Hi! I'm Joe Pianos, a seasoned event entertainer and musician. My show is a unique one man concert band perfect for small intimate or gala events.  

The Wedding Industry

I come from a long line of musicians. My dad had a wedding band in the 80's (lol). I joined as a roadie and would sometimes dress up in an old oversized tux and cover some keyboard parts. I guess it stuck!
Don't worry, I have a new well fitted tux.

It's not only about loving the wedding industry. It is about making that connection to the people who have trusted me to run their party. It's about making sure that they are enthralled with what their ears and souls are taking in on the dance floor or while dining on one of the most important days of their lives. For me, it's about the couples and their families looking back at the band stand and realizing that all of this is coming from me. I am not bragging. There are so many talented musicians and DJ's that perhaps belong further than they are. I am truly blessed and lucky. With all said, I been doing this long enough to know what the couples want. 

The Wedding Memories

There are so many but as of recent, one of my favorite memories is when the brides grandparents were sitting down during the middle of a dance set. I could see that even though I had them dancing to their generational music earlier, they were both reserved about hitting the dance floor with the younger crowd. For a couple of dance songs I use a "Hard Tune" effect on my voice. I started to sing "The Business" with the effect. Well... that was it! The grandmother grabbed the grandfather, ran to the dance floor and not only were they just dancing, the grandmother was fistpumping and singing all the words. When stuff like that happens, I can't help but chuckle over the mic. The family went wild. 


I would say that my specialty would be performing my dinner club show "Cocktail's In Concert" during cocktail hours, dinner or the after party. It is a one hour show tributing to many artists with full production accompanment. It can also be a tribute to Billy Joel, Frank Sinatra or Michael Buble.

Instrumental ceremonies too. 

Company History

It wasn't always "Joe Pianos Entertainment"

Over the years I performed with 2 primary top NY wedding bands. I also played low key solo acts in restaurants and at parties as Joe Biondo. 
One particular restaurant in Coney Island dimed me "Joe Pianos". I always kept the name and bought the domain years ago but I never used it. When I moved to Long Island, I decided to change the act to Joe Pianos instead of Joe Biondo. I don't know if it was the new name, the timing or the evolution of my act or perhaps all. What ever it was, it started to grow. Again, I am blessed.


Can I add band members? Yes!
I still play out with up to 10 pieces. I can make it a duo, trio ect. The more, the merrier!

Can I DJ?    Mmmmm...  I am not really a DJ. 
BUT, I do spin/mix in female artists songs through the event and also songs that my vocal chords wont allow me to sing like Bon Jovi or AC/DC   lol.
I like to call it my "KeyJ" mix.


Personal Hobbies

My favorite hobby is being with my family. When I am not entertaining my two kids under 7, I love composing music, songs and orchestral movie like themes.


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BOLI Love!

What a great one man act! So enjoyed his playing and singing. Sounded like Billly Joel was in the room and then made us feel like we were on vacation someplace warm!

Diane L.

Joe played at my wedding and was absolutely amazing. We had a backyard wedding and we were confused on the type of music we should have and he played and sang the perfect songs that was enjoyed by everyone. He not only provided the music but also helped make everything run smoothly and has a great sense of humor! If you’re looking for someone with a great voice, undeniable talent, and that will make everyone want to sing along and dance.. you have to get Joe! You won’t regret it !!

Krista L.
We had Joe for our small and intimate wedding and it made the entire event! Wouldn't have been the same without him! He was SO GOOD, talented and engaging. Truly. He did the cocktail hour and even hosted the dance party ; all with different styles throughout the evening. We recommend him with 5++++ stars! Thanks Joe!!
Veneita J.

Excellent one man show, he nails it with every song.


The Best part of my party! We were entertained from the moment he arrived. He played all genres of music. I highly recommend Joe for any party. Thank you for making a very special day even more AMAZING!

Elizabeth D.

I have had the pleasure of hearing Joe Pianos play on several occasions at different venues. He's a true professional and adds a personal touch to your event. His piano playing is awesome stars as is his singing! He truly is a great Entertainer. From showers to weddings or private parties you won't be disappointed and your guests will have a great fun time!

Carole M.

This guy sounds just like Billy Joel and really gets the crowd going. Awesome array of music played both times, very very talented. A must see!! And if you can book him for a party- trust you will have a great time.

Brittany R.

When I first got engaged I knew I need Joe to play my wedding. I can't say enough good things about him I loved him and he was perfect. He made everything so seamless and puts you at ease. He can play any style, though his Billy Joel is particularly amazing. He even worked with us to learn our first dance song and even set up a playlist for us for our welcome cocktail reception. Everyone at our wedding was so impressed with him, including the staff of our wedding venue who heard him warming up and made it a point to tell me how good he was!


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