Jessica has been professionally experienced in the makeup industry for 5 years, totaling 15 years of loving and indulging herself in the world of make up artistry. As a young girl at the age of 14, Jessica was a Rockette trained dancer, which led to her initial indulgence into the world of glamour. Since graduating with her Mastery Certification from Make Up Designory of NYC, Jessica has become well versed in all aspects of the makeup industry. She has worked on feature films, Broadway and television shows, and has worked with a number of runway models and celebrity clientele. Over the last 3 years, Jessica has opened and her very own “Beau-tique” as an a-la-carte beauty concierge specifically for brides, with a team of certified, experienced artists by her side.

The Wedding Industry

The wedding industry was admittedly not in my original business model. I believed theatrics and special FX were the route I wanted to take with my Show Girl and performance background. While trying to break into the Hollywood business, I worked for a bridal company on the weekends where I realized my true passion to make every person who sat in my chair feel beautiful.

The Wedding Memories

My favorite wedding memory was actually a very recent one. I had gone to a brides home early in the morning with my team and right away we started with our services. The bridal party was playing a “Girls Night Out” Spotify playlist and an old Spice Girls song started to play. I lifted my head up for a quick second to smile at the song recognition- and in that split second I saw the entire bridal party and my team of artists dancing, laughing and having such an amazing moment together as if we were all part of their group for years. In that specific moment I realized that little memories just like THIS are what keeps us together and doing weddings over and over again.


Beauty & Beyond Beautique is notoriously known for beauty transformations that make you feel glamorous while still looking like your natural, beautiful self. Our glam ups always include airbrushing and lashes for every client wanting services, without charging additional fees, because we want every client to receive the best treatment without the hefty price tag.

Company History

Beauty & Beyond Beautique began as a small freelancing business a few years ago out of my car and a small makeup kit. Between word of mouth and a number of previous bridesmaids now getting married, our company name has grown dramatically and earned the trust of all our clients with our long lasting makeups and touch up services (Bridal Insurance).

Frequently Asked Questions

Clients always ask us how the makeup will last throughout the day. The answer to this is not a simple one; as makeup itself is a science. We have mastered the art of makeup longevity by a balance of the right products and proper application techniques. We always recommend trials as well so you can see for yourself how long it will last!

Personal Hobbies

I danced for 25 years, and spent 15 years dancing professionally.. so dance has always been a huge part of my life. In my spare time you’ll always find me in a studio or in manhattan taking classes !

Beauty & Beyond Beautique

11 Martingale Gate
Fort Salonga, New York 11768


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