The Officiants at Church of Ancient Ways

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If you are reading this my guess is that congratulations are in order!

We are over the moon happy to introduce ourselves as The Officiants at Church of Ancient Ways. We were founded in 1997 by Pastor Marie April Gismondi (better known as "Pastor April") and with Reverend Joe Iadanza (a blood family member to the Catholic Saint Padre Pio) at the helm leading our team of amazing officiants.

We are a team of seasoned professionals, spot on when it comes to the details and organization, creative and well versed in everything from Short and Sweet to Traditional, Fusion, Pop-Culture, Art, Literature and in telling your personal Love Story… Whatever you can dream up, we’re in for all that and more!

Whatever you desire, it is our mission to say “Absolutely!” instead of “Oh… I don’t know about that…'' There are a myriad of themes for a myriad of dreams, but only one of them is yours. We see this as a joyful and exciting collaboration, as fresh as every new story we are privileged to share.

The Wedding Industry

I have to say we are all here completely by accident! We never take for granted that every vendor a couple hires is a real human being chosen to represent them on their wedding day. As officiants, we see marriage as a blessing that extends beyond the wedding day and beyond any thought of wedding work as an industry. What we do stays with you for the rest of your life. Marriage elicits a beautiful array of emotions and promises, not just for you, but for your families as well.

Being able to speak words that connect past, present and future… Weaving the colors and scents… exploring the depths and nuances that make every relationship and marriage unique unto itself... This is beautiful to be part of.

Whether we’re signing a marriage license or writing a whole ceremony from scratch - blending cultures, families and a love story so beautiful it almost doesn't seem real - we’re there with you, standing on the cusp of your forever. It’s a new chapter written by your own hand. And it all begins with a kiss... that yes, we do step out of the way for!

Witnessing this over and over again is our greatest joy. It’s why we do what we do.

The Wedding Memories

With so many great couples and memories it is hard to choose just one. Rev Aviva on the ice and Jumbotron during an Islander Game; Pastor April on top of the Empire State Building for their Valentines Day Event, marrying 14 contest-winning couples back to back; Being at Citi Field for baseball themed and Surprise weddings where the guests didn't even know they were at a wedding till we announced it. We have so many great memories, including a full-on Princess Bride ceremony written in that theme from the first word to last (and done in costume!).

But I think the winner is Steven and Yianni, two gay men who wanted a traditional Greek Orthodox ceremony. Being a gay couple, and having been turned away by their church, they believed this was not an option... Not until they met Rev. Joe, who crafted and delivered a ceremony they believed was beyond their reach. The blessings spoken before their parents and grandparents inspired much more than tears of joy. It was the sacred fulfillment of a heart’s deep desire to stand in truth before their God and to know their love was real and embraced by all. It really was a dream come true. (there’s a video of the ceremony on our website if you want to see how special these two really are!).


We like to say that we hold the mirror up high enough to reflect our couples image and not our own. We are known most for our creative writing and delivery skills, and we also love our more traditional couples. The ceremony needs to be an enjoyable one that we and our couples are all emotionally present for and connected to. We don't really marry people. People marry each other and we want to help make that happen ‘As You Wish’.

Company History

Church of Ancient Ways was given 501c3 status in 1997 and is recognized by the State of New York and the US Government as an Interfaith Organization in good standing.

It is our goal to embrace all the world’s Philosophies, Religions and Scientific Principles. We seek goodness and celebrate our common ground as human beings.

The Officiants at Church of Ancient Ways grew organically, starting as a small book club and expanded to becoming a church with weekly services. In time, requests for ceremonies began and it just blossomed from there. We served LGBTQIA+ community long before those couples were able to get a marriage license. We have helped countless religious couples feel the presence of God and have helped thousands of secular and offbeat couples express the connection they share as sacred and beautiful. We have been invited to join some of the most amazing house vendor teams on Long Island and 25 years later, realize that it has spun into something we never imagined, but has been rewarding beyond measure.

