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Hello Brides to be, my name is Dawn and I wanted to thank you for showing an interest in The Blushing Bridal Suite. I like to think of myself as the Guru of brides, or Mel Gibson in his movie "What Women Want". I promise you'll be in good hands with me and there is absoulty no reason to be nervous! I am very passionate about what I do, bridal is everything to me. My shop is located in a bridal store, I dress my brides and yes you'll even have my cell phone number because we will chat all things hair and makeup and your favorite looks. I also keep a close watch and track your dress if you purchased it here!

I stay up to date with the latest styles and trends as I often attend many shows, this is something I love to share with my brides as well! I promise to become your best wedding friend of the year so when it comes time for your big day I already know all about your family and of course Grandma! I have had a passion and love for the bridal industry since I was 10 years old, I lived in queens across from a church and use to run to see every person getting married, my interest runs deep!

The Wedding Industry

I have been interested in the bridal industry since I was 10 years old. I lived across the street from a church back in queens. Everytime a wedding went on I would hear the bells go off and I would run across the street to see all of the details. I truely loved it.

I truly love all aspects of it and if I can make someones day special, it makes my day!
Wedding Memories

OOOOO yes! I have a special one. Makeup Artist in full effect-- but not makeup artist related!!! I was working a wedding doing hair/makeup
and normally I stay to make sure everyone is dressed and good to go. I felt it in my bones that I should stay a little longer.

All of a sudden I notice a bridesmaid in the corner that was struggling to get her dress zipped up. I looked and said, this zipper is broken! Two seconds later, zipper busted ad the dress broke with only one hour until church time.

I took the bridesmaid and rushed her to the dress store and had the owner sew her into her bridesmaid dress in twenty minutes flat! We rushed back to the house and made it on time for the church.

Company History

History on my company:

It all started about two years ago. I had worked in Garden City for around 15 years but always promised myself once I got married I was going to leave and start my the bridal business I always wanted. I did makeup on the side and on weekends I studied the art for about ten years. Finally I got married, left my job and walked into the wedding store I bought my dress from. The owner was so happy to see me and I was telling him about my job interview I came from . He then says work here! So just like that I started managing the store. He offered some space up to me to build my empire and I thought to myself.


How do you have patience?
I have patience becasue I love what I do and I understand the place a Bride is coming from - if it's fustration, and being on a constant time schedule... dont take it personal and just be there for support it's about them not you, and kick ass doing the best job you can.
Do I wear my hair up or down with my dress?
Wearing your hair up or down is prefrence and what ever makes you comfortable! Consider the weather, time of season, or style of dresss and what complements your face features best.

Do I use water Proof makeup so it doesn't drip?
Water resistant!

Personal Hobbies

I love to meditate. I tells Brides all the time, Meditaion is the Key to a calm mind. Thoughts aren't racing and everything processes in a more clearly aspect. Practice of Reiki, energy is the Key to connections, vibes, comfortably and humbleness. It's just a happier places when you are open with your heart. My motto is...

Say what you mean and mean what you say. Be honest!! Everyone is going through something---be kind!!! The Gym, great release form. Good Breathing, ( yoga) and a nice positively Book. Fun Dinners with Family Get togethers and I Love my dogs :) Shopping, Traveling and trying new places to meet nice new people.

zodiac signs very involved with that. Plant Based Foods, Love essential oils. Painting is my favorite. All arts and Crafts

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BOLI Love!

Dawn is such a nice woman with a great personality!!! So glad i was recommended to her for my son’s wedding to do makeup for my daughter ( bridesmaid) and myself. She will be my go to make up artist for ANY occasions now. Thank you again Dawn for making this mother of the groom looking beautiful! 

June Carter Healey

Dawn is friendly and professional. Very pleasant and I highly recommend her!

Denise Pugliese

Dawn is a warm friendly make up professional. Love the make up she did on me for attending my cousins wedding and love my hair also!! I would truly recommend her and would use her for any events. Love her! Thanks Dawn!

Nanci Lee

Working with Dawn was so fun!! Great to work with, accommodating, and punctual. Dawn and Dee made myself and my ladies feel beautiful on my wedding day! I immediately felt so comfortable with them when I had my bridal trial and knew I found my dream team! All of our makeup and hair looked to die for! I will definitely be in touch for future events where I need my makeup done.

Jennifer A.

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