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Tired of those boring old guestbooks at your events? We've got you covered! Introducing Calling All Guests, the audio guestbook service that will have your guests talking (literally)!

Picture this: your wedding day, anniversary celebration, holiday shindig, work retreat, or even a good ol' birthday bash. Now imagine your guests picking up one of our phones and leaving hilarious, heartfelt, or downright ridiculous voice messages that will make you laugh, cry, and cherish those memories forever.

No more scribbled names and generic messages in a dusty old book. With Calling All Guests, you'll have a treasure trove of audio memories that will transport you back to those special moments whenever you want. So, ditch the traditional guestbooks and bring some fun and laughter to your next event with Calling All Guests. Trust us, your guests will thank you, and you'll have memories that will make you smile for years to come.


What is a Calling All Guests audio guestbook?

An audio guestbook is a unique phone that can record messages left by guests at your wedding or special event. Audio guestbooks are a fun and unique way to capture that moment in time when everyone celebrates with you on that very special day. You can listen back and enjoy the messages for years to come!


Do you provide instructions for how to set up and use the phone?

 Of course! We send you an instruction card that will explain it all…but essentially, it goes like this: 1) take the phone out of the shipping case; 2) plug it in; 3) your guests leave their messages. Pretty simple! You can see our explainer video.

Does the phone need to be connected to a landline, wifi or some satellite that Elon launched into orbit?

NO! It is a self-contained, ready-to-go phone that just needs to be plugged into a wall outlet or battery pack.

How far in advance should we book our phone?

We fulfill rentals from 1-2 weeks out to 1-2 years! We do require you order at least a week in advance if we are shipping it to you. If you’d like to pick up…see the next FAQ!

Is there a limit to how many messages we can record or how long they can be?

Nope! And once your guests get good and liquored-up, you’ll be amazed at the stuff they say!

How do we return the phone?

If we ship it to you, just put it back in the box we sent it to you in and use the prepaid postage label to send that bad boy back. If you’ve picked it up at our Worldwide HQ, simply drop it back off…and maybe join us for a cocktail at our office bar (we’re serious!). If you’ve booked our Premiere Rental, we send a phone attendant that will handle the setup and return (this is how the ballers roll).

How are my messages delivered?

We deliver a professionally edited finished product that will have audio adjustments made and a very cool “visualizer” added and sent as a downloadable audio/video file. This can be played and enjoyed on any connected device. We also offer a flash drive and vinyl record options should you like to get something a little more 

How long does it take to get my messages back?
Our audio editing team is REALLY good (yes, we’re partial), so we can comfortably say that you’ll have the finished, edited audio within 14-21 days from when we get the phone back (that’s 2-3 weeks for those of you keeping score at home)

BOLI Love!

My sister got me a phone for my baby shower and everyone left a message for us and our future little one!

The record we got was a VERY cool way to enjoy the messages. Nice touch calling all guest! 

Jenny W.

I cant express on how impressed I was with the phone rental service with calling all guest. We got our messages back in 2 weeks and LOVED the presentation! 

Danielle K.

The Hollywood series phone was on point at our wedding. It went with our decor perfectly! 

Emily T.

Calling all guest was the best, some of the messages were soooooo hysterical we couldn't stop laughing!

Joann S.

Calling all guest delivered a great phone for my graduation!

Madalyn S.

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