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Smile Bar
181 Broadway Suite 15
Amityville, NY 11702Directions


Smile Bar is owned and operated by two Dental Hygienists each with over 20 years of experience in the dental field.  We met in Dental Hygiene school 12 years ago, and became friends immediately.  We have been Hygienists for 10 years, and in that time we have literally done everything together:  work together, vacation together,  made our work schedule to coordinate so we have Fridays off together.... we even set eachother up with our husbands.  We haven't missed a day of speaking in 12 years, so we figured the next natural step was to open a business.

Let us help you reach your full smile potential and customize the best whitening treatment for your big day.  Experience professional teeth whitening in our clean and cozy suite in the heart of Amityville village. At Smile Bar, we use Glo Science Professional system...therefore only dental professionals can administer it.  The professional formula is much stronger than store-bought whitening products giving you better, longer-lasting results with little to no sensitivity! You are in good hands!  We are here to offer an affordable, effective treatment because we believe ALL BRIDES and their significant others, should be able to brighten their smile and maintain it without being too costly.  We hope to see you all soon! 

The Wedding Industry

Think about all the times your photographer will be shouting "SMILE!" at you on your wedding day, and the days leading up to it.  We believe that every bride should look and feel their best on their wedding day....this includes their smile. Many brides have expressed to us that teeth whitening is left on the back burner during those final days of their bridal prep due to busy schedules, cost and fear of the dentist. No worries, we are here to help make your smile tie together with your makeup and photos.  We have created a space at Smile Bar, where you can come to relax for your final beauty prep. We see one person at a time for privacy and a relaxing experience.

The Wedding Memories

At one point in our careers, we OF COURSE worked together for a few years.  We were both each engaged and married within one year of eachother.  During that time, our schedules were booked fully for teeth whitening only, with all family members, bridal party, and basically anyone that would be taking a picture with us.  


We pride ourselves in being licensed Dental Hygienist's for ten years each. We are very proud to be professionally and expertly trained in teeth whitening. Basically we are perfectionists! With that being said, we spent alot of time researching the product that we would be offering, and found that Glo Professional gave the best results in the shortest time with little to no sensitivity. We have both tested this product two times on each other. One of us has suffered from sensitivity for years, and truly can stand behind this product. 

Company History

We started Smile Bar 6 months ago as a side hustle after many years of wanting to reach you on our own terms. We found that teeth whitening was always the service that left everyone the happiest and most confident. We cant get enough!  We hope to continue with this vibe and continue to grow and meet more Smiling faces that become friends!


Please reference our Instagram page for a wealth of information.

Additional Info

We are offering a Bridal promo for all BOLI couples, bridal parties and family members.  We are offering $199 for each person for our Glo teeth whitening service which is discounted from our standard fee of $299. 

Please mention: BOLIBRIDE22 in the appointment note section when booking on Vagaro.

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