At Studio Nicihole, we're not just about capturing weddings—we're crafting a narrative, weaving together the essence of your love story. We're a boutique studio, devoted to one wedding at a time, ensuring that every moment receives the attention it deserves. Our style? Picture this: refined, timeless elegance meets editorial. We blend the best of documentary-style candidness with the sophistication of editorial finesse. Think of us as your personal storytellers and memory preservers, dedicated to curating visuals that evoke emotions and stand the test of time.

The Wedding Industry

A wedding is a celebration of love, family, and the promise of a new beginning. It's one of the most important days in a couple's life. In many ways, it's also one of the most important days in your life as a photographer—because this is when you get to capture an incredible moment and build relationships with the people who mean so much to you.

And it never gets old. The only thing better than capturing those moments on film? Having the chance to do it over and over again with your clients.

The Wedding Memories

Wedding days are full of memories. The ones that will last forever, and the ones you'll forget as soon as you get back from your honeymoon.


The world is full of beauty, its a style of photojournalism with an infusion of art. I'm here to show you that in all its forms, from the darkest depths to the brightest heights, life can be beautiful. The world is full of wonder, and that's what I want to share with you through my work.

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BOLI Love!

Excellent photographer. I’ve hired Nichole for numerous events. Great quality work.

Kershel A.

Nichole worked with us on several projects. She's been absolutely amazing- easy to work with, very professional, with a great attention to detail. When we received our photographs, we were so impressed with their quality, the lighting was perfect, the colors were very vibrant, and all the features and elements were captured perfectly. We recommended Nichole to so many clients, and received high praise and endless compliments about her work as well. Looking forward to working with Nichole on many exciting projects in the future.

Y L.

Working with Nichole was great from start to finish. She took the time to consult with us before the wedding to make sure we knew exactly what to expect. On the day of Nichole made sure we got all of the shots we wanted and more. She gave the perfect amount of direction and had so many creative ideas. We highly recommend her!

Amanda K.

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