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Hey, you're getting married! Well of course you are I guess, what other reason would you have to be here (unless it's just because you've heard of my incomparable wit and charm ;)).

Congratulations brides! I'm Craig, owner of That's a Wrap Productions. We're an "exclusive" film and photography company, meaning we limit the amount of clients we take on each year. Why, you ask? Great question. It's because our main priority is giving 100% to all of our clients, and we do our best work when we feel a real connection with them. We understand that connection doesn't happen with everyone (kind of like that one Tindr date you had a few years ago- yikes, right?) So if we don't feel like we really vibe with a couple, we don't want to waste their time with less than our best work.

Being selective with our client load also means I get to devote time to my wife, two kids, and dog. Work-life balance is important to me, and again, allows me to truly give you everything I have in the tank on your wedding day.

I'm pretty well known for filming the majority of my days without any lighting. What? No lighting? How? Another great question, you're good BOLI. It's because when guests don't know they are being filmed, that's when the good stuff comes out. I catch people in all their uninhibited, unrestrained (maybe three sheets to the wind) glory. And that's what makes those unforgettable moments that bring you joy every time you watch your film. I'll also add - I ALWAYS provide both versions of films in my packages. It's your wedding, you should have all the footage.

I love being creative, and of course I love production value. That's why I offer drones, GoPro upgrades for your bridal party to handle, and even a Honeymoon film (we're the only company on the Island that does that, by the way).

So what it all comes down to is this - the wedding planning process can be stressful. I know, because I've been through it. I'm here to capture your day, make sure you have an incredible time, and leave you with a film that allows you to relieve every moment.

The Wedding Industry

Gather round, brides, while I tell you the chilling and heartbreaking tale of what led me to become a wedding professional. Grab some popcorn and maybe a blanket to hide under (for when we get to the scary part).

When my wife and I got married, I decided to just hire the filmographer that was included with my DJ package. I figured it was one less thing I had to book, and I could concentrate on all the other details - like the 6 months of choreographed dance lessons I had ahead of me. Our first dance was going to be EPIC, and my wife and I were working hard on it. Never mind that I didn't know who the filmographer was, or that I didn't get a chance to meet with him before our big day. I thought well, he's been hired by another professional, so he must be good, right? (This is where you might be shaking your head and yelling at the screen - NO Craig! Run in the other direction! The call is coming from inside the house!)

Cut to the day of our wedding - I was ready to take the floor with my wife and show off our newly acquired moves. Upon meeting our mystery filmographer, I noticed that he really rubbed me the wrong way. He was sluggish, had a horrible attitude, and seemed like he took no pleasure in what he was doing. The two of us just did not gel at all. But I gave him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe his personality was a clunker but he captured great footage?

What he did left me so horrified and upset that it ultimately led to a career-changing decision (get your blankets, here's the scary part). This filmographer decided to set up his shot for our first dance - the moment my wife and I had worked on for 6 months - in front of A HUGE, BRIGHT WINDOW. The resulting footage had us shadowed in silhouette for the entirety of our dance. You couldn't see our expressions, our fancy moves, the joy or love on our faces, nothing. It quite literally brought me to tears. This was supposed to be such a special part of our wedding, and we'd paid good money so we could relive it for years to come. But instead, our first dance is nothing but a memory.

I decided that I never wanted any couples to feel the way that my wife and I felt. So I left behind a decade-long career in mascotting for all the major NY sports teams, and opened up That's a Wrap Productions.

So now that you know my superhero (er, filmmaker) origin story, you know why I stress the importance of connecting with my clients. Your wedding will be one of the happiest days of your life, and you're paying a photo and video team so you'll be able to remember it all. I take that responsibility seriously. The more I connect with you, the more I can get to know you, the more of YOU I can capture on that very best day.

And I promise I'll shoot the hell out of your first dance.

The Wedding Memories

You know by this point that I only sign clients I'd want to hang out with on the weekends. So really, ALL of my couples hold a special place in my heart. I have countless amazing memories from people I consider to be friends - like the time I heard a Maid of Honor spit some impressive rhymes, or when one of my grooms walked into his reception with a custom-made championship belt (I have one of my very own), or when I was mentioned in a Best Man's speech. ::wipes away single tear::


You hate taking pictures, I get it. And I'll be real with you. Unless you and your fiancé both happen to be mannequins, those awkward and cheesy "posed" shots never really capture the essence of who you are as a couple. That's why I specialize in bringing the fun into your shoots. Remember my incomparable wit and charm that brought you here in the first place? I use it to help you both relax and feel comfortable so I can capture your natural, organic romance - without that same pit in your stomach you got during your high school prom photos (or the same frosted tips, hopefully).

