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Amore Fine Jewelry
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     We are artisanal bench jewelers who use a series of tradtional and new approach techniques to assure that our customers get the best experience and product when they deal with Amore.  We love to educate our customers, from the four C's of diamonds to the different aspects and qualities of various gemstones and which pieces are better suited for each design and stones.  Phil is our master bench jeweler with over 40 years in the jewelery business, from working on Canal street in New York City, to opening up his own store in New Jersey and now is back home on the east end of Long Island.  Joe is currently working with CAD designing, laser engraving and is our stone setter.  Both business partners enjoy travel, good food and of course working with fine jewelry! 

The Wedding Industry

     Joe was a captain for Lombardi's on the Sound for several years and worked hundreds of weddings, from there he started his own artisanal food company and then joined Phil as a partner in 2021 at Amore Fine Jewelry.  He studied under both Phil here at Amore and Blaine Lewis at The New Approach School in Tennessee to hone his skills as a jeweler.   Phil got involved in the wedding business as a jeweler at the age of eighteen and has been dealing with brides since then.  His innate capacity for detail and refinement made this industry a natural fit for him.

The Wedding Memories

     As a jeweler, one of our favorite wedding memories was when a bride and groom came in the day before their wedding for wedding rings!  We got it done and what started as a stressful process planning the wedding turned out to be a spectacular event for them.  Another great wedding memory was at a destination wedding in Puerto Rico where the venue was in the foothills of the El Yunque mountainous rain forest.  On the way up to the wedding in was torrential rain with flash flood warnings lighting up everybody's cell phones (torrential rain in the carribean is slightly different than torrential rain on Long Island BTW!)  In any case, we arrived at the Hacienda, a fancy ranch, where the venue was and the sun emerged from the peaks of the mountains and the forest came alive with coquis and all sorts of exotic wildlife.  It was a spectacular event and showed everyone there that rain or shine, near or far, a wedding can be and should be one of the greatest experiences not only for the bride and groom but for everyone attending and that a little uncertainty and struggle can make you appreciate the wedding and the couple even more.


We are a 360 degree jewelery experience.  We set stones, weld, solder, size, engrave, design and appaise jewelry all in house.

Company History

Phil started Amore Fine Jewelry back in 2018.  Amore is Italian for 'Love'.  Call us romantics but that is and should be the foundation for this industry.  Both Phil and Joe have worked for themselves before and understand the uncertainty that comes from running a small business within a highly competitive industry.  Our goal is to become a boutique, well known, well respected and trusted jeweler for all brides on Long Island.


Question:  Are lab grown diamonds real?

Answer:  Yes!  Lab grown diamonds are materially the same as natural diamonds, they are just made in a lab under high pressure-high temperature (HPHT) conditions instead of by the earth.

Question:  Is jewelry an investment?

Answer:  No.  Or at least for a majority of cases it is not.  When you pay retail for anything you are paying over spot price for the actual resources due to labor, etc.  Markets are tricky and no one individual or group, including us here at Amore can predict what the value of something will be in the next 10-20 years.  It is important to buy a piece of jewelry because you love it and it means something to you and your lover and family, not because you think you will make money off of it in the future.

Question:  Do you do custom work?

Answer:  Yes.  We can design and make virtually anything jewelery related.  We use CAD software to design the piece of jewelery and then have it casted and set the stones here at the store.


Personal Hobbies

Phil enjoys working on old cars, motorcycles, jewelry and everything mechanical.  Joe enjoys traveling, reading, carpentry and cooking.  Both enjoy spending time with family and friends.

Additional Info

We are open 7 days a week.  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call and make sure to check us out on Google and our other social media platforms!

BOLI Love!

My fiancé, now husband , purchased custom made engagement ring for me at Amore Fine Jewelry and it came out flawless! They were able to accommodate my husband's every request. Super professional and honest jeweler.
We are very satisfied and we will be visiting this place for our other jewelry purchasing needs.

Sanja Kragulj

Phil is the best jeweler I've ever worked with! He made me the most beautiful custom wedding band based off of a few ideas I had. I've gotten so many compliments on my jewelry. He also engraved my husband's watch for me. Gets the job done so fast so I'm never without my engagement ring for too long. I'll be getting my jewelry dipped and polished every year here and will use him for any future work. I highly recommend this place.


Phil, thank you SO much for cleaning my ring on short notice. It’s absolutely spotless and you went above and beyond. I will definitely return for cleaning and all my jewelry needs for years to come!!

Jenny S.

Phil is the man! The customer service is second to none and his jewelry is of exceptional quality. I highly recommend him.

Rob Rooney

ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE WITH MY ENGAGEMENT RING!! They are very personable and friendly! Wouldn't go anywhere else! Joe was amazing!!

Rebecca Desson

I was greeted and treated like Family. I had repairs on rings and jewelry left to me by my Mother that were very sentimental to me including my engagement and wedding rings. When I got them all back I cried. Everything I gave Amore Jewelry came back to me like they were new. Beautiful! I am so grateful for their expertise and workmanship.

Karen DiPietro

Phil is the absolute best at what he does! I’ve purchased several pieces from him including my fiancés engagement ring and every time he knocks it out of the park. If you are looking for a great deal, great product and great service Amore is your place for all your jewelry needs!

Justin Oeffner

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