Hello I'm Damian Ramos MC and Owner at Genesis Events. If I ever robbed a bank, the teller would tell police investigators; "He had a dashing beard, and smelled of birch wood... and children's laughter". Or at least that's how it plays out in my head.
It's been a crazy ride as an MC for me. I started 15 years ago moving equipment as a roadie. I worked my way from roadie, to tech, to photo booth attendant to dancer ( a very mediocre one at that ) and eventually MC. I had amazing mentors along the way who taught me the most important lesson, one that I carry with me to this day, be yourself. That means I stay away from the 90s dance jock microphone voice. I try to be honest, maybe to a fault, but I want to get to know my bride and grooms. Who they are as people, how they met, what their favorite songs are as kids. I share my number with everyone, we follow each other on Facebook, they wish me happy birthday every year and I congratulate them on the birth of children. I support their ventures in the future and I am so incredibly grateful to be accepted into their families on their wedding days.
I've danced the Tarantella with families, I've jumped around to Disco Polo with friends, I've Hora'd and raised grooms in chairs, I've Palance'd, I've learned to dance Kompa and Calypso. I've been schooled in the ways of Mr. Fete and Machel Montano. I've Salsa'd to Grupo Niche, Bachata'd to Raulin Rodriquez, Tipico'd to Tono Rosario, Cumbia'd to Pastor Lopez. I've broken plates after Zeibekiko's, I've danced in a circle with friends from Turkey, and swung around to Sugar Town at Portuguese halls. I've twirled napkins in the air with Albanian friends and friends from Uzbekistan. I've learned about chutney and Lote la, Bollywood danced and sang my heart out to Journey. I've ended weddings with 200 people singing to Piano man and one time to Oombob by Hanson. But most importantly to me, I've made so many friends. Being an MC has allowed me to travel the world without ever leaving the country. I'm blessed and I'm fortunate to be able to have done over a thousand weddings. It sounds crazy to me that number. One Thousand, 1000. That is 1000 times that right before introductions I have severe anxiety. Every time, before every performance , it's the same. I pace, I sweat a little , I get a little nauseous . Then I take a shot of Jameson, I grab the microphone... and it goes away. I bring every ounce of me to every performance . I want every Bride and Groom to have the best night of their lives. I want their guests to dance, for their feet to hurt and their ties to be lost.
What you see is what you get. I partied at PACHA and Output to Jonathan Peters and Chus and Ceballos (a whole lot, maybe too much ? lol ) My Favorite song is Hootie and the Blowfish - Only want to be with you. I'm a nerd who's played World of Warcraft and Counter-Strike and watches Twitch regularly. I'm a suffering Knicks fan, I'm strangely obsessed with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and the UFC since 2001. I'm blessed to be a father of a wonderful little 2 yr old girl who has 23 pairs of sunglasses and a husband to a wonderful wife. I'm an MC in the best DJ company I've ever seen Genesis Events.

" Music does bring people together. It allows us to experience the same emotions. People everywhere are the same in heart and spirit. No matter what language we speak, what color we are, the form of our politics or the expression of our love and our faith, music proves: We are the same
-John Denver "

The Wedding Industry

I am Joseph Zangrillo, MC and VP of Genesis Events. For the past 25 years I've been in the entertainment industry. I began my training with the art of magic and quickly became mesmerized with how my talents brought smiles to people’s faces. I grew my network, and learning the art of magic brought me close to some of the most prestigious Las Vegas magicians. Rubbing elbows with Siegfried and Roy, Lance Burton, and, under the direction and education of Joseph Gabriel, I was presented with my slot in a show at the C2k theatre, and that ran for a whole year!

With my passion for performing and music, I easily folded myself into New York's entertainment industry. MC’ing events seemed like second nature, and the opportunity to continue putting smiles on people’s faces soon became my drive to provide the very best service to my clients. Now, after 25 years, I pride myself in working with clients that envision something just a little bit different for their special events.

The Wedding Memories

The weather was horrible here in New York making it impossible for the Brides father to travel from India the day prior. Our team jumped right in to action. We redirected his flight and car serviced him from PA straight to the venue.

The moment he walked in the energy in the room was so incredible it could knock you off your feet while crying. Breath taking moment.


Personalizing your event to your style and taste. Our employees work exclusive and we personally meet with every clients.

Company History

30 years in the business, President of Genesis Events Joe Miller had a vision to go back to the original way of servicing wedding clients. We keep our team small and our delivery is personal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I use a band or a DJ?
The answer to this question comes down to your budget and your music selection. We offer a concept to our clients that bridges both a DJ and band approach, adding highly talented musicians that jam along with the DJ, and are completely wireless. Additionally, we take it one step further and edit music to integrate with the sounds of the DJ and musician, making the delivery of the song both seamless and authentic.

Should my client desire more of a band feel, I can offer a singer, violist, percussion or even an electric guitar! Additional musicians give an unparalleled band feel. Fewer musicians bring more of a club feel to the client’s chosen event.

Personal Hobbies

Making Spotify playlist
Mounting biking through North Shore trails

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Genesis Events

195 Central Avenue
suite J
Farmingdale, New York


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It was the best party of my life! I danced all night, my guests still talk about it years later. Recommend without reservation!
Kian M.

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