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Hi! My name is Marc. I am the Bridal Specialist at Cameo By Copeland Cleaners. We offer a variety of services, but the most exclusive service would be our Bridal Department that includes alterations, cleaning and preservation. There are so many styles and features to consider when picking out your perfect dress, however, it might not come with the perfect fit. That's where our expert tailors come in. We have the best in the business whose capabilities range from tailoring to other aspects such the addition of a train to your gown. Your groom is not be left out as we can alter and clean a tux as well.

The Wedding Industry

Because brides have invested so much time and effort into picking the perfect gown, we take the guesswork out of cleaning and preserving it. For a Bride to entrust us with the most nostalgic piece she'll ever own is an honor! It's beyond gratifying to make your wedding gown looking as immaculate as it did on your wedding day. We accomplish this by applying our unique methods.

The Wedding Memories

Cameo By Copeland offers longevity for your gown to last throughout your lifetime, even your children’s! Not only will you cherish the memories you created in your gown, but your children and their children would have the opportunity to create such memories.


Alterations, Cleaning & Preservation Your wedding dress is a novelty piece that is tailored to fit your unique body. Whether you need initial alterations or a last-minute repair, our tailors cater to all types of embroidery, beading, sequins, lace, zippers, seams, etc. When your big day has come and gone, the festivities may have wreaked havoc on your gown. We go the extra mile to bring it back to pristine. Whether your gown is mermaid, ballgown, cultural attire, silk organza, beaded, etc. (with or without embellishments), we’ll have it looking as spotless as it did on your special day. Our clients can open their gown boxes at any time so they can share their cherished memories with loved ones. The box and tissue are lignin-free, the pH stays neutral, and the box is not sealed, these are big factors when preserving. We stuff the gown with tissue and wrap it in a muslin covering. An additional muslin covering is used to cover the entire box. Air flow to the gown is extremely important, the additional cover acts as an air filter.

Company History

We have two locations, one in Long Island and another in Manhattan. Fifteen Years ago, both brands united, but continued operating under their separate dry-cleaning names. The names have come together and created a fine-tuned Luxury Brand to provide our clients with the utmost care and a variety of expert cleaning services throughout New York City and Long Island. Cameo By Copeland takes pride in exceeding our clients’ expectations, making it convenient with complimentary Pick Up and Drop Off requests “From Manhattan to the Hamptons”. We specialize in everything from Fine Shirt Laundering, Leather and Suede Cleaning, Bridal Cleaning, Alterations and Preservation, Interior Cleaning, and all Restoration Services. We confidently put our hard-earned reputation at stake with every item we care for, truly making us one of the best at our craft.


Q: How long does preservation last? A: Beyond your lifetime! Our preservation method will have your gown last over 200 years. Q: Do you use harsh chemicals? A: No. We do not use harsh chemicals like Perchloroethylene. We use eco-friendly products like Green Earth. Q: How should my gown be cleaned? A: A heavily soiled gown would have to be wet cleaned. A gown consisting of embellishments would have to be hand cleaned. Q: How long does it take to clean a wedding gown? A: The turnaround is 2 weeks, but if heavily soiled 3 weeks. However, we do offer rush service. Q: How does your preservation method differ from others? A: Our preservation technique is museum quality keeping your gown aerated, which is crucial for longevity.

BOLI Love!

I had my grandmother’s fragile vintage wedding dress cleaned and prepared for my wedding here last week! Alicia was so very helpful in the process. She made sure that the order would be complete in time and even personally reached out with any questions. 

Darien C.

I have only wonderful things to say about Cameo! This is the most caring, client-centric dry cleaner I have ever experienced. Dawn and her team at Cameo saved my wedding a few weeks ago. I dropped off my wedding gown to be steamed and shortly after Dawn contacted me because she noticed something was wrong with my gown when I dropped it off. She knew exactly what to do and after confirming with me, coordinated it to be fixed by an alterations specialist immediately, then had it steamed perfectly and wrapped carefully so it wouldn’t wrinkle or get damaged in transit, and delivered it directly to my hotel the day prior to my wedding. I can’t stop thinking about the fact that if I hadn’t brought my gown to Cameo, or they hadn’t been so quick and meticulous, it would be the morning of my wedding when I put on my gown only to realize it was split. Cannot thank you enough, from the bottom of my heart! Such caring and trusted professionals

Christina R.
You would have thought that I spent my wedding day rolling around in the mud when you saw how gross the bottom of my wedding dress was by the end of the night. So disgusting. Naturally, I did nothing about it for a couple of months. After visiting two different wedding dress cleaners in Long Island who refunded my deposits and failed to clean the dress, I took my dress to Cameo by Copeland Cleaners in New York City. For brides who live in NYC, I cannot recommend them enough. They cleaned a small section of the bottom of the dress before cleaning the whole dress to ensure they got it clean. They sent me photos of the difference so I could approve of a full cleaning. I also got to see the entire dress in person before they preserved the dress. They will be delivering the dress (for free) to me at my apartment. Their assistant manager was so responsive, and they have been great to work with. Looking forward to have that gem back in my closet!
Erin S.

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