Hi! My name is Keith, and I am a wedding photographer :) Well, not really. The real answer is that I am a small business owner, which means I do everything from IT to fixing the toilet :) Once or twice a week I photograph weddings. The other days are spent talking with our clients, answering emails and checking over the projects that are being made by our team.

The Wedding Industry

I grew up with a camera on the kitchen table every day. When we went on vacation, we would be up before sunrise so we could walk in the dark to the best spot to shoot the sunrise. The towns are so quiet before the sun comes up, it feels like you are the only people on the planet.
Going into a new place, or a familiar place but with new creative opportunities and making the best pictures that I can make. That is what I love the most. Using all of my brain, all of my muscle, and putting everything I have into making images that matter.

The Wedding Memories

I was the only kid I knew in 9th grade with a job. My mom would arrive at my school on Fridays at 2:30 with a tuxedo on a hanger. I would change in the school bathroom and then run to her car so no one would see me wearing a tux at school. She would drop me off at the brides house and I would spend the rest of the day assisting my dad, changing film, changing lenses and making sure the light was in the exactly right spot. Good times!


We don't specialize. We adapt :) The best part about my job is adjusting my approach every day, based on the couple and the details of the day. We do it differently every time, but not for the sake of variety. We do it differently based on each couple's style and preferences. Weddings are full of surprises. If you are not able to adapt, you will disappoint your couple, and that is not an option.

Company History

My grandfather had his own camera repair shop in Manhattan. My grandmother worked for Kodak. My parents bought the studio in 1979, so it is a bit older than I am.
I started going to the studio on Saturdays when I was 10. My mom would pepper me with questions about how to solve problems and make our clients happy. At 13 I was assisting my dad at weddings, changing lenses and learning how light works.
By 18 I was shooting weddings and telling people that I was 21 ;) Since then, I have just been chasing good light and trying to make images that matter.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't mind answering questions. If you have any, just ask :)

Personal Hobbies

I have an amazing wife and two crazy kids. On days off, I don't take that many pictures. I like to be there with my family in the moment, rather than trying to accomplish an assignment. We play, we explore and I try to blow their minds at least once a day. It is a fun challenge.

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