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I pride myself on writing and performing a very personalized ceremony that is all about the two of you. I make the effort to learn about you and your unique personalities as individuals and as a couple (and yes, there is a distinct and unique personality of a couple.) I like to make this as experience as much fun as possible, as well as to be there to hold your hand through your planning, decision making, and ultimately, your ceremony. I am in this to make friends as much as I am to provide a service to you.

The Wedding Industry

I got into the industry as a favor to my niece and nephew. While I prepared their ceremony, my son and now daughter-in-law approached me and requested that i perform theirs as well. When i realized how fun and rewarding it could be, how happy it made me to make others happy, i was hooked. Starting slowly (8-12 times a year for a few years) I stretched my limits to their current level and I still love every single thing about what I do. From that first contact call through the ceremony and paperwork, I just enjoy everything. I have made new friends, i have Christened children of prior couples, i have occasionally performed multiple weddings in the same family I like to say that prior to this calling, I was a baseball umpire - working many, many games at all levels. I like working in weddings much more, as I have never been chased back to my car from a wedding ceremony/

The Wedding Memories

There are so many memories, there are so many couples. I won't risk slighting anyone by naming favorites but some of my favorite moments have been: three deer crossing behind me as I married a couple on Navy Beach in Montauk; singing the "soft kitty" song from Big Bang Theory as part of a ceremony; several times seeing old friends (including couples I have married previously) at a wedding; a Ring Security Agent (about 6 years old) who took his job so seriously that he sat on the steps in front of the couple being married during the ceremony. The countless pets involved in the ceremony. The flower girl who refused to spread rose petals coming into the ceremony but spread them during the recessional. Performing ceremonies for two well- known models, and two well know musicians (remarkably, years apart but at the same venue). Travelling to Connecticut, New Jersey, Georgia, South Carolina, Florida, Maryland, and Arizona to perform ceremonies. having a couple of professional dancers dance up the aisle after being pronounced husband and wife. Twice I have performed "surprise" ceremonies, each time the guests believed they were attending a baby shower! There was also the couple who were dead set on a Montauk beach wedding and the tail end of a hurricane did not stop us. To shorten the story - every ceremony provides me with a highlight, a memory, and friends


I specialize in creating a ceremony that is about the couple being married. Just that.

Company History

I am the chief cook and bottle washer. I am a sole proprietor involved in all aspects of my business As I said earlier, I started slow and have steadily gained momentum. My ultimate goals would be to bring in and mentor some new officiants looking for a start, maybe to become a "house officiant" somewhere and to try to stay ahead of wedding trends.


My most frequently asked question is about back-up officiants I am happy to say that i have never needed one to date, but I have been one several times. I stay in touch with several officiants, sort of a loose coalition, who I would call on if needed and would be there for them whenever possible. I actually spell out in the contract that I am responsible for finding your replacement should I be unable to perform as promised.

Personal Hobbies

My hobbies are my grandchildren, my wife, and my children. my pets too. The highlight of my year is renting a house somewhere each Thanksgiving and having all of our children and grandchildren together under one roof for the holiday weekend. The past few years it has been Lancaster PA and we all love it.

Additional Info

If you can legally be married, I will happily perform your ceremony. I also do funeral services, baptisms, home blessings, boat blessings, pet blessings

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BOLI Love!

Bill was fabulous. We had so many lovely compliments about him! People thought he was a close family friend or a priest we had known for years! ( we asked him to make it a light and fun religious ceremony but you don’t have to! ) he really caters to your requests and takes the time to make your ceremony personalized and special. I cannot recommend him enough.

Kristen F.

Reverend Bill was fantastic at our wedding!!! He absolutely listened to all of our requests and put together a beautiful ceremony for us. He made us laugh and cry…everything we hoped for! I highly recommend Reverend Bill!

Marissa T.

Reverend Bill was so wonderful. Not only did he make it affordable for us, he made it so personal. Its like he has known us as a couple, and our friends and families forever! We were brought to tears, and laughter during our ceremony, and we received so many compliments on what an amazing job he did. Highly recommend! Thank you Bill!

Melissa R.

Our ceremony was personalized and so incredibly thoughtful! It was a highlight of our wedding were sometimes the ceremony is forgotten about! Rev. Bill collected stories from our family and friends and weaved together a beautiful tale of our relationship incorporating our loved ones! He was able to work in just enough reference to religion to please some of our family members. He sent reminders throughout the process, even the night before reminding us to enjoy the day. The whole experience was incredible and I can not recommend him enough!

Dana M.

Reverend Bill was absolutely incredible ! He made sure to really listen to what my husband and I were wanting for our ceremony , and he took the time to learn about how we met and who we were as a couple . I have received so many compliments about how wonderful and unique the ceremony was, and it’s completely thanks to reverend bill. I’d definitely recommend him to anyone I know.

Megan W.

My husband and I aren't very religious so we didn't want a stale traditional ceremony. We wanted to personalize it and make it about us. Bill went above and beyond our expectations. He sends a questionnaire to each of us and sends emails to our friends and family to get inside stories. Literally all of our guest were raving how that was the best ceremony they ever heard! Everyone was engaged and laughing the whole time. It's something I'll never forget and im so grateful to Bill.

Michelle T.

Reverend Bill was amazing!! Everyone asked me where I found him. He made my husband and I laugh so much during our ceremony. Our guests loved him. I'm so happy that we had Reverend Bill at our ceremony, he definitely made our ceremony so beautiful. Our guests said that he kept everyone very engaged. They said it was the best ceremony they've been to. He made it so personalized and it felt like he's known us for years. Thank you Reverend Bill for everything!! For making our ceremony an unforgettable one.

Melanie M.

Reverend Bill is simply amazing!!! After our initial zoom meeting, no one else compared. Reverend Bill truly cares about the couple he works with. Not only does he create a beautiful personalized ceremony, he provides tons of resources for readings, vows, etc. He was also available and willing to listen to a stressed and anxious bride! We feel so lucky and blessed to have had him officiate our wedding and tell our story. Our ceremony had the perfect balance of humor and sentiment. It started our wedding off on such a high note and we will cherish these memories forever. He is so compassionate, funny, and the utmost professional. Look no further and book with Reverend Bill!!

Samantha M.
 The amount of people who asked who our officiant was and how it was the best ceremony they have ever been apart of - he told our love story so perfectly keeping everyone so invested and emotional but also having some good laughs. If you take my recommendation on anyone, please let it be Reverend Bill Schulhoff !!!!
Sydney L.

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