Hi- Congratulations to all the Brides to be! My name is Angela Cappuccia my Company is Angela’s Hair Design. We provide a on location Bridal Hair Service. for the day of your event. Angela’s Hair Design will create the special look that is unique and will give you full attention on every detail for your day.

The Wedding Industry

Ever since I was a little girl I always did dolls hair from then on I styled my friends hair. When I finished high school I knew what my path would be so I followed my dream and went to beauty school. After passing and recieving my beauty license I went on to work in beauty salons for serval years. I love taking care of brides and her ladies, I love being there and making her vision come true as to how she wants to look on her day. I love the way she smiles when she looks in the mirror for the first time as a bride and "Thanks me" to me that's so rewarding and it touches my heart. I am honored to be a part of your day XOXO

The Wedding Memories

I have so many special wedding memories and each one of them are very special but the most that always gets to me is when the dad sees his little girl for the first time as a Bride.


I love creating styles, I love it when a bridesmaid says to me “do whatever you want”. I love updo’s I think it’s elegant for a wedding. You have to feel comfortable on how you want to wear your hair to me hair is an important accessory for the day of

Company History

Angela’s Hair Design has been taking care of Brides for about 12 years now. How the name was created- well I tossed so many names around for what I wanted my company to be called then my husband said “This is your company why not name it after you” and that’s what I did, thanks Frank!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- When should I come for a trial; A- Trial should be done at least 6-8 months before the event. Q-Should I wash my hair on the day of? A- it’s alway better to wash it the night before with little to no hair conditioner and no hair products, product free hair is always best. Q- do you have an assistant for large bridal parties ? A- Yes I do Q- Do you place the veil on? A- I only do one wedding per day so I can concentrate on you and stay to put the veil on so yes I place the veil on. Q- Does you travel to the location A- Yes I do Q- Can you stay for touch ups A- Yes I provide after services Q- Should I have inspiration photos for my trial? A- Yes it’s a good idea to bring photos of what you want for the day of and it’s also a good idea to wear something white when you come for a trial so it will give you an idea on how it will look.

Personal Hobbies

I love to sometime chill at home and watch lifetime movies, I love to travel with the family, I love bowling. I don’t drink or smoke but I love to eat! I love to go shopping but not for clothes (stitch fix does that for me) you can find me at HomeGoods all the time. I love to cook and have Family time.

Additional Info

I will create the special look that is unique and I will give you full attention on every detail for your day. On your special day you will look great from beginning to end. On the day ofI come to your location.

Angela’s Hair Design

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