Hey there! I’m Rick, the founder of Slick Creations Inc. As a Wedding and Event Content Creator, The wedding and event industry is a way of life for me.

 I have over 15 years of experience as a DJ & MC and performing at over 1500 events and weddings on Long Island, NY & the east coast. This unique experience has allowed me to have the ultimate knowledge on what and when to capture moments, how to navigate with fellow vendors, and how to never hinder the timeline of your day.

The content my company provides can serve as content for social medias but also cherished keepsakes for you and your loved ones. Each video is meticulously crafted for the ultimate "relive the moment " experience for your special day 

In a world where everyone's becoming a content creator, I emphasize the importance of research when choosing between Slick Creations and other companies.

Investing time, effort, and money into your dream event deserves a lasting experience. Slick Creations ensures you can relive those moments the very next day, creating digital memories you'll cherish. I'm thrilled to connect with you and bring your vision to life.

The Wedding Industry

At 18, I entered the wedding and event industry as a break dancer with Absolute Entertainment. Growing within the company to become a DJ & MC, I've witnessed and contributed to the love and joy at countless events. Even 15 years later, the thrill of creating timeless moments remains unchanged. I genuinely love being part of this industry, and it's truly an honor to share in these special moments with all of you.

The Wedding Memories

Having hosted over 1000 events as a DJ and MC, countless couples have left a lasting impression. Yet, a standout memory is from a recent wedding where I served as the content creator. The newlyweds' inseparable bond and genuine love were palpable in every special moment, particularly when they passionately sang "Check Yes, Juliet" by We The Kings at the top of their lungs to each other. This experience reminded me of the privilege we have in this industry to witness love in its purest form.


My focus lies in crafting high-quality short-form videos that highlight key moments like grand entrances, first dances, and cake cutting. What sets me apart is my meticulous editing, production speed, and attention to detail—no shaky or choppy footage, forced slow-motion, or awkward angles. You will be blown away that the footage came from an iPhone. 

I approach each video with the intention of creating chapters in your love story. Whether it's a reel, TikTok, or any other type of media, I use a digital storyboard for a seamless and purposeful arrangement, avoiding awkward flow or random clips. As your content creator, I bring a unique touch to capturing and presenting your special moments.

Company History

Slick Creations is a fusion of my experiences as a DJ/MC Entertainer and my grasp of social media in today's tech-driven age. I dipped my toe into content creation on TikTok during the pandemic and fully dove in. I cultivated a skit-based platform with over 80 thousand followers, viral videos, and sponsorships. Drawing on my editing skills, knowledge of capturing moments, and understanding angles, I merged these elements to establish Slick Creations.

The name is a nod to my DJ persona, DJ Slick / Slick Rick, derived from a breaking move where I slid across the dance floor on my head, earning me that nickname!

As content creation gains popularity, my aspiration is to expand and deliver digital memories that are truly worth a million replays.


What defines a content creator, you ask?

It's not merely capturing event clips; it's about encapsulating the vibe and essence of your special moments in short-form videos for you, your family, friends, and, if desired, the world to experience.

What equipment do you use for content creation?

I rely on the advanced capabilities of an iPhone 15 pro max complemented by professional-grade gimbals for smooth footage. In post-production, I utilize an editing program for seamless transitions and compilations.

How do you collaborate with videographers and photographers?

Their needs take top priority, ensuring I never hinder their work but rather collaborate seamlessly to capture incredible footage for you.

Do I receive the "raw" videos you capture?

Absolutely! You receive all clips and even some event photos, giving you the freedom to create reels and content as you wish.

Do you offer different packages? 

Indeed! I provide diverse packages for different events, with the option for custom packages tailored to your budget and content vision.

Personal Hobbies

A bit about me: I'm an active individual, hitting the gym daily and playing national-level sponsored paintball. Family is everything to me, with a beautiful fiancée and soon-to-be stepdaughter. I'm a devoted cat and dog dad to my fur babies. I have a psychology degree from St. Joseph's College which I attended with a full academic scholarship. When im not at work; I love to watch movies, draw, and dance, (especially breakdancing). My life revolves around music and making people happy. 

BOLI Love!

Rick was the best MC, hype man, and content creator we could have asked for. After the wedding we were on cloud nine. Then at midnight of our wedding he sent us our first clip of us and the champagne tower. We were instantly on cloud 100, we were blown away. Not to mention, when we got our photos he caught the moment better than our photographers. Some moments are great in photos but others just need to be captured on film. We were firm that we didn’t want a videographer since we would never watch the long film but the short content clips he created were absolutely perfect. He wasn’t ever in anyone’s face yet managed to balance his MC presence and get the quality clips. We couldn’t be happier that he was part of our perfect day.

Riane S.

Not only was Rick from Absolute Entertainment our MC, but also our content creator! When i tell you that me being obsessed with his work, that is an understatement. Rick creates beautiful videos created for social media platforms and he kills it. This was a last minute booking for us and I’m so glad that we did it because i got several edited reels sent to me a day or two after the wedding and all the raw footage ( over 100 videos ) sent to me about a week later. Rick gave me his # so i can contact him directly before the wedding about any ideas i had in mind, and for after if i wanted a video edited a certain way. I still don’t know how he got all of this footage and kept everyone on the dance floor all night but he did that!!! Rick is amazing at what he does and deserves every positive thing for himself and his new business.

Stephanie B.

Rick's wedding videos capture the magic and emotion of the special day beautifully. His attention to detail and storytelling ability make each video a cherished keepsake for any couple and their loved ones. With a keen eye for romance and a knack for capturing those unforgettable moments. Rick's work is sure to leave a lasting impression. Highly recommended for anyone seeking a content creator who will turn their wedding memories into cinematic treasures.

Cailor K.
Rick is absolutely amazing. Being able to relive our wedding day through his content has been my favorite thing. Just when I think he’s done, he sends another video. He was so much fun to have and truly made our day so special. My husband and I HIGHLY recommend hiring Rick, you will not regret it!!!
Kelsey F.

Rick took some really awesome videos at my wedding, while pumping up the crowd! We did not hire a videographer, so we are so grateful that he was there to get such great reels of the party and special moments throughout the night. I highly recommend him! Thank you so much for capturing parts of my special day!

Kimberley F.
Rick is so incredibly talented and captured all of the absolute best moments of our wedding. I have been watching the perfectly curated content over & over with a huge smile on my face. Rick is AMAZING to work with & I can’t recommend him enough!


Lauren B.
If you’re debating on hiring a content creator for your big day, do it! I highly recommend Slick Creations for the day of your wedding! We absolutely loved the reels that Rick made for us. He captured perfect moments. I honestly can’t stop watching them :)
Nicole M.
Rick created the most amazing reel for us from our wedding. It is the video I show everyone when talking about my wedding because it really highlights everything that went on. The way he captured every little moment is impeccable. I highly recommend him and will definitely be using him for every upcoming event. Thank you so much Slick Creations!!


Melissa D.
Rick from Slick Creations was the dj at our wedding and he was awesome! He made our day so special and made an amazing reel so we could relive the day again! We appreciate his hard work and definitely recommend! We love looking back at the video!
Alyssa C.

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