Hi there! I’m sure I can guess why you’re here right now…you’re engaged! Ahh, Congratulations!! I bet you’re on cloud 9 right now, so soak it all in because that is where I want you to stay throughout your entire wedding planning process. 

I don’t want you to be able to relate to those dreadful wedding memes about basically wanting to pull your hair out during wedding planning. I don’t want you to stress, and I don’t want you to feel alone during this process. Because when all is said and done, and you’re walking down that aisle looking at the love of your life, I want you to feel confident and secure in every decision you made. And I would love for that first decision to start with me! I want to be your confidant, your BFF, your voice of reason, and everything in between throughout this entire journey for you.  I always say, when the last details are finalized, and you’re closing your wedding agenda for good- I want you to recognize how present you were throughout your entire engagement, because you had me every step of the way.


The Wedding Industry

I decided to wiggle my way from strictly social events to weddings because let’s be honest- I love, love. 

I’m not going to lie, I get a little teary eyed during every rehearsal. Every single love story is so different and beautiful, and unique in its own way. I love learning about my couples: their likes and dislikes, how they met, their favorite places to vacation. All of it. I love how you welcome me into this process with open arms to create magic for you. And I love how your eyes light up when you look around to see how it all came together. Knowing that I was lucky enough to be a part of your life’s most precious moments, brings me gratitude that I will never be able to express enough. 


The Wedding Memories

I think my favorite wedding memory has to be from a recent wedding during the best man’s toast. This toast was really more of a “roast”, which in my opinion are some of the best ones. The best man looked at the newlyweds and said “if both of you were falling off a cliff and could only choose one of you to save, I would choose my sister”. As light hearted and funny as this line was, the sentiment of watching 2 families truly come together as 1 was beautiful to watch. 

We are all about the memories. The heart felt ones, the funny ones, and most importantly- the new ones.



Innovation and customization are my specialties. I love learning about your love journey, your favorite places to visit or where you love to eat, and I love implementing every little detail into your wedding in a seamless and beautiful way. After all, this is YOUR wedding!

From a custom seating chart that incorporates trips to some of your favorite places with your favorite people, to odes to your fur babies throughout the decor; I want your wedding to feel absolutely one of a kind, because it is.


Company History

My name is Alexa, hence "Eventful by Alexa". But it didn't always start out that way... 

I started this company in August of 2020, and you're probably wondering “how in the world did she start a wedding planning company in the midst of a pandemic?!”. Well, I didn't. I am not, nor have ever been good at "sitting still and doing nothing". I love to create beautiful things, but more importantly I love to create beautiful moments. Once called "The Boxed Party" I created custom DIY set-up party boxes with every bit of decor you could imagine for any theme, so that no event during such a difficult year went without a celebration. I like to think that is where my out of the box creativity and problem solving skills really came about. It is all about being able to pivot, and I am quite the master at it!



Q: What wedding services do you offer?

A: We offer full service planning, partial service planning, wedding day management, event design services and social event planning. 


Q: What does your “day of” or “month of” coordination package entail?

We don’t particularly  like the term “day of” or “month of” coordination. I follow a strong philosophy that you shouldn’t be worrying about wedding details 4 weeks before your wedding. My coordination package is different because I step in 3 months prior to gather your vendor information, create your timeline, etc. That way the last week of your wedding you can relax.


Q: What does “off-site” mean, and how does it differ from the other packages?

An “off-site” venue is a space that you pay a site fee for rather than a price per person. This means that you are paying to rent the space and the amenities the space has to offer. Although you have to hire a caterer and staffing, bartending and tableware separately, and sometimes even your furniture rentals. Off-site events also include backyard weddings. 

These types of events require much more detail and our involvement earlier on in the planning process to ensure all of your venue requirements are met. Due to this higher level of involvement and responsibility, we will only provide full and partial service planning for all “off-site” events. 


Personal Hobbies

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I am quite literally obsessed with my dog. I have been a vegetarian for 12+ years, and have an undeniable love for animals. Some of my favorite hobbies are exploring new places, reading a good book, and of course shopping! When I’m not in the office, you can usually find me exploring the North Fork, or soaking in the sunshine somewhere with a cup of coffee in hand. My go to coffee order is a nitro cold brew with oat milk. 

Let’s chat about this! : If you were stranded on a desert island and could only bring one makeup item, what would it be?


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BOLI Love!

Alexa was my day of coordinator for my wedding day and I am so thankful for all of her help! During the final stages of wedding planning she helped bring all of the pieces together to ensure our day went smoothly. She really got to know the vision my husband and I were trying to achieve for our wedding day.

Samantha F.

Eventful by Alexa was my favorite vendor to work with for my wedding. She kept me so organized and made me feel at ease leading up to the big day. She coordinated the day perfectly and I had the absolute best wedding day.

Stephanie C.

If you’re considering whether or not you need an event planner, YOU DO. Alexa made the entire process, as stress free as possible. Everything came out even more amazing than I expected! She went above and beyond, thank you so much.

Marian E.

Alexa and her team are absolutely incredible! She exceeded all of my expectations! She takes the time to listen to what you want and makes your visions come to life. She is so incredibly sweet and talented. She will do anything it takes to make her clients dreams come true. I could not recommended her enough!!

Taylor S.

Alexa and Eventful by Alexa did and AMAZING job decorating my house and the restaurant where I held my event. Alexa is very punctual, professional, and most important she’s creative and talented!

Michelle L.

We were so overwhelmed by Eventful by Alexa's amazing creativity and decorations for our event. The colors that were chosen were perfect and Eventful by Alexa went above and beyond for us!! We definitely will use them again!!

Elizabeth H.

I always love supporting small business! Everything about this experience was great! The box was fairly priced, everything was good quality, and it just looked amazing all said and done! Highly recommend!

Kathy A.

I have ordered several boxes and have been extremely happy with each one. The owner is an absolute pleasure to work with and so accomodating. I highly recommend them!

Christin S.

Alexa’s professionalism and kindness are unparalleled. My family has hosted many events over the years, so we know what goes into planning an event. After searching for the perfect planner, we found Alexa. We loved her so much after our first event, we had to have her and her team for another two! She knows exactly how to translate our visions into the perfect party and her attention to detail is what raises it to another level. I was able to actually enjoy my event and rest easy knowing everything was being managed and handled perfectly. I could not recommend Alexa and her team more. She will always be the first call I make if I need to plan another event.

Marie F.

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