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Dolce & Gelato Catering has a mission: To provide discerning hosts & hostesses with luxurious culinary and sensory experiences to avoid the mundane and ensure they create unique, memorable events. From our gelato and coffee trucks, to our spritz bikes and pizza trucks... and everything in between, we strive to exceed expectations for the most memorable moments of your life. Dolce & Gelato pledges that you will always receive one of a kind units, superior quality ingredients and impeccable personal service. Our objective is to work with you to create the exceptional event you’ve always dreamed of and deserve… without worrying about a thing!

The Wedding Industry

Surprisingly, I did not start immediately in the wedding industry. I started my own gelateria in New York City when an event planner came in and asked if I did catering. I told him I could send them a couple containers to go and they said it wasn't good enough! They wanted over 40 flavors displayed for all their guests and they needed it soon. So, I got to work creating my own gelato displays that were staying cold only by dry ice! After this event, I knew this was what I wanted to do. This prompted me to close the gelateria in the city and open Dolce & Gelato Catering... where I would get to do what I loved full time! The best thing about the wedding industry, and I know it is cliché, is being a part of someone's big day. When a bride comes up to our unit and smiles that is the only thing we could ask for. It is our job to make people happy on the most important days of their life and we take it very seriously. That is why we are always thinking and creating new units and experiences to give everyone that new, unique thing they deserve during their most important events!

The Wedding Memories

My favorite wedding memory would have to be the wedding we did for Rosella Rago, or more notably, Cooking with Nonna. We were getting in our first ever gelato and espresso truck from Italy and hers was the first event we ever used it at. The trucks were something special to me, as it was something that no one was doing at the time. Rosella and I also became fast friends and still talk and have dinner to this day. Her event reminds me of all the brides I am still friends with and all the growth we have had... even in the past couple years!


Besides gelato, espresso and pizza, we specialize in bringing a unique experience to your event that you can't find anywhere else. We love to go above and beyond to make your event completely unique. That is why we do what we do. From bringing a cheese wheel for pasta and lighting it on fire, to going all out with a new photo booth & spritz truck... we never stop trying to find the most unique and fun units we can for our brides!

Company History

I started this company almost 10 years ago with a couple small units that I built myself. Now, we are growing and growing and we don't see any signs of stopping! My team has grown, my units have grown, and my company has grown and I could not be more proud. As I previously stated, I started this company on my own and I would often be the only server going to events. Today I have an office staff and a serving staff made up of baristas, servers, drivers, etc. of over 30 people. I also didn't just stop at 1 unit! We have over 14 different units and 6 different trucks... with more on the way as I am writing this to you! So we are beyond blessed and very excited for bigger and better things coming for Dolce & Gelato Catering.


What are your units / packages?

You can find a detailed list of all of our units and packages by filling out the questionnaire on our website. A brochure with all the information will be automatically sent to your email! What can you do? We do gelato stations, espresso stations, pizza trucks, fresh made mozzarella on the spot, an antique prosciutto slicer, bars, spritz stations, photo booths and so much more! Think anything Italian and we can bring it to you! Can you just choose gelato or espresso? Does it have to be both? We pride ourselves on the ability to customize packages to fit your requests! So, long story short, yes! Whatever you want we can most likely do for you. Where do you service? As of right now, we mainly service the Tristate area. However, we have gone to California to do the Oscars, West Virginia, etc. So there is a possibility of travel! Do you price your events per person? No. Our prices reflect the entire event. We do not change our prices based on the event type or the amount of people present. There are units that can feed more people and units that can feed less but we do not charge per person!

Personal Hobbies

There are many hobbies that I love. The biggest two that come to mind are spending time with my wife and two kids, I have a little girl that is 3 and a boy that is 5, and I love to sail. Also, I have never been known to turn down a trip to Italy... If you couldn't already guess. I like to keep the traditions alive and my family and I make our own wine, sauce, and sausages. I also speak to my kids in only Italian to try to preserve the language. It's the small things but those are the most important!

BOLI Love!

We are BIG espresso martini fans and this was a huge hit!! There was not one minute that there wasn’t someone getting one. They also had coffee, cappuccino and espresso but the martinis were definitely the hot commodity. If you like espresso martinis this is a must!

Nikki T.

Where do I even begin? The Dolce & Gelato team were nothing short of absolutely amazing. They truly are professionals in every aspect of the word and were worth every penny we paid! We hired the team to do their espresso bar and their gelato truck for our wedding on Long Island. They were not only early, but they set up and were ready to serve so quickly, and did not interrupt the party at all (which was one of my biggest concerns)! All my guests still are talking about how good the gelato was and how nice the staff was. My father, who is from Italy, said the espresso and cappuccinos were some of the best he had here in the states. I am very excited to hire them for all my events from here on out!

Victoria P.
We used Dolce and Gelato for our wedding! Gino is awesome to work with and the guests loved the gelato!
Antonia B.S.
We got Dolce and Gelato and it was a hit!! They were amazing to work with! Such a great idea for an exit station for your wedding!!
Tracy N.
Where do I even begin?! We’ve been working with Gino for a few months and he has been amazing to work with! We booked the Napoli collection which included an Aperol Spritz cart, 4 flavor gelato cart (with cones, Nutella syringes, brioche), and a full espresso cart. We had Spritz on tap as our guests arrived and all of the gelato we could eat! The staff was incredibly friendly and accommodating for all of our needs. Gino invited us to his shop to do a full gelato and espresso tasting so we could decide on flavors and he made us feel like family. At the end of the night we even went for a ride in the gelato cart! Not only was it delicious, but so much fun for us and our guests!
Nicole D.
Dolce & Gelato Catering for espresso and gelato. They’re amazing and quality is everything!
Tyler R.
If anyone is looking for something "extra" to personalize your day I would highly recommend looking into Dolce & Gelato Catering! The owner, Gino, is so great to work with and was able to customize a package for us. He completely understood the need to work within a budget and gave us options that would be the most impactful for the lowest price he could offer. I know my fiancé and I were struggling with whether or not to do favors or an exit station, so this was the perfect solution to give our guests something extra that they would definitely enjoy!
Alexa M.
5 STARS!!! & If I could 20 stars I would! The professionalism, communication, and absolute elegance of this company and its owner Gino is UNMATCHED. He completely makes your satisfaction a priority and tailors their service to your event. If you're looking for a beautiful addition to ANY occasion, look no further!! This is one that people will go on to talk about, Dolce & Gelato is a complete EXPERIENCE one you MUST have!
Nikki C.

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