After Dark

1020 W Jericho Turnpike Suite 212
Smithtown, NY Directions


After Dark is led by husband & wife team Jimmy & Jackie! With powerful vocals and warm harmonies, After Dark has the most flexibility in band size: being able to perform as a 5 piece band and going up to 12. They have a vast repertoire and years of experience, we are proud to have them as part of CME.

The Wedding Memories

We did a wedding for a couple who had found each other after a long time and the husband recited a poem:

“Come and let us live my dear,
Let us Love and never fear,
Then let our amorous kisses dwell on our lips begin and tell,
A thousand and a hundred score, a hundred and a thousand more.”

We know it’s a famous poem but it’s one of our favorite memories because it’s moments like these that reaffirm why we’re in the wedding industry. Being able to get a glimpse into your love stories is so special and makes us feel really honored to be a part of your special day.

Company History

We started our company because we love playing music, we love playing all genres and have fun doing what we love. The company is named after our flagship band “Crossing Midnight”. Crossing Midnight is actually an audio-video term. Rudy first heard it in one of his college classes, when his professor jokingly said “good name for band”. Rudy laughed but instantly thought “good name for MY band”. He took over all social media handles and has now made it his brand.


We often get asked about our “song list” or “set list” and our answer is “we don’t use one”. The reason behind this is we truly believe no wedding reception nor guest list is the same. Just like a DJ, our bandleaders read a room and figure out what your guests like and what they want to dance to. If a specific song, artist or genre doesn’t work for your guests, we switch out and call something different to draw them back in. A set list doesn’t provide that flexibility. If you book with us, you’ll be able to provide us with a list of your requests as well as any “do not playlist”.

Personal Hobbies

Jimmy & Jackie love passing along their love of music and have enthusiastically provided their community with the gift of music by teaching young musicians and vocalists. Jimmy is a coffee connoisseur and loves teaching, he has taught over 40,000 music lessons!

Jackie is a crossfit enthusiast and a health & wellness coach when she’s not singing. She can deadlift 200 lbs! She also loves everything pumpkin.

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