Are you wondering besides great food and good music, what else will make your wedding day unforgettable? A Photo Booth ! But not just any photo booth, C3 NYC's photo booth! Let us tell you why?

We bring your party to life with fun props, red carpets, Vibrant LED lights (colors will match your theme), colorful backdrops and lively booth attendants to guide your guests through a fun and unique digital photo booth experience.

Your guests will have a blast ! Check out our website and instagram to see some of our previous events :)

The Wedding Industry

With a background in photography, video and graphic design; I figured why not combine all three and I decided to start my photo booth business. What is there not to love about the wedding industry, every wedding is different from the themes to the music but ultimately what is always constant are the emotions of love, happiness and fun of the couple getting married and their guests celebrating it with them .


Our specialization at C3NYC Photo Booths is our ability to bring our vision to life via our photo booth. With our media and design backgrounds our designs and decorations are unique and captivating. All you will have to do is tell your vision and will bring it life and make sure your guests have lot of fun taking pictues, boomergans, videos and much much more!

Company History

We all have the letter C (Cristian, Cristian Jr and Camila). I started my business over 10 years ago as a photographer and as my clientele grew so did my business in the wedding industry. The name of my business stems of my name and my children's names.

I love all the excitement that happens during these events which ultimately led me to opening up my photo booth business. Here you don't have to pose anyone, or instruct them to smile or anything in between - all you do is tell them ... Tap the screen to start and have fun !

I see myself expanding even more and hoping to reach more Brides of Long Island

Frequently Asked Questions

What are you packages and prices?
While we do have Silver, Gold and Platinum Packages and our prices are not set in stone as we know everyone has different budgets and want different things. So we can do have à la carte options as well.

Personal Hobbies

Family time with my kids. As this industry is quite hectic I do try my best to spend as much time bonding with my kids and that includes everything from sports to hiking and everything else in between :)

C3NYC Photo Booth

1914 Himrod St
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