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I'm Russ Camarda and I created Quintessence Ministry, with some specific goals in mind - to recognize the union of two souls as an incredibly sacred event - a very special "story" to tell. A story deserving of mindful celebration rooted in universal values like unconditional love. And for us to deliver that story in a way that is memorable, sacred and unique to your audience. Our officiants are nondenominational, guided by an inclusive spiritual philosophy that honors the wisdom and light found within all faith traditions, while remaining independent of any one religion's specific orthodoxy. 

Quintessence is a New York State Recognized Religious Corporation. Not an "Online Ordination". Unlike traditional religious ministers, our celebrants are free to thoughtfully incorporate any diverse customs, rituals, or spiritual meanings of value to you, into your ceremony. We collaborate with you to tailor the script with the words, symbols and cultural elegance that most authentically resonate and bless your sacred bond. 

By using a Quintessence Ministry officiant, your ceremony can be woven with spiritual truth and wisdom that calls forth human unity, sacredness, and the unifying power of selfless love - setting this intention to anchor your matrimonial journey ahead - based on higher ideals. We offer this as a special gift for you to consider as you embark on a lifetime together.

The Wedding Industry

Starting as a wedding filmmaker and cinematographer almost 30 years ago, I found working in the industry to be fulfilling in a way that no other job I ever held did. Literally seeing people on their happiest day... every time you go to work! 
And now adding this Wedding Officiant Ministry, it allows me to get even more intimate in the feeling that couples are bringing to their wedding day. It's amazing to literally go to work and listen and help craft people's TRUE love stories!!

The Wedding Memories

There are so many memories. Most of the moments that stand out are the direct, personal stories that couples share with me on their day. I am always amazed and touched by how people fall in love. Hearing what they feel makes this day their greatest moment.


Quintessence Ministry exists with the sole purpose of creating, with you, the wedding ceremony you want. 
But, we are also still partnered with TAG StudioNY if you need anything and everything in Wedding Cinematography to capture your special day from beginning to end.

Company History

I have been working in the  wedding industry for close to  30 years. First as a wedding cinematographer and photographer and now as a Wedding Officiant. I always chersished my job in helping capture people's most prized day of memories. I have literally witnessed over 2000 diverse ceremonies. So, I am deeply familar with tradtions from so many diffrent cultures.
But, I believe the wedding ceremony is a public declaration of your love story - so as a storyteller I have a unique skillset in the wedding officiant circle. You see, during those same 3 decades I have also been a professional actor, director, screenwriter and filmmaker. I founded Quintessence Ministry with the thought that I had something unique to offer couples when it came to Officiating their wedding ceremony.  A singular background that no other officiant can claim. The skillset to help couples write their story their way... and the trained, professional ability to perform it in a mindful, articulate, sacred and powerful way.


Whether it was Cinematography or now as a Wedding Officiant, the advice is always the same for Brides and Grooms. Take moments during the day to take a breath, look around, and appreciate those moments.

Don't sweat the small stuff. Your wedding professionals are there to help you through the day. We take care of your logistics... you just need to focus on enjoying!

As far as officiating your ceremony the steps are basically the same for any officiant you may choose
Our process looks like this:

-You and your partner secure your marriage license from your town clerk.
-We will have at least one in person or virtual (zoom) meeting to get to know you as a couple so I can craft a script about you. 
-We can do a follow  up meeting as we get closer to get the specifics of your day, venue details, times etc.
-Then, on the wedding day, you make sure you have with you your license and all other specifics (rings, vows, other inclusions, etc). I'll be there early to go over the ceremony again, briefly with you, and the venue staff.
-Then we will get you married. Usually between a 10 and 25 minute ceremony depending on what's included in our script.
-Either before or directly after the ceremony, I will need for you and your witnesses to sign the marriage license with me.  
-I then take that license with me and mail it for you.

Personal Hobbies

As I mentioned, I am still an actor, screenwriter and filmmaker. I still get out there and do that when I can.
I have also recently become a vintage wristwatch enthusiast. Craftsmanship and style of those timepieces  is a fun hobby.

BOLI Love!

Russ officiated our wedding at the Fire Island Lighthouse, and the ceremony was perfect! He met with us in the weeks leading up to the wedding, got to know us and our story, and took the time to tailor the ceremony to who *we* are. Our families told us afterward that it felt like Russ was our friend, and far more than just our officiant. I couldn’t recommend Russ any higher - he will create and personalize your ceremony with you, and it will be perfect!


Ariann M.

Used Quintessence to officiate our wedding in, and couldn't have been happier. Russ was outstanding, meeting with us and aiding us in designing our ideal ceremony, and his officiating was warm, engaging, and really rounded out the perfect atmosphere. Numerous guests remarked how great our officiant was!

Ed H.

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