clients, they see them and not the makeup.

Company History

This journey began as an internal love story with life and finding who I was as a woman. In 2013, I found myself in a place where I did not know who I was as a woman nor the true value of my worth nor beauty. What brought me out of that place of despair was the vehicle beauty and makeup. I began to find my expression and my voice. Once I understood that this was a gift from God, I found a way to serve others through my heart by pursuing a career in makeup artistry. When my client sits in my chair for the day, they know that the world is theirs for the taking. They entrust me to bring out their inner strength and to let their face tell a story of powerful womanhood and elegance. That is the work that I do and I am honored to fulfill it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I DON'T WEAR A LOT OF MAKEUP, BUT I STILL WANT TO LOOK BEAUTIFUL ON MY WEDDING DAY. HOW CAN I HAVE MAKEUP THAT WILL MAKE ME LOOK GLAMOROUS BUT STILL LIKE MYSELF? A. My natural glam makeup application will provide you with the coverage and longevity to make sure your makeup last, looks great in photographs, while still making sure that you look like yourself. I apply your foundation that will not make you feel like you have pounds of makeup on and still give you the results of a flawless natural foundation application. Q. CAN YOU HELP ME COORDINATE MY WEDDING DAY MORNING TIMELINE? A. Scheduling and coordination are a part of every bridal beauty package to ensure the proper flow of the wedding day timeline and that everyone is has a schedule appointment. I will coordinate with your other wedding vendors and use my professional expertise to make sure you are ready to walk down the aisle on time. Q. I HAVE OILY SKIN OR I SWEAT, HOW CAN I GUARANTEE MY MAKEUP WILL STAY? A. While oil and sweat are natural, I can guarantee you that your makeup will not move or wear off your face. For brides that have these concerns, I offer VIP touch up services with different options for first look touch up and pre-ceremony/reception pampering. Q.DO YOU TRAVEL? A. Yes, I and my team of assistant artists will travel to your hotel, venue or any location in the New York area. Travel fees based upon location and distance Q.I HAVE A LARGE BRIDAL PARTY; DO YOU WORK WITH A TEAM? A. Absolutely, for bridal parties 4 or more, I have an additional artist that will assist with making sure that everyone’s makeup application is completed on time. For larger parties, I bring in 2 or more assistants. Q. HOW LONG DOES A MAKEUP APPLICATION TAKE? A. For bridal previews I allow up to 2 and half hours for full consultation and to map out your wedding day look. On the wedding day, brides are schedule for 90 mins to 120 min appointments, while bridesmaids and other members of the party are schedule for 45 mins to 60 mins appointments.

Amber Taylor Artistry

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