Hi! My name is Jeanine LeClair and I am the Lead Artist and Founder of Genie Artistry. I can still remember the first time my grandma took me to an Ulta store as a young girl. It ignited a passion in me that only burned brighter as I got older. I knew from that moment I was obsessed, and my fate was sealed. I was sure my life’s purpose was to make others look and feel beautiful, and I spent the last decade doing everything in my power to make that dream a reality. In school, everyone knew me as the girl who did makeup. I started out doing Sweet 16s and proms for fun, and eventually that turned into paid bookings. In 2020, I left the cosmetic sales world to finally pursue doing makeup full-time. I spent a few years working under other artists in the bridal industry and finally I took the leap and launched my company, Genie Artistry, in 2022.

When you trust my team and I on your special day, we aren’t just there to do a job and leave. We only book one wedding per day because you’re our main priority. We are your hype squad! We are there to keep your morning running as smooth and stress free as possible, and above all, we want you and your loved ones to feel amazing. As the first vendors you will likely see, we get to connect with you in a way nobody else does. That is so special to us, and we don’t take that lightly. We are truly excited and honored you’re considering us to join your family and friends in celebrating you.

The Wedding Industry

I started out with makeup in Middle School, and as I got older everyone in town just knew me as "the makeup girl". Before I knew it, people were asking me to do their Sweet 16s, Prom, and even Wedding makeups. I loved working all special events, but weddings were a personal favorite. The excitement, the happy tears, the magic of putting on that veil and seeing a Bride smile at her reflection is just incredible. There is no higher feeling of purpose for me. To be trusted with a Bride and her loved ones is so very special and I treasure every relationship I make! 

The Wedding Memories

The moment I most remember from every wedding I do (and my personal favorite part!) is when I hand the bride the mirror... That overwhelming feeling of happiness, that contagious smile, the eyes welling up with tears. It's a beautiful thing! I also love the little friendships I make with my brides... They fill me in on the family "tea" and we giggle to ourselves while I work on them. I love really connecting with my brides on a personal level. It's so special and something other vendors don't get the opportunity to do. 


I specialize in "natural glam". My clients often tell me that they still look like themselves, which is the goal. I prefer to bring a person's natural beauty outward, enhancing what is already there rather than covering it up. Our hair team specializes in everything from voluminous glam waves to flirty party ponies. We are constantly studying the new trends and elevating our skills to keep up with them. 

Company History

"Genie Artistry" came from a nickname I was given by a friend. She called me a "Makeup Genie". It also was fitting because a lot of people mispronounce my name and call me Genie instead of Jeanine, so I figured why not play on that? My interest for makeup and beauty really started at 13 years old. I was going through my "awkward" stage (does that even exist nowadays?) and my skin was breaking out pretty badly. After going to a bunch of dermatologists and never truly solving the problem, I started to do my own research on skincare and makeup. I turned into a complete ingredient nerd and wound up finding products on my own that helped to treat my skin. I also got really good at making my skin look flawless with makeup even though it wasn't. I kept experimenting with makeup, learning all that I could from beauty bloggers and the brand-new "YouTube". I would visit the MAC counter at the mall every weekend asking the beauty advisors for advice. I graduated from Cosmetology school in 2011 with Nocti Endorsement. As soon as I turned 18, I got my first makeup job at MAC. I grew with the company and learned so much. I also started to grow my own clientele. Throughout the years, I have worked and trained with brands such as Estée Lauder, Lancome, Urban Decay and Danessa Myricks just to name a few. I left the retail world to pursue more artistry and less sales, and that's where I fell in love with bridal. I worked under many great artists before I took the leap with Genie Artistry. It has been both the scariest and most rewarding decision I have ever made! 

Personal Hobbies

When I'm not working, I'm spending time with my family. My mini-me, my daughter's name is Emma. She is 5 (going on 15) and she is my proudest accomplishment next to my company. We love playing with makeup, doing each other's hair, cuddling with our dogs and making dinner together. My husband, Greg, is the funniest person I know. He keeps me laughing even when I want to cry. He is my biggest supporter and a big reason why Genie Artistry exists. We love to go fishing and we try to spend a day on the boat whenever we can. It's such an amazing stress reliever being on the water. Of course, I also love girls nights with my increrible friends. Trying new restaurants, shopping and gossiping about the day is my favorite way to unwind! 

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