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Hi everyone!  My name is Andrea McCabe and I am the founder of East Coast Party Co.!  I am a teacher here on Long Island and a mother of two, but in my spare time I really enjoy finding creative ways to make friends and family feel special.  Whether that's gifting them something thoughtful or making their birthdays extra special, I have always been known to go above and beyond to make any event a "special" event.  This year, I began East Coast Party Co. with that same goal in mind; making client events special, thoughtful, and one they will always remember.  

I began this company because I had a vision for my baby "sprinkle" that included a custom made drink wall.  Thanks to my handy, patient husband (love you, James), my vision became a reality!  The next thing I knew I was receiving inquiries from many people about borrowing this beautiful drink wall!  I decided to rent this wall and to come up with other ways to offer clients ways to make their events more personalized.  I knew I wanted to to expand my business idea to include different types of event rentals... que the idea for flower walls.  I've seen them at events and in pictures and I've always thought they were a great way to personalize an experience.  At East Coast Party Co., we want to do just that!  Our goal is to gift our clients with a way to create special memories that they will cherish for a life time.  

The Wedding Industry

I decided to get into the wedding industry because I truly LOVED my own wedding!  That might sound like a crazy reason as to why I would get involved but it's the truth!  My vision became a reality and I couldn't have done it without all of the people that were involved to make it happen the way I pictured it.  I am very excited to be a vendor that helps others achieve their dream wedding, just as I did!


I specialize in flower and drink wall rentals.  I also offer add-ons which include, but are not limited to, neon signs, wood signs, flower swags, and custom acrylic signs.

Personal Hobbies

I love making gift baskets!  I usually make them for Mother's Day and Father's Day gifts, and find that I love piecing together items that are special and personalized to the person I am gifting them to.  

I'm also love to sing and dance!  Pre-babies and pre-full time teacher, I was a dance instructor and participated in an acapella group.  My acapella group was featured in the NBC series, The Sing Off.  We competed against many acapella groups around the country, including the well known group, The Pentatonix!

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