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Victoria & Rhiannon here, and we are the Gagné Gang! We are a silk intimates brand, with designs for every stage of your life - from single nights, to the bride you are today, to down the road when you're a mommy to be - we are here to help bring out that confidence we know is in you!

Why did we start a lingerie brand? Well, simply put we wear lingerie every day, the only difference is the type we wear. When a woman puts on well made, proper fitting lingerie, it brings a confidence like no lipstick or high heel can bring you. A type of power and self love comes out when we feel beautiful on the outside, and we want to help every woman experience this with our designs.

The Wedding Industry

One of our friends was getting married a few years back while we were designing our first collection. We decided to add some lace to our signature knot front robe, make it in white with a matching garter belt, and gift it to her. She wore the robe the morning of her wedding while getting ready, and felt like a bride from the moment she woke up that morning because of it.

We received so much love from that 1 design that our other friends wanted one for their weddings, and that's when we joined the wedding industry!

With many of our friends getting married over the last few years, we have seen the importance of those last memories as a single lady getting ready the morning-of. It just wouldn't be the same without your favorite girls by your side, so select from our collection or create couture designs not only for you, but for your bridal party too!

The Wedding Memories

My favorite wedding memory was with our first bride, my good friend Rebecca. I was in her bridal party so I was able to be with her all day and see how confident and beautiful she felt in our design. All the love I received that morning for the robe was absolutely incredible, and that's when I knew it wouldn't be our last bridal creation.


We specialize in couture bridal and bridesmaid intimates - couture meaning made to order.

You will be a part of designing every part of your garment. We get to know you and how you want to feel in your design before we even begin to design it. Then we measure you so it fits perfectly and is truly one-of-a-kind! You will be the ONLY bride wearing your design, talk about feeling like a Queen!

And don't forget about your favorite girls ... or guys! Select the perfect style from our 8-piece collection, or create a custom made loungewear for your bridal party. With 100 silk colors to choose from, you can be confident you'll find the perfect color to match your special day!


How long does it take to make a couture robe or set?
We kindly ask for a minimum of 5 months to design and create your couture designs. If your wedding or event is less than 5 months away, please reach out to discuss timelines as we may be able to make it work.

How does GL make a difference?
Gagné Lingerie is proud to support our US Veterans, active military, first responders, military families, wounded warriors and their caregivers. With your purchase we are able to show our gratitude to these heroes in our lives a little more than we could yesterday! Gagné Lingerie supports US jobs by producing all product in New York City.

Can I provide my own fabric for my couture garment?
Yes, absolutely! If you have a fabric picked out that you would like to use, we ask that you send it to us right away so we can create a design based on that fabric. Since silk is our signature fabric at GL, we will incorporate an aspect of silk in every couture bridal design.

Why silk?
If you’ve worn silk before, you know why we chose it as our signature fabric. If you haven’t, we’ll try as best we can
to explain how amazing it feels on your skin.
Silk is an incredibly fine natural fiber that is valued for its lightweight, luxurious hand feel and incredible strength. It is one of the only fabrics that modern science has not been able to bring many changes to manufacturing – which is pretty unique. Wearing silk is guaranteed to make you feel comfy but sexy in the most lavish way.

How much does a couture garment cost?
There are many variables that determine the pricing of a bridal robe or set, so pricing varies. Most of our previous designs have ranged between $1,000 - $2,000.

Personal Hobbies

We love to go dancing and meet new people! Pre-Covid NYC living suited us (but not our wallets) well ;)

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My custom robe was done by my good friend Rhi who has her own line- Gagné Lingerie! She can make you anything you want ! My robe was silk and was simply beautiful she made it match my dress. I will have this robe forever and can’t wait to even use it for a photo shoot when I’m pregnant!
Brittany Y.

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