The Officiants at Church of Ancient Ways is now being run by Reverend Joe Iadanza. Who brings a fresh perspective, modern technological skills, and a wonderful instinct when it comes to which people will be best suited for which of our team members.


Q: Are you legally able to marry us?

A: Yes, we are 100% legal. None of our team are ordained online. Please note that while New York State does not license officiants to marry couples, a proper credential is essential to perform ceremonies. New York City does require officiants to Register with them. However, that registration states right on the face of the issued document that it is only valid for ceremonies that take place physically in New York City. If you are planning a NYC wedding, know that we are all registered with the Office of the City Clerk and are happy to share our ordinations and registrations with you.

Q: "Do you have a Rabbi?"

A: Yes!

Q: "Our venue requires a Certificate of Insurance. Can you provide that?"

A: Yes!

Q: “How soon before the wedding should we be looking for an officiant?”

A: This really depends on your comfort levels. Many couples book a year and a half to two years in advance, especially if they know their date is a popular one. With an originally written ceremony, many couples like to have plenty of time to go over the draft and fine-tune what will be said. On the other hand, with the world as it is now and with plans changing, shorter notice has also become popular too. Every relationship is different. The golden rule these days is, “Whatever Works!”. But with any vendor you have your heart set on, it is always better to book early.

Q: “Why do we need a professional officiant?”

A: Because we know how to marry people! We have creative writing ability, a knowledge of options, traditions and structure, as well as a talent for public speaking. People think that it will be more personal if a friend or family member marries them…And while they do love you, they have no reference points for the task at hand. The majority of our last minute requests are from couples who enlisted a friend or family member only to realize they were in over their head and have backed out at the last minute. Another big consideration is that in New York State, legislation allowing online-ordained officiants to perform ceremonies (that cannot later be deemed invalid) has failed to pass our state legislature. We understand that many couples don’t like the idea of getting legally married at Town Hall to then have just a symbolic ceremony for family and friends at the venue. So, we offer options for those who have their hearts set on giving someone something special to do that’s more than just a reading.

Q: “Do you require premarital counseling?”

A: No. Every relationship is as unique as the couple themselves and far be it from me to ever try to tell you what will work for you. That being said, two of our Church of Ancient Ways Ministers are also Licensed Clinical Social Workers, and one is a trained spiritual counselor and guide. If you are seeking relationship counseling, we can provide it.

Q: “How long do your ceremonies usually take to perform?”

A: It is up to you but we usually try to run no more than 20 minutes. Any longer than that and we run the risk of sounding like “blah, blah, blah, blah….”

Q: “What kinds of ceremonies do you perform?”

A: All kinds! Civil, Religious, Interfaith and Multi-Cultural Weddings, Commitment Ceremonies, Baby Blessings, Vow Renewals, we can even create new original writings for unique occasions! Twenty years ago, there really wasn’t a name for the kind of writing we were doing, so we started to call them “Couple Centered Ceremonies”, because we keep all the traditional aspects that you are connected to, and toss out the things that make you cringe. We are well versed in religious aspects, are culturally considerate, and have the writing skills to turn your thoughts and feelings into those personal sections that will make everyone present feel closer to you and to one another; sharing a side of you and your relationship that they wouldn’t see on any other day.

Q: “We just want a simple ceremony, do we have to meet with you for that?”

A: Not at all. You don’t have to do - or not do - anything with us. If you see your personal vows to each other as the center of your ceremony, if you are traditional and want the words you have always heard as the ones that make you married, or if you want a short and sweet civil ceremony… These are all great reasons to keep it simple. We even have an Unscripted level of service that may be perfect for your needs.

Q: “We are… a. Second Marriage Catholics, and/or…
b. Of Different Religions
c. More Spiritual than Religious
d. Looking for a Justice of the Peace style Civil Ceremony
e. Planning to include Multi-Cultural aspects
f. Planning to Include Our Children
g. Wondering if you knew any Klingon
…. Is this a problem?"

