Hi! My name is Christina and here is a little background on myself. If your looking for a make-up artist that is honest, easy going, a good listener, a perfectionist, and wants to do absolutely anything and everything to make sure you feel beautiful inside and out, then you have found the right girl. Ive been a makeup artist for 10+ years!!(Pretty crazy) Ranging from Bridal, Runway, Editorial, Special effects and Television, I’ve seen and worked a lot through many different environments within the beauty industry. I was lucky enough to work for MAC Cosmetics for 7 years and now currently freelance for MAC for NYFW, Bridal Fashion week and other events. Besides my long resume, my passion is make-up and making people look and feel beautiful. I enjoy being able to bring your visions to reality. Your day is just as important to me as it is to you. So lets do this! Give me a call, shoot me a text or email, book that trial, and see all these things that I’m talking about.

The Wedding Industry

I entered into the wedding industry very young. I became a licensed Cosmetologist by the age of 18! From that point forward I submerged myself into anything I could practice and perfect my craft. I worked in salons, freelanced for MAC events (before I was even hired), gained a clientele by doing make-up on friends and family, and then everything just took off! Weddings are the most personal of events. I love being able to be so one-on-one with everyone involved in a wedding day. The importance of the day excites me more than anything. It brings me joy that I know I can give brides the confidence, the calmness and the laughs that every person needs on their big day! I value what I do. The thought that this day will be forever documented, gives me the drive to work even harder to meet every brides needs.


Still want to feel like yourself? If your a bride that doesn’t want that cakey look, I’m your go to.
If you like a little bit more and are going for that contoured, higher drama look, I’m your girl.
If you want a little bit of both worlds, guess what, I’m your girl.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some FAQ’s:

How long will my make-up last?
I make sure to use specific skin care and primers that compliment your skins needs. Many of my brides who don’t take their make-up off at the end of the night, still have it on in the morning!!

My lashes feel weird, what should I do?
If you are a bride who has never worn lashes, I recommend you get some false strip lashes and have them put on for a day. See if you can handle it. If you can’t then individual lashes will be a better route for you.

What products do I need to have, as the bride, for my wedding day?
Your own lipstick, lipgloss, blush, blotting papers( if your oily) and lash glue (if your a crier). I recommend having these things as your lipstick, lipgloss, and blush are the first to fade. Having these products on you will make sure you keep your look perfect! Blotting papers if your oily are a life saver! Even a blotting powder is great as well! Lastly the lash glue is a precaution. Either for a bride or bridesmaid, someone is going to cry and someones lash is going to come loose. Sometimes doesn’t happen at all but its always a good just-in-case product.

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