Hello! First, congratulations!  If you are reading this, it means you're about to marry the love of your life.  

My name is Dina.  I founded Humble Hounds in February of 2022.  To be honest, I had no idea what I was doing and was terrified.  When I announced on Facebook that this was a new venture I was embarking on, the response was overwhelming.  Everyone wanted me to walk their dog, come play with their dog, or board their dog.  Needless to say, Humble Hounds Adventures was off to a great start.  

In May of 2022, I met Emily.  She has a little baking business and makes delicious homemade dog treats.  She made my vision of the Humble Hounds dog bone treats come to life.  One day while picking up treats, Emily said, "Hey, I saw your ad that you're hiring and I'm very interested. I always dreamed of a job where I could pet and love dogs all day." So, we sat down, talked for a long time and a new friendship was born. Humble Hounds had gained an employee.  Emily is now one of our in home dog boarders and Wedding Pet Attendants.  

We were growing by leaps and bounds!  

Then, one day we got a call.  A bride! She was getting married in October of 2022. She wanted her dog to walk down the aisle and have pictures taken with them after their ceremony.  She also wanted boarding for her dog the night before and the wedding night. Boarding was already something we did, but taking a dog to a wedding? Did this exist?  I had NO idea it existed; never mind how great the need was!  So after doing some research, I decided - Let's do it!  Prior to the wedding, I would visit this pup, Ember, and we would practice walking down the "aisle".  One day, I even had her mom and dad stand at the end of the street and we practiced walking to them.  It was flawless; mom and I were crying.  We were so proud of Ember and we knew the wedding day would go off without a hitch.  After walking Ember down the aisle and being her plus one at her pawrents' wedding, I was HOOKED!  Being at a wedding was like being in Disney!  I felt like a little girl.  Pure JOY!

In January of 2023, I met Tracy.  Emily was having a baby and we needed another in home boarder. It was love at first sight.  I knew Tracy was the one to join Humble Hounds.  She was pawfect! 

Once we did our first wedding there was no stopping us.  The smiles on the faces of not only the bride and groom, but also the grandparents, the wedding party, and the guests - are priceless! To say we love what we do, is an understatment.  

If you choose us to be your dog's plus one at your wedding, we promise the best care and service you can dream of.  We think of every detail so you don't have to! Most importantly, we care for your pup like they are our own. 

The Wedding Memories

Truly, I cannot pick a favorite.  Every wedding is magical in its very own way.  If I had to pick a favorite though, it's making everyone smile by seeing their dog. :)  


We specialize in being personable with exceptional communication.


Frequently asked questions:

•Do you offer boarding:  Yes we do!  Emily and Tracy offer boarding.  We will decide which home will best fit your fur baby.

•Is transportation included in your price? It sure is.  :) 

•Why should we choose Humble Hounds as our Pet Attendant?  I can tell you with all honesty, we love our job and we don't take it for granted.  We are honored and humbled to do what we do.  We will love your fur babies as our own and take the best care of them on, before, and after your wedding day.  

Personal Hobbies

My personal hobby is bowling.  My husband and I are on a bowling team.  I have been married for almost 27 years.  We have one son who is 15.  

Emily loves baking and spending time with her family outdoors. She is married with three boys - Max (5) , Xavier (8 months) and Bishop (11 year old therapy dog with the patience of a saint!) 

Tracy loves to cook, travel, read, and enjoy time at the beach with her family. She is married with two kids -- her son, Ethan (12) and her furbaby, Lola (7). Lola is the best co-host!!!

BOLI Love!

I just got married and we wanted our dog to be able to attend the ceremony and pictures. Humble Hounds Adventures was absolutely amazing with our dog Sadie the day of our wedding. I can’t recommend them enough. Dina was so easy to talk to and communicate with for what we wanted that day. Then, they even offer boarding services for the night of your wedding. Dina came and met our dog the week before our wedding, picked her up the day of our wedding and brought her to pictures, then brought her home fed her and dropped her at Tracy’s house! Tracy took care of Sadie through the night until we picked her up the following day!

Cara S.

Thank you Dina and Tracy for taking great care of Nala for a few days while we got married! An epic storm that flooded streets, closed highways and shut down the NYC subway didn't stop Dina and Tracy from making sure we were able to get pictures with our girl on our special day

Jennifer R.

I can’t thank Tracy and Dina enough for everything they did for our very hyper crazy dog bowie on our wedding day. I dropped off bowie at Tracy’s the morning of our wedding and she took the best care of him. He loves going there!! Then Dina came to get him and bring him to our venue so we could have a few pictures with him. She then took him back to Tracy’s to play. When the night was over they came and brought bowie home so he could be here when we got home. They went above and beyond and even came back to my house to check on him again!!!! They are amazing and I can’t say enough good things about them. They treated our sweet baby like royalty and made sure he was happy and safe at all times. It was so nice knowing that he was having the time of his life. We will always be using humble hounds for bowie and I truly appreciate everything they did that day for us.

Danielle B.

Tracy and Dina brought our energetic pup Kenzie to our wedding venue for some pictures and we are so happy that she was able to be a part of our day. After pictures they watched her for the night and when we picked her up the following morning she was happy and safe! They were so easy to work with and were so glad to have some pictures with Kenzie on our Wedding Day!

Michelle D.

 I used Humble Hounds for my wedding  and wanted to describe my awesome experience. Dina and Tracy were kind enough to have us visit a few weeks before the wedding to make sure my corgi, Bowie, would be okay for two days over the wedding weekend. They left such a great impression that I had no hesitation about boarding him there. On the day of the wedding, they brought Bowie to our venue for pictures. They put on his bowtie and assisted with getting him to look at the camera. I picked him up the next day, tired and happy, and they sent us home with treats. I highly recommend Humble Hounds for dogsitting and had a great experience with them for my wedding! Thank you Dina and Tracy!

Julie F.
I can not say enough about Dina, Emily, and Tracy! Ember was their first pup to walk down the isle at my wedding. Dina came by 1x a week for about 6 weeks to get to know Emmy girl and walk her around. The day we practiced walking down the isle was so emotional for us. Seeing my first fur baby walk down with her new best friend to meet me and my hubby, was truly the cutest! The video, the pictures, everything was perfect!! Right before we were about to wrap things up, our officiant announced that we had 1 more special guest. And its like she knew! Ember BARKED! From a distance and had everyone smiling before she even came out. It was so cute and Dina did an amazing job. I cant thank Humble Hounds enough for such a great experience and also life long friendships between not only us, Ember too. 


Milena V.

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