A: On the contrary, it is a blessing to know who you are and what is important to you. Everything that is important to you is important to us if we are to help you create a ceremony that celebrates your life and your love. We can even learn a few sentences of another language…but if it’s more than that, we recommend choosing someone fluent for the job.

Q: “We have always imagined ourselves being married by a man. Is this wrong?”

A: Not at all. You should have what you want for yourselves!

Q: “We think we want to write our own vows but aren’t sure, is that ok?”

A: Of course it is! I always say that "Life rolls in real time". Write them anyway and if you speak them publicly or privately it will always be your choice.

Q: “How closely do you schedule your ceremonies?”

A: For our top two levels of service, we don’t schedule closer than 3 hours in between events, unless of course they are in the same town or at the same venue. Included in your time on our calendar is a buffer for “just in case”. Know that you will never lose any part of your day because we are late and we will never schedule so closely that you feel rushed in any way.

Q: “What happens if you get sick?”

A: We are very fortunate to have a wonderful team of truly gifted professionals. Should any of us have a fever or be unable to perform, we are replaced immediately with a team member who has everything you have been promised, in print, ready to knock it out of the park for you.

Q: “Do you have any restrictions on photography or video?”

A: Absolutely not, when it comes to working with other professional vendors. We want your photographer to get you the best shots possible. These pictures are how your great-great-grandchildren will know and remember you. Your vendors should all be working together to help give you the best of what we each have to offer. – With that said, many are choosing to have an unplugged ceremony where guests are asked to put their phones and camera away till after cocktail hour. If this is you… We can help!

Q: “What do your typical services include?”

A: Our services are all tailored to fit your needs and usually include:

A meeting that feels like a wonderful conversation and yields your first draft, ready for you to approve or edit.

Or, if you take the "Skip the Meeting Discount", it's a ceremony assembled or chosen from our sample ceremonies section.

All the email and phone support you need.

On the day of the wedding we get to the location 45 minutes to an hour before start time. Seeing us there early helps the day have a relaxed feeling. We also like to be available so that everyone who has a moving part is comfortable, and to coordinate with the other vendors and such.

We all carry our own PA system and even electricity if necessary. Yes, many halls have their own, but if not, we have you covered and ours is free! This is because hearing is important, and yelling is bad.

You get to keep the final printed ceremony book that is read from with a keepsake Certificate of Marriage.

We sign and process the real Marriage License, which is always returned using certified mail, with a copy and a tracking number provided to you.

Q: “Do you charge extra to add candle lighting, a rose element, or other ceremony elements?”

A: Never! We don’t micromanage fees and ceremony content. We’re with you for the same amount of time on the calendar no matter what you include or how big your bridal party is.

Q: “How much contact will we have with you before the wedding?”

A: As much or as little as you want. Some couples edit and finish everything themselves, then send it all back. Others want to talk about the options for every decision they make. Either way is great, however you can expect a check in call every now and then. All calls and emails are answered within 24 hours, quicker midweek when we are in the office and a little slower on the weekends when we are marrying.

Q: “What about the rehearsal?”

A: With a ceremony taking place at a catering hall, the rehearsal is run by the maitre-d. It's usually sometime in the hour before the ceremony starts on the wedding day. That way you have everyone, including us, there already in the real space with the real dress to practice fluffing and so on. Sometimes couples go on a different night, but most don't choose to add the cost of that time to our service. Usually, they get more information from the maitre-d who will also answer any questions you have about the whole event. Most rehearsal dinners don’t include a physical run through. However, your draft will have staging instructions and a diagram of where people stand based on when you walk.

Q: “We have our Marriage License. Can we come over and get married now?”

A: Believe it or not the answer is usually “Yes!”. As long as the 24 hour grace period from issuance that it takes to become valid has passed, you are all set! We have locations in East Northport, Plainview & Sea Cliff. So give me a call and we’ll get you married!

