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Hi there! I'm Erica- I'm the owner and founder of Empire Content Creation LLC. As a Wedding Day Content Creator, I film all the behind-the-scenes, special moments and even TikToks so you can re-live your wedding day in forever. My brides get on average get 800-1,000+ photos and videos of their wedding day all within 24 hours.

My most commonly asked question is - what is a wedding content creator and why would I want one? 

A Wedding Content Creator is a fairly new vendor in the wedding industry but it's taken off. We live in a world where we want as much content quickly as possible to hold as memories and to "re-live" moments. Your wedding day is one of those days where you want to remember and have as many memories as possible; that's where your wedding content creator comes in. 

The best part about being a Wedding Content Creator is giving brides full coverage of their wedding day so they can re-live all the speical moments, even the moments they don't see, for themselves! It's like having an extra pair of eyes to film all the details, guests moments and big moments of your wedding day. Some brides share their content on social media to make TikTok's and Reels (I've had a few do that and some have gone mega viral) but some choose to hold it for their own memoires. There is no wrong answer, your wedding content is yours and you decide how you want to view and share it. 

Let me be present so you can be present.

The Wedding Industry

I love being in the wedding industry because it's celebrating the most joyous occasion in people's lives. My passion for event planning started in high school when I planned my prom with 750 guests and designed the high school halls to look like Gatsby's mansion. In college, I carried my passion and received my Bachelor's of Science in Event Management, Tourism and Hospitality. Post grad, I found a niche with photography/videography and graphic design, and with great success, I've been working in social media for small to large companies.

Now, I've combined my skills and passions to work as a Wedding Content Creator - a new vendor category to create raw, quality and quantity content for the most important day in people's lives. Wedding Content Creation really came into the picture in 2022. I remember seeing TikTok's of other Wedding Content Creators and thinking "I can do that!" I just knew that wedding content creating was the perfect combination of my events and social media marketing background and I am so happy to be a part of BOLI and a Preferred Vendor! 

The Wedding Memories

My favorite wedding moment was a wedding I did in September with two beautiful brides. They had the most emotional first-look in front of their family and friends that had everyone in tears. After that moment, I interviewed the bride's mom and asked her how she felt. With tears in her eyes she said, “I feel so happy...I'm gaining another daughter". I got choked up from this moment too, it was a beautiful union of two families that blended perfectly together. I felt so fortunate to capture that moment on camera and give that to the brides.





I am a Long Island Wedding Content Creator that specializes in full day wedding content creation that films raw behind-the-scenes photos and videos of weddings. I give couples ALL of their wedding content within 24 hours including 10-20 edited photos and 3-5 edited TikTok's/Reels. I am the first and only BOLI Vendor Preferred Wedding Content Creator. I can't wait to film Long Island wedding's and give brides endless content of their special day. 

Company History

Empire Content Creation has been in the works for over a year and officially launched in August 2023. I chose Empire because I wanted to be identified with New York, and what better name then the Empire State! The goal of Empire Content Creation LLC is to provide high quality and quantity content to brides on Long Island and beyond within 24 hours. I am so proud of the success of ECC and it will continue to grow!


Q: What is a wedding content creator and why would I want one? 

A: A Wedding Content Creator takes full-day picture and video "behind the scenes" content for brides and delivers all the content within 24 hours.

Q: How do you work with photographers/videographers? 

A: I am an edition to your media team, I work with your photographer and videographer to make sure we are all getting the content you (the bride) requested. I absolutely love working with photographers/videographers! 

Q: Do you do more than weddings? 

A: Yes! I film bridal showers, engagements parties & rehearsal dinners. The more content the better! 

Personal Hobbies

I love to travel, eat new foods, watch Bravo and watch baseball and football. This past March, my boyfriend and I became dog parents to our handsome, funny & loving puppy corgi, Theo. I grew up on Long Island and think it's the best place to live & to get married! When I'm not filming weddings, I love going to NYC for broadway shows and going out east to the wineries and beaches. I'm also a big traveler and have been to over 20 international cities and 20 states. Fun fact: I have a fraternal twin sister but we have different birthday's - I was born May 25 at 7:42pm and she was born hours later at 1:09 on May 26! 

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BOLI Love!

There are no words to express how amazing working with Erica was on my wedding day. We opted for content creation over a videographer and Erica exceeded all of my expectations. She captured all the little details as well as the big ones, and I absolutely LOVED all the reels she put together. She made me feel at ease even when things on my wedding day weren’t working out the way I thought they were. Her kind and bubbly energy is infectious and having her a part of my team was so much fun. The content she captured on my wedding day will be cherished for years to come. Book Erica for any event, you will not be disappointed!!

Kaitlyn J.
Highly recommend Erica from Empire Content Creation to capture your wedding day as your Content Creator. The content she created from the 10 hour wedding day was amazing and I got everything the next day! She captures the moments you don’t get with a regular videographer. Perfect for your personal social media pages. Besides being a content creator, she was just so helpful with bridal needs! You won’t regret hiring Erica for your wedding. Worth every penny to capture the memories that you can rewatch forever!


Samantha S.

Erica was the last vendor I hired (and at the last minute, too!) and my god she was INCREDIBLE!!! Erica was attentive, responsive, and I feel like she really wanted to get to know me and what my needs were. She was so easy to work with and honestly fit right in with the rest of our vendor team. I had two specific tiktoks I wanted to film and I was really nervous about looking awkward but she was very reassuring and also filmed quickly so we could keep on task with the other things I needed to do. Erica's work is simply stunning. We did have a photographer/videographer but Erica worked with them seamlessly. She never tried to "upstage" the photo/video team and instead worked with them as one team to capture everything possible. 10000000/10 DEFINITELY RECOMMEND

Jamie S.
I was on the fence between a videographer or a content creator (because I couldn’t justify doing both). From the second I spoke with Erica, I knew I needed to hire her. She did such a great job of capturing little details and moments that I wouldn’t have remembered or noticed. I haven’t even seen all our footage yet but from what she’s sent so far, I’m SO STOKED. She’s also so sweet and kind. I love her. I am so so so happy I hired her and would recommend her to anyone.
Jessica S.

Erica was such an asset to have on our wedding day! We woke up the day after with over a thousand iPhone photos and images from our big day - with many being our favorite moments. Not only did she document the BTS our day beautifully, she also was like a bridal attendant, had the best attitude and was so helpful and supportive all day. We wanted someone to be a fly on the wall at our wedding, capturing the b-roll as the day unfolded and she did just that while respectfully working alongside our photographer and videographer. Highly recommend & so grateful she was a part of our day!!

Marina M.
Erica from Empire Content Creation was absolutely amazing! Deciding to have a wedding day content creator was the best decision we made -- hundreds of photos & videos delivered straight to your phone the day after your wedding!! I got to see parts of my wedding that I didn't get to see in person -- incredible. I would highly recommend using Empire Content Creation for your big day!
Taylor H.

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