Do you like video games, alcohol, and unlimited snacks? Then Dave and Buster's is the place for you...and so is STUDIO 27.
From the moment you walk in for your first meeting to the wedding day and shoots beyond, you are family. Studio 27 Photography prides itself on not only being a professional business with a beautiful product, but just as importantly on having that right at home feeling and fun personalities to make anyone feel comfortable. We love what we do and more than anything, it shows. It is one thing to take a gorgeous photo. It is another thing to create a personal connection. And with Studio 27, thats what we have to offer you.

The Wedding Industry

Studio 27 Photography opened its doors to reinvent the wedding industry.
Owners, Steve Germano and Franco Prete, took their knowledge from many years in the industry, both from working in the field to the behind the scenes in office, to create the well-known business we have today. They wanted to create an atmosphere that radiates nothing but positivity and showed our true passion...creating beautiful photographs of intimate moments and emotions. The way to get those REAL emotions? Make your couples feel as comfortable as they possibly can. And every time, we start the wedding day as new acquaintances and end the night leaving as close friends. Wedding days are labeled as couple's "most important days of their life" and we get to spend each and every moment with you. It is such an incredible honor and pleasure to be a part of it. With every photo we take, we record a memory and we do not take that lightly. THIS is the reason we love being in this industry.

The Wedding Memories

All of our couples are unique.
There are parts of every wedding we do that stand out to us. From someone's sibling flying in from deployment for the wedding for a surprise to seeing a groomsmen in a dress for a joke reveal...each moment is special in it's own way. Every wedding pulls on our heart strings a little bit differently, but we can honestly say that each wedding is special to us.


Studio 27 is very versatile.
We are most likely best known for our dramatic, off camera flash photography. We love creating a statement and standing out from the crowd. But we don't discriminate against those light, airy, natural photos either. We believe in a mix of both to achieve the perfect product for our couples. There is nothing better than have two of our photographers at a wedding to capture both the bold and the candid. It is definitely a requirement as a business, that our photographers are well rounded as a whole. From belly laughs to raw emotions, we capture it all.

Company History

Started from the bottom, now we're here.
We have built ourselves up over the past decade to become the well known name that we are today. From our first year to our most recent, we have not only kept our photography standards high but we have consistently stayed relevant with our style and product. All of our staff members, both new and old, are highly skilled in both off camera flash and natural light photography. Along with that, they have fantastic personalities to really add something to your wedding day. There is nothing better than feeling the most comfortable with the people who will be spending almost twelve hours with you on your special day! And that is what Studio 27 has always been known for.

Let's be friends.

Studio 27 Photography

2 Central Avenue
Massapequa, New York 11758


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