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My team and I have photographed 300+ weddings, and learned how to capture the magic that you can enjoy for decades from now. I believe happiness can be delivered through the pictures we capture. My goal is to provide you with professionalism, creativity and quality. Whether you’re having a large weekend celebration or you’re looking for to capture meaningful moments down at city hall.

I believe that wedding photography is a vision that is not only created by a photographer but by our clients as well. Therefore we seek to establish a strong personal connection with all of our clients and give the best images with our distinguished photography style.

The Wedding Industry

I started as a UPS driver at a dead end job. Although the money was great I could not shake my passion for photography. It has always been a part of me. I was 15 years old when my father bought my first camera. I decided to leave my job and shoot my first wedding in my late 20s ( The look on my wife face is one I will never forget). I was only serving the Queens area. But here we are 30 years later with a successful studio.

The Wedding Memories

I have been in the industry for years. It is very difficult to pin point on specific moment when there is a life time of history here. One moment that sticks out is 2016 working along side event planner David Tautera and being featured on WeTV.


We specialize in professional wedding photography & videography.

Company History

I have been a professional photographer for over 20 years now. I have worked with some of the greatest studios on Long Island. In 2004 it was time for me to make my mark. I opened up Tony Lante Photography & Cinematography in my mothers basement and today as of 2020 I am proud to say we have three office locations (Glendale, Smithtown and Farmingdale). It took a lot of hard work but I am proud of where I am and happy for the help of my team who brought us to the top.

I surround myself with some of the best photographers in the industry. I also strive to keep an open communication with each and every client. My door is always open. I provide our clients with only the best of the best. I am proud to say i am the only studio on Long Island to offer hand-painted portraits and albums. They are truly a work of art.


Frequently Asked Questions about Photography

1) How fast do I get my Images?
Answer – We do our very best to have your images to you within 4 weeks- 6 weeks of your wedding date.

2) How do I get my images?
Answer –All of your high resolution photos are given to you in an easy to download online gallery.

3) Can you give them specific photos you like?.
Answer - This is the biggest day of your life. This is YOUR wedding. You absolute can give us a few photos that you might want to try to replicate. That being said, as a professional photographer, the more creative freedom you give your photographer the better job they will do.

4) Do you edit any of the photos?
Answer – We cover basic editing on your photos. All photos need to be edited in some way shape or form. Here are some of the edits that are done to all of your images.

1) Color correction
2) Saturation
3) Sharpen
4) Exposure corrections
5) Contrast

You Want to make sure you are getting images, worth of a professional photographer. There is no point in getting all of your images hi-rez/non- watermarked if you don’t want to print them.

5) How many photos will you take at my wedding?
Answer - This is a tricky question because it almost does not matter how many images we take, what matters is how many you will receive. Many times we will take 2000+ photos at a wedding, but many of them are doubles or triples of the same photo. Why do we do that? Because sometimes when were taking large group shots someone turns their head, or blinks, or talks this give you options within your photos.

6) Do I have access to my photos via an online link?
Answer - YES!!! This is very important because it allows you to show and share your images with family and friends without showing them individually.

7) Will you use my photos for advertising?
Answer – We always respect the requests of our clients, and if you do not want your images to be put on social media or our website then we will respect that. That being said, I would hope you would want us to do such an AMAZING job that we want to showcase your wedding.

8) What happens if my photographer gets sick or hurt before your wedding?
Answer - Just like in any industry, things are going to happen. The most important question, and what defines our company is, how do we respond when things don't go to planned. If a photographer is sick or injured before your wedding, there will ALWAYS be a high-level photographer available to shoot your wedding with the same skill as your initial photographer.

Personal Hobbies

I am a man of many talents. My second passion is food. As you get to know me you will soon learn I have many skills in the kitchen. My family owned many restaurants but I grew up with one of the best chefs I know- my mother (don't tell my wife). In my backyard I have a pizza oven shipped from Naples, Italy. I enjoy cooking for family and friends.

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