You may think event painting is the latest fad to hit the Wedding Market Pinterest boards, magazines and tiktok trends but it has a deeper history within our human nature than we give it credit for.

From the music, to the lighting, to the outfit you wear, showing up to celebrate life and love undoubtedly resonates through generations time and time again.
Just ask Renoir, Picasso, or Monet.

Celebrations make life worth living.

When you hire Cat, you hire a translator to speak to all things celebrated. She enters the conversation between her and the fleeting moment that only exists between batting eyelashes and whispered breaths. This conversation is translated through brush strokes and pigment and isn’t entirely understood until what is on the canvas is singing the melody of that very moment in time and humming the harmony between your life and your love.

These unexplainable moments are what you’ll want to embrace forever!

The Wedding Industry

Celebrations make life worth living and Cat knows her way around a party, behind the scenes that is! Cat has been on almost every side of event production and understands the amount of love and attention that goes into every detail of planning an event. The amount of love and attention that deserves to be immortalized in a work of art. When she discovered event painting it was like someone delivered her perfect job. To paint a scene as it unfolds, to capture the laughter, conversation, dance and love. For Cat, this is truly the greatest honor.


With a degree in The Fine Arts, Cat specialized in En Plein Air painting, painting from life. If she’s not at an event you’ll often find her painting in streets of Brooklyn, the beaches of Long Island, or in her garden capturing the light and the color that exists for only a moment like so many artist did before her.

Cat also makes her own paints from flowers, stones, clays, and pigments.


What medium do you use?
I use the finest oil paints ensuring the best quality of color and luster and is most preferred to the traditional grand master painters.

How long do you live paint at the event?
I arrive 2-3 hour prior to set up my easel and begin ground work. I then stay for up to 6 hours painting and interacting with guests.

When will I get my painting after the event?
At the end of the night, I’ll pack up and take the painting back to the studio to further add detail and a protective varnish so the piece can live on for years to come! Depending on size of your canvas you will have your painting within 2-3 weeks!

What are your prices?
Prices vary depending on size and are between $1,600 and $4,600 with canvases between 12x20-36x48.

Are you willing to travel?
Absolutely! Ain’t no mountain too high, ain’t no valley too low!

You are not available for my wedding/My wedding has passed, do you take commissions to paint my wedding from photographs?
Yes! If I have time available I’d love to paint your special day from my studio!

Additional Info

We can make this moment gear exactly towards your style whether that means painting more freely or realistically. We can choose colors that are more moody for a darker result, soft tones or highly colorful to ensure a fully customizable piece that will fit perfectly in your home!

Cat also has the expertise to take your wedding flowers, from your bouquet or table arrangements, process them into pigment and use the botanical paint to complete your painting!
Interested? Have questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out! Email

BOLI Love!

Catherine was by far our favorite part of the wedding. She’s honest, on time, personable and does amazing work. She also dressed in a fashionable, appropriate manner for our wedding. I have had so many people compliment me on Catherine. She truly blew us away. If you are considering booking her as your live painter, take this as your sign! She’s amazing & I would book her again and again and again!

Ashley B.

What Cat created for us is a masterpiece. I still can’t even get over how amazing it came out and that we have such a beautiful work of art to cherish forever. From the start, Cat was the sweetest soul. She also was very meticulous in her planning, making sure that she knew exactly how to capture our vision by having us fill out a detailed questionnaire and creating a personalized mood board for the painting. The day of, Cat was there from 2 PM until the reception ended at 11 painting. Our guests loved chatting with her while they watched her work and we loved watching it come together over the course of the night. 

Emily W.

Catherine transformed our favorite wedding moment into a true piece of art before our eyes! We were awestruck by her ability to capture our faces, personalities and the overall feel of our day. Our guests loved interacting with her throughout the night and watching as she masterfully performed her craft. Many shared remarks regarding Catherine’s professionalism, grace and passion for her work. From our first email to the final painting, it was great to be so involved every step of the way.

Theresa H.

Catherine created the custom piece of my dreams! We did not have a live painter at our wedding but knew we wanted a painting from our special day. It was too hard to pick just one photo from our entire album, so we left it up to Catherine to surprise us. The only request was that it was not just a picture of the two of us.
She compiled about 12 different photos to create this masterpiece that still takes my breath away. 

Cristi G.

We truly do not have enough positive words to share about just how wonderful Cat is. Not only is she an incredibly talented painter, but she is also so easy to work with. During the planning phase, Cat was so open, responsive, and flexible. She was always willing to meet/talk with us before the big day. The day of, Cat was incredibly professional. She arrived early to paint the outline of our reception space, and even took photos throughout the night to make sure that she had every last detail. She was so friendly and gracious to all of our guests, and was a real hit during the reception!

Jenna M.

Catherine was so amazing, her professionalism from start to finish is unmatched and she truly captured the magic of our day! 100/10 recommend! Thank you Catherine!

Gina M.

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