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Enjoy every moment
Enjoy every smile
Enjoy the spirit of a signature Cocktail
Creating an experience with every sip you take
Bartending has evolved over the years and while we have been limited during COVID19 the spirit of cocktails remains alive. During your private events or wedding having a curator of spirits and mixology will create a mood and atmosphere for your guest to unwind and indulge in the nights affair.

A signature Cocktail to exemplify the newly weds or as an ice breaker to ceremonies and special affairs, WSJSERVICES CREATES an experience with every sip you take.
Curating a cocktail designed and honoring your day/night and your guest will rave about the quality services and hospitality that comes with our services. Making everyone feel special whether it’s a cocktail or mocktail everyone is included in the experience.

The Wedding Industry

I got into the wedding industry for one simple reason “ To open a new channel for cocktail experience.” After attending many weddings and ceremonies, I learned that the bar and refreshments are and as important as any other service that incorporated with event planning. So why not make that an experience of its own.

The Wedding Memories

My favorite wedding memory was actually being a guest and being asked to bartend as a favor due to short staffing. I was off Duty but I understood what it meant to deliver an expert experience. I quickly ran to the supermarket and collected garnishes and items to spruce up the cocktails. I created a signature drink called “I Do” and it was the talk of the evening. It allowed guest to try something new and festive into the ceremony and reception cocktails. This is was the moment I decided to venture into this industry of bar management and bar catering because every moment matters


Not only do I specialize in BARTENDING but I align myself to decor and presentation. With WSJSERVICES we take pride in decor of bar areas to match floor plans of events. Creating a continuous flow of visual engagement to guest and providing “picture happy moments” and every chance a photo takes place.

Oh did we mention drone photography as well? Yes we include this in our services !

Company History

WHAT STARTED started out of a back yard BBQ turned into a passion to deliver quality services. The perception of BARTENDING was limited to “just pouring drinks for tips”. With WSJSERVICES we are more than the average pour. From set up to operations of services we aim to ensure everyone is attended to. With a team of professionals with years of industry standard experience, WSJSERVICES is a branding of its own. Not to be viewed as a luxury tax to an event yet a necessity to operations and satisfaction. With competitive packages created to meet the toughest budgets every client is treated with A list delivery of services.


Can we provide our own alcohol and supplies?
Answer: WSJSERVICES provides two options of services.
1. Full and hassle free. This provides the security and comfort of arriving to your event or special day and EVERYTHING will be provided and you can focus on other aspects of the evening while WSJSERVICES handles the bar and refreshments of your evening.
2. Labor and services alone inwhich you will be held responsible for All supplies and necessities. But don’t worry WSJSERVICES won’t leave you in the dark consultation will be provided unconditionally to ensure your independent shopping is directed with suggestions.

Personal Hobbies

I love photography
I love art
I love my drones.

All of which has helped me incorporate into my services to further the experience that a client receives with my services. WSJSERVICES Is a Brand but a lifestyle for me.

Additional Info

Check out my drone photography on Instagram on In_the_sky_wsj

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