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Smile Vibe, formerly known as Smile Bar, is owned and operated by two Dental Besties each with over 20 years of experience in the dental field.  We met in college 12 years ago, and became friends immediately. In that time we have literally done everything together:  work together, vacation together,  made our work schedule to coordinate so we have Fridays off together.... we even set each other up with our husbands.  We haven't missed a day of speaking in 12 years, so we figured the next natural step was to open a business.

Let us help you reach your full smile potential and customize the best whitening treatment for your big day.  Experience professional teeth whitening in our clean and cozy suite in the heart of Amityville village. At Smile Vibe we use the most advanced whitening system in the field - giving you  longer-lasting results with little to no sensitivity! You are in good hands!  We are here to offer an affordable, effective treatment because we believe ALL BRIDES and their significant others, should be able to brighten their smile and maintain it without being too costly.  We hope to see you all soon! 

The Wedding Industry

Think about all the times your photographer will be shouting "SMILE!" at you on your wedding day, and the days leading up to it.  We believe that every bride should look and feel their best on their wedding day....this includes their smile. Many brides have expressed to us that teeth whitening is left on the back burner during those final days of their bridal prep due to busy schedules, cost and fear of the dentist. No worries, we are here to help make your smile tie together with your makeup and photos.  We have created a space at Smile Vibe, where you can come to relax for your final beauty prep. We see one person at a time for privacy and a relaxing experience.

The Wedding Memories

At one point in our careers, we OF COURSE worked together for a few years.  We were both each engaged and married within one year of eachother.  During that time, our schedules were booked fully for teeth whitening only, with all family members, bridal party, and basically anyone that would be taking a picture with us.  


We pride ourselves in being Dental professionals for ten years each. We are very proud to be professionally and expertly trained in teeth whitening. Basically we are perfectionists! With that being said, we spent alot of time researching the product that we would be offering, and found that it gave the best results in the shortest time with little to no sensitivity. We have both tested this product many times on each other. One of us has suffered from sensitivity for years, and truly can stand behind this product. 

Company History

We started Smile Vibe on May 10th 2022, on our ten year graduation anniversary as a side hustle after many years of wanting to reach you on our own terms. We found that teeth whitening was always the service that left everyone the happiest and most confident. We cant get enough!  We hope to continue with this vibe and continue to grow and meet more Smiling faces that become friends!


How long before my wedding should I whiten my teeth?

If we are a few months out from the big day, we recommend seeing us for your inital whitening visit 3 months before the wedding day. Then, up to a week before the wedding day for a touch up visit. Not only will this allow us time to get the best whitening results, but will also have your smile brightened for all the bridal festivities such as bachelorette party and bridal shower fun. 

If we are close to the big day, you can schedule your appointment with us up to one week before the wedding. We suggest no later than a week, so that you are able to follow "the white t-shirt diet" for the following 48 hours after your visit with us... See below for more information on this.


How white will my teeth get?

Whitening results vary by individual. During your intial visit with us we speak with you about expectations and discuss the various factors involved that will determine your whitening potential: diet (red wine, coffee) lifestyle (smoking, of any kind) hygiene and genetics all play a role. We do expect 1-5 shades lighter and have seen up to 12 shades!

All of our photos on our Instagram page and on this BOLI profile page are of clients results after one treatment. 


How long will my results last?

The answer to this goes with the previous question- factors depending on your lifestyle and diet will determine how long your teeth whitening results will last. That is why we do recommend touch up visits every 3-4 months after whitening, and up to one week before the wedding to maintain your results. 


Is there anything I should do before my teeth whitening visit?

We do request that everyone is up to date with their annual dental visit, exam and cleaning. This not only ensures your teeth are in good health but it allows for the best whitening result.

If you feel that you have sensitive teeth... we suggest brushing with sensodyne toothpaste for the few weeks/days leading up to your appointment with us.


Will my teeth be sensitive during the treatment?

This is by far our most common question. And we hear you. One of us has suffered from sensitivity after doing a dental in office whitening procedure many years ago. We have both tested this professional product on each other and have both experienced no sensititivity.

We can honestly say that all of our clients have given us the same feedback of minimal to no sensitivy during the day of and the day after your appointment at latest. We do send you home with a fluoride varnish treatment to apply on your teeth as a precaution if you are someone that has had sensitivity in the past to whitening products. 


Is there anything I should do after my teeth whitening visit?

For the following two days after your teeth whitening appointment with us you will need avoid anything that will stain a white t-shirt. This is because after teeth whitening your teeth actually become dehydrated and little tiny pores in your teeth open up. During this first 48 hours after your teeth are most prone to staining from foods and beverages. Foods and drinks such as red wine, black coffee and pasta sauce will need to be omitted. You can protect your results by drinking liquids through a straw and rinsing with room temperature water after eating.

*Keep this in mind when scheduling around your big day and any wedding festivities. 


The most important thing to do after is to: S M I L E often and share all your beautiful photos and memories with us after your appointment!!


Please refer to our Instagram page for tons of information and photos. 

Please also feel free to reach out to us with any and all questions you may have!





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BOLI Love!

The ladies at smile vibe are the sweetest and do an amazing job! The process of booking was easy, I found it extremely reasonably priced, and the results are amazing! They are super thorough, give you instructions on how to best protect your newly whitened teeth, and are available via text for any questions!

Michaela R.
Absolutely exceptional experience! Staff is friendly and attentive.
Jennifer T.

As a bride-to-be, I had a wonderful experience getting my first bridal teeth whitening at the Smile Bar! They were thoughtful, clean, and extremely safe. I can’t wait to go back for my touch up before my wedding.

Giavanna Y.

I had the best experience at Smile Bar. Gena was so patient and very attentive. We had a wonderful conversation followed by an explanation of what will be done, followed by the most comfortable experience. We did two rounds and another half, to prevent sensitivity, and it was perfect. As are my teeth!! This was the perfect addition to my pre-wedding bridal maintenance, so to speak. It was truly more than I hoped for.

Emily S.

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