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From the outside looking in, you will not understand it and from the inside looking out you cannot explain it. Brides of Long Island (BOLI) is a local organization made up of 1000's of brides getting married right here on Long Island!

Our site provides a wedding planning destination, a bridal resource where future brides can turn to others from our region to find kindred spirits, receive sound advice, and recommendations to locate the best of curated, cultivated, wedding vendors and venues. All to smooth as many of the potential bumps in the road to wedded bliss as possible, and to ensure that the day they have long dreamed about exceeds their expectations!

Founded by Heather Cunningham, Brides of Long Island fulfills a long-overlooked need: We are a family, a support system, and a bridal resource. Our shared goal is to help with your wedding planning, and make the day you've always dreamed of a reality! Use our site to connect to local wedding vendors and join us on Facebook to be a part of our amazing bridal family. We invite you to join us, first as a fiancé to gather information, then as a wife to share your experiences so that we may all, as a bridal community, continue to assist others on their trip down the aisle on the Isle! Help us to make Brides of Long Island the best bridal resource here and anywhere!

Brides of Long Island

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I thought I joined BOLI to help plan my wedding, which it did, but what I got out of it was life long friendships. I will forever be grateful for the connections I have made, the new friends in my life, and the advice and kindness I learned along the way.

Abby G.Manhasset

I found all of my vendors through Brides of Long Island. I honestly was lost before joining and I wouldn't have had the wedding of my dreams without the love and support of my sister brides!

Nicole M.Northport

I joined BOLI when my friend first told me about it, she told me it would help with wedding planning but it really is so much more! Not only was I able to get great ideas for my big day, but the support and advice I received during this stressful time is something I'll never forget.

Jenna L.Syosset

I was lost before BOLI. My wife and I were almost scared to go to another vendor, showcase, appointment - you name it. Unfortunately we weren’t always treated the best knowing that we were two brides. BOLI took all the worry away. We were accepted and supported instantly, and we learned of so many positive experiences for other LGBT and diverse couples and found great wedding businesses because of it!

Brit H.

BOLI was more than my #1 wedding tool, it’s how I met my BOLI family, an amazing group of women who support each other in every way. Even after my wedding, it’s my happy place. Now that I have gone through it, I can help others learn from the good and the bad. It’s been such a rewarding experience and I can’t wait to see what else BOLI has in store!

Jessica H.Seaford

I found a community and support group of women to get me through the ups and downs of wedding planning and the general chaos of everyday life through BOLI. It is a community that really cares and pumps up one another, and I've even forged personal relationships with "internet friends" who are now "in real life" friends and my personal cheerleaders.

Alissa F.Lindenhurst

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