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Hey Girl, we are SO THRILLED that you found us! In a Sea of amazing photographers you found your way to our part of the Ocean. From steamy boudoir sessions, to sensual couples photoshoots, serene maternity sessions and everything in between. The team here at Seaweed & Diamonds is here to help you romanticize your most intimate moments.

You may have noticed we are not quite like the others. By the end of your photo experience you will have gained new girlfriends, be pampered by an absolute DREAM TEAM, steamy photos, and some newfound confidence! We can't wait to hear from you and create some magic together 🤍✨

The Wedding Industry

I have been in and around weddings for over 5 years. The stories are many, but a recent one really struck a cord with my soul. Shes much better with words than I am so I'll let you see what she said after her bridal boudoir experience. "...I’m sorry for my late night email, but I couldn’t wait to tell you the impact you've had. Until this very day, I have tucked my chin in every photo I’ve taken since puberty. I wanted to look “tiny” and “small”... whatever that means... and I’ve hidden from the camera. I’ve sunk to the back of the crowd... and today... today I lifted my chin. I LIFTED MY CHIN. I squeezed my back. I relaxed my arms. And I looked like a freaking queen in every picture I took with my family. I didn’t need to look at them. I didn’t need to “check.” H.o.l.y. S.h.i.t. I don’t think I can explain what that felt like to hear you in my head saying “oh you like to hide,” but that was powerful and meaningful and freaking amazing. There are NOT a lot of women in this world who can inspire other women to shine their lights the way you do. Too often I’ve watched and heard other women cut each other down to make themselves look or feel better. But you... you not only build a stage.. a platform... YOU give a leg up. You shine the light. You lit the darkness of self doubt... of self consciousness... of “hide, shrink, look small, shrug your shoulders, get in the back, tuck your chin.” Self love is a mission. It’s something you have to practice and it’s not something that happens overnight... unless you do a shoot with you, Samantha. You... with your studio that doesn’t have a mirror. You... with your camera and your positivity and your assurances. You. Changed. Everything. I can’t wait to see the magic you made in a few weeks, but I had to tell you. I am not the same... and it’s all your fault. Thank you, Kate ❤️


One of the most frequently asked questions that I receive is , " but what do I do?" Girl , don't worry I gotchu . See I get a little bossy during your photo-shoot. I am going to be so busy telling you what to do ( Chin up, move that shoulder, pop that hip , move that finger) that you wont even have time to worry about " what to do" you will already be doing it ! I am an expert at posing , lighting & angles , so all you have to do is show up. You will be feeling those #goddessvibes in no time.

BOLI Love!

I could be a tad biased because I’ve been working with Samantha, owner & founder of Seaweed and diamonds since 2017! Let me just say, over the years I’ve been labeled plus size, curvy, skinny .. & every time I have a shoot with Samantha .. I never notice what size I am. She makes you feel like literally the most beautiful, sexy, most confident woman ALIVE. She makes you enjoy your time, she makes you forget about every insecurity you could possibly have. If you are hesitant about doing a bridal boudoir shoot, or you’ve never done one before I promise you will not regret booking with Samantha!!! She is now a dear friend of mine after all these years and her talent SHOWS. Her team kills it everytime.

Marisa D.

Sam is an amazing photographer. Her team is perfect as well. From the hair and makeup to the awesome vibes her entire space gives, I am lucky to have been able to work with her twice for two completely different photoshoots and the second one was even better than the first!!!

Tina R.

When you first walk in you're greeted by your new best friends (trust me they will be). Sam goes over everything you brought with you. One of my favorite parts was The Therapy Session aka hair & make up from the insanely talented Jeanine LeClair. After Therapy we move into the fun zone. Sam, Amber, and Jeanine work with you to not only have an absolute blast, but create the most amazingly stunning photos ever taken of yourself. This last time I went (my 4th session with these amazingly talented women) was my favorite, I did these 100% for myself and stepped way out of my comfort zone, let me tell you these ladies were all about it! Amber was a life saver with wardrobe (yes they help you get dressed)  Seaweed and Diamonds allows you to be yourself, these women have created a safe and comfortable space to express yourself. I suggest every woman do boudoir at least once.  I've come along way since my first session in 2019 and a huge part of my growth and recognizing my own self worth has been because of these photos. I'm not sure Samantha Bishop-Schultz will ever understand how much she truly helped change my life, for which I am forever grateful.

Patricia T.

I have done two shoots with Seaweed & Diamonds!!! My first shoot was with Sam. She helped me regain my confidence after having my second child. My second was with Amber. Amber was just as amazing!!! She helped guild me into the most beautiful positions that produced the most stunning pictures!!! I love the way my photos turned out...And so did my husband ;)

Jessica C.
I did a boudoir shoot with Samantha from Seaweed and Diamonds and she is AMAZING! The level of professionalism and customer service was out of this world!
Allison N.
I just had my viewing session with Samantha at Seaweed & Diamonds for my beach boudoir shoot. She made me feel so confident, like I was killing it the whole time and that I was such a hottie!!! I cried the way home because I was so overwhelmed by emotion and on such a high! Everyone needs to do this! Samantha is the kind of person that you're best friends with after just speaking for 10 seconds. We did a sunrise beach shoot at Robert Moses and though there were a handful of people there, they stayed by the boardwalk and minded their own business. I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all!! Rolled all around the sand and even in the water!! I would never normally post anything like this but Samantha is amazing and I want everyone to know about her!! Book with Seaweed & Diamonds you won’t regret it ????
Rebecca C.
Samantha was amazing and literally made me feel so beautiful and so comfortable! I still look Back and am in shock that that is actually me in those images!
Samantha H.

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