I wanted to introduce myself to you, I'm Maureen owner and creator of Pew Bow Rentals 

In September of 2022 my daughter got married and by default I was nominated to be the wedding planner.

It was both stressful and thrilling and you learn to do lots of research and find creative ways to get the best bang for your buck and your budget!

Churches no longer allow a white runner because its a tripping hazard so as beautiful as the churches are they're also very dark with lots of brown wood. The aisle needed something beautiful and bridal looking, something that no matter what the weather, rain or snow it would look bright and beautiful inside that church.

After checking with several florists I realized the cost of fresh flowers would not be in our budget because I wanted more than a few....I wanted alot...| wanted to make a statement...| wanted my bride to feel like a star walking down the aisle....and I wanted that aisle to look gorgeous!


I started this business to fill a hole in a market that could allow a bride with a normal wedding budget, a luxury usually only seen in high end, big budget events. I wanted to price our bows so that all Brides could wiggle them into their wedding budget.

I wanted altar flowers that were beautiful and affordable! I wanted pew bows that were made with high end silk flowers that were amazing looking and I only needed them for a couple of hours so I thought I wish I could just rent them!


That's when Pew Bow Rentals was born!


Here's a little info about our process:

We deliver the bows to your church, we set up and install them, each one perfectly placed. After the ceremony is over the bride and groom can come back into church and take some really gorgeous walking down the aisle photos. These will absolutely be some of the most beautiful wedding pictures you will take all day.

When all is said and done and you scoot off to your reception we pack up the bows and go! That's stress for the bride you just show up looking gorgeous, we will do the rest.

The Wedding Industry

Pew Bow Rentals is a family owned business, we're a husband and wife team along with our 2 adult daughters. I'm the creative and business side, my husband does the heavy lifting and the girls do a little bit of everything including alot of the social media stories and reels.  If needed we break up into 2 teams to service our brides, every wedding is important to us however big or small, and every bride is treated like she's one of my girls! 

The Wedding Memories

I would say our favorite memory is seeing the brides face when the doors open in the back  of the church, music playing and she sees her aisle really decorated for the first time. 

I always stay in the back row for your entire ceremony it's my favorite part of the day and I wouldn't miss it! I love everything about a church ceremony, I can't hold back  the tears , it never gets old. I watch the looks on your guests face as they see you walk down the aisle and of course the crying groom. And yes, you absolutely will be crying or else! Now is the time to embrace happy wife happy life...bring on the tears!

I have helped Grandma to the ladies room, passed out the programs that were left sitting in the back of the church,  fluffed your veil, observed everyone walking past the flowers reach down to touch them to see if they're real and my personal favorite.... catching the run away rambunctious ring bearer! 


Pew Bow Rentals are really all about giving every  bride the "Wow Factor "  we specialize in church pews, we don't do venues. There is something special about the tradition of a church wedding, it is the biggest first look a bride can have. Your families, guests and groom are all waiting to see you and when the music starts to play and the doors are about to have the most emotional, love filled walk of your life and you will look and feel amazing.  

Pew Bows frame your aisle for the most gorgeous wedding photos you can imagine. Its all about the details and our bows make an absolute statement. Let our  bows set the tone for the elegant celebration you've been planning since you were a little girl.

Company History

Pew Bow Rentals is a 2 year old business that was created because of a need that I couldn't fill for our own daughters wedding. The buzz about them that day was both gratifying and exciting. The photographer loved them, the engaged bridesmaids wanted them, in short they were a hit! Our goal here at Pew Bow Rentals is for all brides to be able to decorate their church at an affordable price. All our brides are special to us, you can message us as much as needed for as many questions as you may have. One thing our brides will always tell you,  we are very easy to work with and are very down to earth people 


Here's how it works:

Once a bride is booked and the deposit is received I always do a site visit to see exactly how many bows are best and what's the layout of the church. On your wedding day I know exactly what's going on, I'm a perfectionist so I really need to see it beforehand. 

If the church allows it ( I call ahead and ask permission and promise to be quiet and discreet ) I bring the bows and do a run through...I take some pictures and make very detailed notes. I contact the bride beforehand so your welcome to meet me there and together we can figure out how many you like. It's exciting and fun and I want you to enjoy your wedding planning process!

To secure your date I suggest booking asap for the minimum of 16 and once I see the church we can adjust the number as needed. If 16 is the max your budget allows then I figure it out to see the placement. Im very easy to work with!

We have several different Bow Options, white and color!

We offer gorgeous altar flowers on pedestals as an add on available only for Pew Bow Brides

$100 is the required deposit balance paid the week of the wedding 

Browse our Instagram page for tons of photos 

Personal Hobbies

Anything and everything to do with the home. You can run in to me on any given day in Home Goods or Home Sense. I am constantly moving the furniture around in my house from room to room.  I decorate for every holiday, Christmas being my favorite and I totally light it up! The more lights the better,  it makes me happy! 

I was a full time Realtor for 15 years and I had a reputation for always staging my clients homes and moving things around to get the house ready for market. 

I love being creative, now I pour all that love into decorating your wedding.

Additional Info

We appreciate all the great reviews and love that we are shown from our past Pew Bow Brides. I feel an absolute connection to all of you.  Thank you so much for letting us be involved in such an important day in you and your families lives. As a former Mother of the Bride and a girl mom I enjoy every minute of it.


Maureen, Terry, Katie & Jessie 🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷

BOLI Love!

For anyone who is getting married in a church I cannot recommend Pew Bow Rentals enough! She is so professional, knowledgeable, & kind to work with. The bows added on your pews make a huge difference in your photos and gives the church a perfect look for your wedding. She has a variety of styles & colors that can fit your vision. She was by far my favorite vendor I hired. Don't hesitate to reach out to her. I promise you won't regret it!

Melanie B.

If you choose to get married in a church setting, I highly recommend using pew bow rentals!! Maureen is so sweet and so easy to work with! She replies back promptly. There are so many designs to choose from depending the season or theme of your wedding. The bows were a surprise from my sweet mother-in-law for my husband and I for the day of our wedding. The minute I saw the bows, my heart melted!! 1000000/10!

Laura S.

My mom booked Pew Bow Rentals for my Church ceremony and Maureen was amazing to work with! Her and her husband arrived promptly to set up the Church and it looked stunning. It was the perfect amount of decor for our intimate ceremony. We received so many compliments and it really added to all our photos. As a former mother of the bride, Maureen understands the stress that comes with planning a wedding and makes everything so easy! I highly recommend Pew Bow Rentals. 

Nicole C.
I highly recommend renting Pew Bows for your church ceremony! Most churches don’t allow you to decorate with white runners so these really brighten up your walk down the aisle! They have two different types of bows, they are beautiful and hand made! Maureen and Terry are the best!
Jessie V.

Her and her husband came and set it all up for me before the ceremony and the watched the mass and took them all down after we took pictures. So easy to work with and a great addition to brighten up the church without spending money on flowers. Owner is a sweetheart too!

Tricia W.

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