I’m Jessica! I am the founder of Bridal Rush and our lead bridal hairstylist and educator.
I have had the pleasure of working with brides for over 15 years and I am still as passionate about my job as I was when I first started. I live here on Long Island with my husband and our 3 daughters. Aside from Bridal Rush, I also own a full service hair salon called Bounce, which is nestled in the village of Port Jefferson. I have a team of licensed stylists and artists, who are amazing at what they do and work feels like one big, happy family when we are together!

The Wedding Industry

I started working with brides in my early twenties and quickly realized that I was so passionate about being a part of this very special moment in someone’s life. I am a very patient and calm person and I think that has really helped me to connect really well with my brides.

The Wedding Memories

It’s been a dream to work with so many amazing brides. The moments that stand out the most to me are when the happy tears come from a bride that sees herself for the first time after I finish her hair. There is nothing like that feeling. I live for those moments!


I think what makes our company unique is that we are able to offer a lot to our brides under one brand and we have a large team. It seems to make things very convenient and stress free for our clients.

Company History

I founded the company after I had my first daughter. I wasn’t treated well upon wanting return back to work after my maternity leave. I didn’t like that people in the hair and makeup industry were treated in some aspects. I wanted to create a company where my employees could have more than just a side job. I wanted them to have careers, job security, benefits and place where they can build on their dream job. Right now my dreams from 8 years ago are beyond fulfilled for this company, the next thing we are working on is multiple locations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our company does not require a minimum to book and we can accommodate parties of over 20 people. I think it’s really reassuring to our brides that they know one bride is just as valuable to us as a party of 15 or more!

Personal Hobbies

Honestly I am so in love with being a mom and wife, decorating my home and building my team. I love mentoring the girls that I work with and helping them to be everything I know they can be. It’s a good example to my girls as I am a mom to 3 girls! It’s so rewarding watching my team build up and accomplish their goals. Knowing that this brand is the platform to make that happen for them, makes all the years of hard work, sleepless nights, while building a small business and having babies...all so worth it!

Bridal Rush

148 East Main Street
Port Jefferson, New York 11766


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