It was April 16th, 2016 when Michael proposed to Heather within the beautiful walls of Old Westbury Gardens.

Heather had dreamed of this day since she was a little girl and it was better than anything she could have ever imagined! Shortly after the proposal, wedding planning ensued. Due to the fact that Heather was one of the first of her friends to say “yes,” she didn’t have many people to go to for help and ideas. She had no clue how crazy planning a wedding on Long Island could be and she needed assistance!

In August of 2016, Heather had the idea to create a space that would fill this void for all local brides. Brides of Long Island (BOLI) was created with its goal to serve as a resource for brides to get information, ideas, and recommendations. Heather believed that Brides truly needed to connect with other local brides. Word of the group spread fast as the group’s kindness, good ideas, and acceptance was praised throughout the island. Because of the group’s quick growth, she needed more help managing and maintaining the group’s integrity. Caitlyn and Suzanne have been helping Heather maintain the group’s values and purpose since the very beginning.

Month after month. hundreds of brides became official Brides of Long Island. In June, Heather’s wedding day finally came and she truly couldn’t thank her members enough for all of the help they provided her throughout her planning. Shortly after her wedding, Heather made a decision she will never regret. She left her full-time job in NYC to fully pursue the wedding industry and give back to the group she created.

She took this chance by opening a store for brides. Wedding Warehouse opened its doors in December of 2017. Wedding Warehouse sells wedding decor, apparel, jewelry, and hairpieces all hand-selected by Heather. Wedding Warehouse also provides a space for recent brides to sell their pre-owned wedding decor- because what else are you supposed to do with all that wedding stuff?!

With membership now in the thousands, even more help was needed. Simone, Brittany, and Danielle joined the team in August of 2018, assisting Heather and the BOLI board. They have provided time and dedication needed to keep BOLI the safe-haven it is for brides today.

Of course, we need to mention the tons of parties and events the board throws for their members, which help them forget wedding planning for a night and really enjoy a night out on the town. Every year they host The Brides of Long Island Summer Soiree, where local vendors give away over $100,000 worth of wedding services and goods.

BOLI often comes together to help brides in need. There have been multiple instances where a bride or her fiancé suffered a tragic accident, and the group always bands together to help in any way they can! Even with everything else going on between the group and the store, Heather and Michael welcomed their first child, Cole, into the world in 2019. Heather decided to take some time off to be at home with her new family and to recover, which only lasted a full three weeks before heading back into work!

In May, Wedding Warehouse decided to expand; knocking down a wall, the store is now double the size and carries twice as many items for the Brides of Long Island.

As Brides of Long Island continues to grow, this story will grow as well. The website is BOLI’s newest outlet for brides. Heather felt that although the group remains exclusive for Brides, she could create a place for our local professionals to have the spotlight to connect to brides in need of their services. We will continue to update the story as it unfolds, so be sure to stay tuned!