I found my passion for fabrics around the age of five when my grandmother sewed my first ragdoll named Panona. Creating outfits out of scraps of fabric for Panona became my obsession. As a teenager, I spent most of my free time creating, redesigning and sewing outfits for myself. 

As an adult, my hobby of sewing was pushed to the side although when I had a free moment I was always drawn back to my sewing machine.  My career path led me to attend school for Interior Design. I remember the first day of school feeling like a child again playing with fabric swatches. In 2007 I started creating eco-friendly handbags with discontinued fabrics. From that moment on I never stopped sewing.

I accepted many custom requests over the years never turning down a sewing challenge. Continuing to improve my craftsman skills in the art of dress design I signed up for many online courses. Through this experience, I knew the bridal industry was the icing on the cake and where my passion lies.

Working with brides and altering their wedding gowns is like living in a fairy tale from hearing their incredible love stories. The best moment is when a bride looks in the mirror for the first time in their fully altered wedding dress and seeing the joy and excitement on their face. 

Communication is key when it comes to understanding my client's vision. This is where being bilingual in English, Spanish, and Portuguese helps to make sure details are not overlooked. 

Everyone's gown is truly a work of art. I treat it with love and care as if it were my own gown that I was altering. I’m honored to be a part of my bride's incredible journey that leads them to their wedding day.


The Wedding Industry

The day I fell in love with the wedding industry was the day that I started planning my wedding many years ago. Wedding planning was a bit different at that time. We didn't have smartphones and Google to plan the wedding so we relied on an incredible team of vendors to bring everything together. My wedding team made me feel like a princess from the very beginning until I walked down the aisle. It was a magical experience that I want to share with my customers. We all deserve to feel that way at least once in our lifetime. 

Weddings have been around since the beginning of time, no matter how fast technology changes some things will never change. When two people fall in love and make a commitment to one another it’s one of the most cherished moments in their lives. 


The Wedding Memories

I look back on all the beautiful memories I have of sewing and altering gowns. I hope to write a book one day that can be passed down through the generations. As years go by sewing is starting to become a lost art and I would love to inspire the next generation to find their passion behind a sewing machine. Because each day seamstresses are making special moments and memories for their clients.


At Cida Sew Shop we specialize in altering wedding, formal, and special occasion gowns. We are also open to taking on many other projects by request. We are motivated to build relationships with our clientele because that’s who truly matters. We treasure and appreciate every customer because they push us to learn, grow, and improve year after year. 


When to book your first fitting? 

  • The best time to book your fitting is when you order your wedding gown.
  • Wedding dresses require three to four fittings and pick-up arrangements are scheduled once the alterations are completed. 

How long will it take to alter my wedding dress?

  • Ten to Twelve weeks from the first fitting to the pick-up date. 
  • Alteration fittings will take one hour for each fitting, except for the pick-up day. 

How to prepare for your first fitting? 

  • Plan to arrive 15 minutes before your appointment time.
  • Make sure you bring your shoes and the undergarments you will be wearing under your dress. 
  • Please refrain from wearing deodorant, perfumes, little to no makeup, body and hand lotion, or jewelry that may damage your dress during the fitting process. 
  • During your first fitting, we will discuss what alterations are needed and explore different options to fulfill your wishes. We will begin with altering the bodice section of your dress and then set a date for your second fitting. 

What happens if I lose or gain weight? 

  • Let us know if you have any concerns about weight loss or gain during your first fitting. We will listen to your concerns and work with you. 
  • If for any reason your weight fluctuates after your alterations are completed we will have to start over with the alterations and additional payments will be required. 

How much do alterations cost? 

  • It fully depends on the alterations and the intricacy of the work that is involved. The average cost for wedding gown alterations is $400 to $700. If a gown requires custom alterations, please expect to pay above the average cost. All payments are due upfront at the time of the fitting for the work to be completed. 

What to expect for Mothers and bridal party dress fittings?

  • We will discuss in detail how to prepare for your first fitting and what to expect when you book your first appointment. 

Personal Hobbies

I love traveling and learning foreign languages. In addition to playing golf, I recently joined a tap dancing class with a wonderful group of women. However, the activity I enjoy the most is playing dress up with my three beautiful granddaughters. 


Additional Info

Where are you located? 

We are located in the heart of Massapequa Park, South Shore of Long Island New York. We border Nassau County and Suffolk County. We are only a short 25-minute drive from Queens NY. 


BOLI Love!

Finding Maria and her Cida Sew Shop has been such an inspiration to my work as an artist and craftsperson as she has been willing to take on small projects as well as be collaborative in the creative process. I have been able to realize projects that I could only really dream about as I did not have the requisite skill nor the means to engage a large company that would likely require large volume orders. As well, Maria has offered other tips and information about fabrics and other related subjects I would not have known to ask about.

Victoria H.

I have been a Cida’s Sew Shop client and fan for years. The craft details are amazing. Also I have alterations done by her shop and I was never disappointed. I highly recommend Cida Sew Shop.

Angelita D.

I bought a dress that I loved for my daughters wedding but it did not fit correctly. I found Maria and called her and explained my situation. After trying the dress on, Maria assured me she could make the dress fit and look great. Well, after a couple of fittings (thank you for being so patient) Maria delivered. I feel so lucky to have found someone that is so talented and does such wonderful work. I'll definitely be using her again and would recommend that you give her a call for your next alteration needs. You won't be disappointed! Thank you for everything!


Maria has rescued so many pieces of clothing for me. Maria is a genius with anything having to do with a needle & thread! I'll never go to anyone else for anything needing sewing, and you can be confident that whatever work she does for you will be perfect & beautiful.


Maria is AMAZINGLY talented! She was able to turn my wedding dress into my daughters baptism gown and it came out absolutely stunning! She followed the same style of my dress (to my surprise) and it nearly brought my to tears. I HIGHLY recommend her!


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