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L. John Morelli is an experienced wedding videographer and event filmmaker based on Long Island, NY. He has been shooting weddings, bar mitzvahs, large and small events, parties, and intimate family affairs professionally for more than 30 years. John is dedicated to capturing your special day with beautiful cinematography, giving you something to treasure for years to come. A consummate professional, he has accrued exclusively positive reviews on Wedding Wire and The Knot and has been featured on both sites. He will make the deeply important task of filming your wedding an easy and smooth process.

The Wedding Industry

I was always a photographer since I was a kid, I gravitated to the equipment, I thought they were very magical. In my late teens I got a job at a wedding studio near my house as an assistant, soon there after, I was launched as their 2nd crew. I loved the work, you're in a cheerful atmosphere, and I'm making people happy by helping to preserve a milestone in their lives.

Company History

After working at the studio where I got my start for 15 years, I decided to go out on my own to have more independence. In about a a year and a half, I had enough work to really sustain myself with this hobby I love.

Additional Info

A graduate of NYU Film School, John has documented almost 3,000 weddings. He has a natural instinct for capturing and finding the beauty in even the smallest moments. An artist himself, John instinctively knows what subtle changes are needed to make your video more beautiful and how to edit it to perfection. He has a keen eye for creating flattering lighting and exquisite framing, and he uses his extensive knowledge to pick the perfect lens for a flawless look.

John stays current with all modern video technology and uses a handheld technique as well as tripods, monopods, and other camera-stabilizing devices in order to capture special, spontaneous interactions with a cinematic look. In addition to his nuanced camera work, John's expert usage of audio allows him to capture your first words as a married couple and to add the music of your choice. married couple and to add the music of your choice.

A professional with a light heart, John makes whomever he is with instantly comfortable. Expect that he will capture your most cherished moments and create something unique and timeless in the process.

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