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Laughter, sunsets, the movement of my dogs tail as he comes out of the water. The way the lights trails through a window at golden hour. The emotion that a father carries the first time he sees his little girl in her wedding dress. The way his face lights up when he sees you walking down the aisle for the first time.

When you ask what inspires me, it’s those simple moments that mean the most. Like the photo above. A simple moment that carries so much emotion and depth.

As an artist, I bring those simple moments to the light. Every powerful photograph has a story behind it and I believe your moments should carry those stories. Photography is the art of being present; draining out all your thoughts, worries and distractions to be absolutely present for the moments in front of you. I am grateful to be present enough to enjoy those fleeting moments.

It’s why I’m absolutely addicted to photography; there is no end, only growth.

The Wedding Industry

I was an event planner for six years where I planned over 200 events a year. I loved being in the minutia of it all and seeing someone's vision come to life. At the same time, I was photographing families and maternity sessions, never thinking I would step into the wedding industry. As a certified photographer, for me, photography was a creative outlet and I loved being able to capture little moments for families to enjoy for a long time. That all changed in 2018 when a couple asked me to travel to Michigan to photograph their wedding. They loved my work and refused to accept any response but "yes."

From the moment I started photographing the getting ready process, I was hooked. I already loved being involved in events and now being able to photograph someone's special day was the perfect "marriage" of everything I love. Wedding photography is art, but it's also knowing the moments. It's being able to connect with a couple and tell their authentic love story in an artistic and memorable way. From 2018 to now I've been able to capture so many love stories and it's something I'll never tire of.

The Wedding Memories

The one moment that will always be my favorite is the moment a couple sees each other for the first time. The raw emotion that the moment evokes is one that will always leave me teary-eyed.

One of my favorite wedding memories is when a bride had all her sisters come out for the Father-Daughter dance. Their father was ailing and they thought this would be one of the last bigger moments they were going to have as a family. The bride did the dance and about halfway through, she invited her sisters to join. It was the five of them, dancing in a circle, crying together. The room was absolutely silent and the pictures from that moment are ones that I will cherish for my career.


I specialize in authentic, artistic storytelling photography. It's candid, it's real and it's little moments throughout your day that you might have otherwise missed. I love bringing together couple portraits with a moment where three bridesmaids are fawning over the baby in the room. My galleries tell the story of a wedding day, from start to finish, and I'm grateful that this type of photography resonates with so many.

Company History

Leanne Gelish Studio is a one-woman show that has been in operation in some form or another for the last ten years. I recently went through a re-branding because I wanted my company to be more authentic to who I am as a photographer.

I started my photography journey ten years ago in concerts. Having an opportunity to tour with a popular band gave me insight into what it was like to capture movement and raw moments in different lighting settings. You can't plan a concert and you have to learn to work fast.

After that stint, I worked with local artists and focused on editorial work. I had lived in a few different places and when I moved back to Long Island, I started being requested to photograph families and then found myself in weddings.

Now, Leanne Gelish Studio is a wedding photography business.


Do you still capture the standard photos?
OF COURSE! I love doing family photos and before your event, I will ask for a list of family members and names to stay organized. (it's the event planner in me)

How many photos do you deliver?
An average gallery is 400 edited photos with a guarantee of at least 300.

Do you deliver RAW Images?
No. I believe in editing your photos and delivering them that way. You hired me for my style and I like to stay on-brand.

Do you do elopements?
Absolutely. I love them

Do you do prints?
Yes. Part of the packages offered is an album or keepsake box with 50 high-quality prints. I love the keepsake box because it's something you can display, whereas, an album usually ends up in a drawer. I also provide a credit for prints in all pricing.

Personal Hobbies

I'm a wrangler girl so I love taking my dog and going off road with him. Whether it's to a beach or in the mountains, I love being outside and unplugging for a few hours.

I'm also a writer, and have published three books, my most recent being a collection of poetry.

I have way too many house plants and I am 100% a typical dog mom. I also love comedy and you'll see some of my characters on my Instagram.

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Anyone looking for an amazing photographer, look up Leanne Gelish. She’s incredible and does weddings, showers, engagement shoots etc. We had her at our elopement and wedding celebration and we highly recommend her ❤️
Michelle M.
Leanne Gelish from Leanne Gelish Studios literally MADE our day, I'm not joking. We were stressed and didn't have a plan, and Leanne showed up and showed OUT! She had so many fun ideas and truly became my best friend throughout it. She is the life of your party, communicates with you, and is truly just an angel. Not even that, but her photo skills are JUST AMAZING!!! She even made a slideshow to Taylor Swift because I briefly mentioned in a side convo how much we love her. She was funny and accommodating and creative. We are blown AWAY!
Peyton M.

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