Company History

I started out doing film only because I found that not a lot of photographers like to work as a team - what, no Avengers Assemble? Today, I'm extremely humbled at how That's A Wrap Productions has grown. But I'll be honest with you, my reputation didn't develop by accident. I view my couples as collaborative partners, and my company is just as invested in you as you are invested in us. I know I'm not the right fit for everyone - as my wife says, I'm a "special cup of tea." But if we as client and filmmaker DO make a good match, then we can really make something incredible together.


1. Are you licensed and insured?
Answer: Yes

2. Are you interested in an extended warranty for your car?
Answer: No

3. Why does your wife put up with you?
Answer: I'm a good dancer (it was those 6 months of lessons)

Personal Hobbies

Here's the thing: I love my job. I really, REALLY love my job. I love my job so much that it doesn't feel like work, it feels like a calling being fulfilled.

I truly love to be creative. I love producing stories that move people. Whether it's a wedding film, a company's commercial, a boudoir session, a newborn shoot or a maternity film - using films to motivate and influence is what really gets me going. I find new ways to fall in love with my craft on a yearly basis, and it really blows my mind.

Aside from filmmaking, I LOVE food. The flavors, textures, and smells really make me wish I was more talented in the kitchen. I have a vast appreciation for some good cooking and love to watch the process unfold.

But above and beyond all else, there is NOTHING though that makes me smile more than being with my family.

My wife is the yin to my yang - no one gets me better than she does. She is the smartest and quickest of introverts that puts up with me, the craziest of extroverts. She laughs at my bad jokes, accepts all of my flaws, and still hasn't grown tired of my cackle (or at least she hasn't admitted it yet).

My dynamic duo, my sons, are my driving force - being able to be fully present in their lives is the most important thing in mine. Whether it's snuggling up on the couch together, playing some video games together, or pulling pranks on one another, being an influence in their life is my main priority. I'm a proud Stay at Home Dad first and a business owner second.

Last but not least, my little fur child. Listen, when I've had a long hard day at work, and no one's is up to tell me "great job, Craig!" at 2am, she is there rushing to the door. There's nothing quite like the unconventional love you get from a dog, and my girl is no exception.

Additional Info

I'm so proud to partner with an incredibly gifted photographer, Mariana Martinis, who I met after my first full year in business. In the past she'd had some bad experiences with videographers (what is it with these dudes?), but as soon as we were introduced there was an instant connection. Our styles compliment each other perfectly - she has a well-trained eye for posture and movement, and I'm really good at making ALL the fart jokes.

Seriously though, we both specialize in capturing our couples in the most organic and candid ways possible. Together, we combine forces much like Voltron (did I just age myself?) and it's a match made in Galaxy Alliance heaven. I had always said that if I was going to work with a photographer, then I needed a partner who would elevate my own work and push me out of my comfort zones. Mariana has done just that - from inspiring me to offer maternity and newborn shoots, to encouraging me to producing boudoir films for both individuals and couples.

Here's a little more info about the magical Mariana Martinis:

Mariana Martinis, a Venezuelan creative specialist and photographer, acknowledges her parents (both architects) as key influences in her professional career. They taught her to love and appreciate shapes, colors, light, and most importantly, the essence of life.

 The years she spent surrounded by the arts encouraged her to go to school for graphic design and photography, transforming a hobby into a daily passion. This passion expanded when she arrived to the United States and began working for a video production company. “I had the opportunity to photograph a wedding (by accident), and every single moment was so emotional that I felt in love with it,” she said.

Since starting her professional career in 2002, Mariana has held the belief that your family portrait, newborn photo shoot, or wedding day experience should be remarkable - that’s why her specialty is to capture the depth, romance, and excitement of your story. Her exceptional experience and professionalism have earned her over 70 five-star reviews on popular vendor sites like The Knot and Wedding Wire. She's also been the recipient of numerous awards and accolades, including “Best Wedding Photographer out of Boro (2018-2022).” Equally as passionate about teaching as she is about artistry, Mariana takes great pride in sharing her knowledge and training apprentice photographers.

As your photographer, Mariana has two goals: to honor and care for you, and to capture the authentic moments of your special occasion.

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