Hey there! I'm Bella, a self-made entrepreneur from Dix Hills, New York. Not only am I head over heels in love with my high school sweetheart (we recently got engaged!), but I am also the proud owner of Luxflowerwallslongisland. From stunning flower walls to whimsical balloon arches and all things decorations, I'm all about making special moments unforgettable. Join me on this journey of love, celebration, and entrepreneurship!

The Wedding Industry

Well, diving into the wedding industry felt like a natural step for me. I've felt enamored by the magic of love and the joy that special moments bring. Now, planning my own wedding and dreaming up the perfect celebration has further ignited this passion in me. I want to channel that enthusiasm and help others create their dream weddings, infusing each event with the same love and magic that makes them truly unforgettable.

The Wedding Memories

Oh, narrowing down my favorite wedding memory is like picking a favorite star in the sky – nearly impossible! But, if I had to choose, there was this incredible couple whose love story truly touched my heart. During their vows, they shared a line that still gives me goosebumps: "In a world full of uncertainties, you are my constant." Witnessing such a genuine and profound connection reminded me of the beauty in each couple's uniqueness. Every wedding holds its own charm, and it's the diverse love stories that make this journey in the wedding industry so extraordinary.


I specialize in turning ordinary events into extraordinary experiences. From dreamy flower walls and whimsical balloon arches to eye-catching marquee numbers and letters, I've got a knack for crafting the perfect atmosphere. Centerpieces that steal the show and Photo Booth setups that capture the joy – it's all part of the magic. In the world of party decorations, I thrive on making every detail count and ensuring each celebration is uniquely unforgettable.

Company History

The journey to where I am today has been nothing short of a whirlwind of passion and creativity. My company, “Luxflowerwallslongisland," was founded with the vision of creating events that feel like magic. Interestingly, we began during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, initially focusing on tie-dye and apparel. As the world gradually opened up, I felt a strong desire to help people rediscover the joy of celebrating special moments, especially after the heartache of the pandemic.


What started as a small venture evolved into a full-fledged party planning company, thanks to the incredible dedication of my talented team. We specialize in everything from flower walls and balloon arches to marquee numbers, centerpieces, and Photo Booth setups – basically, turning your party dreams into reality.


I'm fortunate to have a full staff working tirelessly to bring each event to life, and it's a true joy collaborating with my now-fiancé in setting up these magical moments. Looking ahead, I envision Luxflowerwallslongisland becoming a go-to name for those seeking not just events but unforgettable experiences that sparkle with love, friendship, and unique touches. The journey has been incredible, and the path ahead is filled with exciting possibilities!


One common question I receive revolves around the quality of our products. I always reassure clients that we're committed to excellence, using only high-quality materials in our designs. After all, I wouldn't want anything less than perfection at my own event, and that standard carries through to every celebration we're a part of.


Another frequent inquiry is about pricing and how we determine our rates. I understand that budget is a crucial consideration. While we strive to remain competitive, it's essential to note that we have a full staff dedicated to ensuring every detail is flawless. We're proud to offer reasonable prices that reflect the value of both our dedicated team and the top-notch products we use. It's all about striking the right balance for the success of both the business and our cherished customers.

Personal Hobbies

It’s wonderful to share a bit of the person behind the scenes! Outside of creating magical moments, I'm a proud dog mom to my adorable Pomeranian – that fluffy ball of joy always brings a smile to my face. Staying active is a big part of my routine, and you'll often find me hitting the gym or going for a jog to unwind.


When it comes to dining, I love supporting local businesses, especially my father's restaurant, Catch 25, in Huntington. The delicious meals there are not only a treat for the taste buds but also a meaningful connection to family.


And, of course, when I'm not orchestrating celebrations, I cherish making my own special moments with family and friends. Whether it's a cozy dinner at home or an adventure out, creating lasting memories is what truly lights up my life.

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The flower wall was perfect and complimented the room so well. Was great for photos and they were so easy to work with!

Jenna C.

Bella and her staff are amazing! She was patient and guided me through all of my decor options to make my bridal shower perfect. I highly recommend this young entrepreneur to anyone looking for quality and professional party decoration services. Thank you so much Bella!

Jaclyn O.

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