I've become a visual artist over the past twelve years, in a sense picking up where I left off many years ago as a young film student in New York city. After several years as an aspiring writer and actor in Los Angeles, I picked up a digital camera after relocating to Florida and the bug has never left me. Wildlife, landscapes, modelling, e-commerce photography--I've done it all. However, when I started doing wedding photography I knew I found my niche.

The Wedding Industry

I really like wedding photography because of the spontaneity and gaiety of the events--people are lively and tend to show their best sides--it's just such a blast being in that environment. Not only that, when the chemistry is right between myself and the couple, some magical moments happen, and it's just enthralling to be able to capture it on camera. Not only do I like to capture the moments as they happen, I like to create them as well!

The Wedding Memories

There are just so many special moments it's hard to recall them all. I did a recent shoot at Valley Forge in Pennsylvania and we did group shots under the memorial arch--the bridal and groom party were really energized and to be surrounded by all that history added a special luster to that part of the wedding shoot. I also enjoyed shooting a first look between a bride and her father that really grabbed at the heart--it was a long time since they saw each other and the emotions boiled over!


I like to specialize in the kind of wedding photography that's colorful, romantic, and evocative of cheerful horizons!

Company History

I wanted to keep my company name simple and easy to remember--so "Photography by Neil" was a natural. My website is, from my Florida beach shoots where the flying sand frequently found a way to land on the lip of the outside of my lens. I've been shooting about a wedding a week recently, but would like to increase that to 2x a week by 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you ever retire? Not anytime soon! Do you do destination weddings? Yes! Even honeymoon photography! Is video included in your package? Only if the need is for short video clips for a highlight reel.

Additional Info

I shoot about 75 pictures per hour. Unlimited editing on all my shoots. I also work with a Polaroid for instant pictures of the guests, which I pass out. I like to have a complete consultation prior to the wedding to discuss all the requirements and shot needs.

Photography by Neil

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