Q: “What do you wear?”

A: We normally dress nice enough to be at a wedding, but we carry judicial robes as well. So, if you want a more formal feel or just don't like the color outfit one of us wears that day, we go with the robe. In short, whatever you want us to wear... wait.... Theme Wedding you say???? YES! We're in and we would love to chat about attire!

Q: “What do you need to know from us to check your availability?”

A: Date, ceremony start time, and Location. Any thoughts you already have about what you want (style, theme, religious/non religious) are welcome too. Please feel free to call any time!

Personal Hobbies

Pastor April - I am incredibly grateful that who I am and what I do have been one and the same for decades. I have been eating, sleeping and breathing, weddings for many years. I LOVE, the energy, the creativity and of course the love. With weddings being my passion for so long I'm a little shy on the hobbies. Yet if I had to make a list, reading, basset hound mamaing, cooking, travel when my husband and I get the chance.

Reverend Joe Iadanza - In my spare time I write and produce music, travel, do yoga and teach meditation and spiritual growth.

Rev Aviva Sala - My greatest joy is raising my two sons, watching them thrive as they become great young men who will leave the world a better place for having been here. I’m a clinical social worker and feel grateful to have two incredibly meaningful careers at the same time, both joining people at pivotal moments in their lives. I’m a die-hard rock / heavy metal fan and spent years freelance writing for a local music and entertainment magazine. If you have a love of pop culture—from GoT, Harry Potter, superhero, to infinity and beyond—I’ve got it covered!

Minister Brenda Santana - I am infinitely grateful for the life I have and am blessed to have three amazing sons and a husband who loves me with all my craziness and whose support is unwavering. I love good food, great friends and treasure my family above all else. I have a performance background and love all music, books, movies, theater, opera… anything that involves creativity—in English and Spanish!

Rev Lorili Henri - As the resident Yoga Instructor for Old Westbury Gardens, Lorili adores the diversity of her students. Inspired by ways to seek out the sacred moments of daily life, her love of Eastern Philosophy and personal fitness has created a well rounded life that could be described as the pursuit of body, mind and spirit.

Rev Deb Viola - With world travel and fine dining put on pause for a while, Deb has been busy in her role as a social worker, yet has made time for kayaking, nature walks, home cooking, and time with family. The latest news is that Deb is taking a Hebrew class online and LOVING it!

Rabbi Sara Shonfeld - Absolutely in love with life, it is her full time job. Sara was a music teacher for many years and has a business called Musical Minds that brings drums and drumming to events and communities. Something that never fails to make her smile is the viral video of a little boy in one of her classes that just could not stop laughing. May joy and laughter be her legacy.

Rabbi Mark Getman - Being a reservist in the National Guard, serving his congregation in Cedarhurst and being a husband and father are all sources of joy to Rabbi Mark, as is getting recognized for playing the role of the Rabbi in The Marvelous Miss Maisel!

BOLI Love!

Rev Joe Iadanza was absolutely phenomenal. He made our ceremony so special and perfect. Our guests kept coming up to us throughout the night to compliment how beautiful the ceremony and Joe’s delivery was. I am so happy Joe was a part of our day! I highly recommend using Joe Iadanza for your day!

Gina P.

Rev Joe Iadanza, was not only professional but the sweetest man. He made my wedding ceremony great and wouldn’t change a thing.

Sabrina C.

Aviva was a dream of an officiant. She was organized and well spoken. She met with my husband and I, and really got to know us and our story. She came prepared and reminded us of all the things that are easy to forget on your wedding day ( she reminded us to look at each other, move my engagement ring to the other finger, to hand my bouquet to my MOH, and reminded my dad and I to pause at the end of the aisle.) her attention to detail, and her patience and kindness is unmatched. She is fabulous! If you are looking for an incredible officiant look no further. My guests all commented on how beautiful our ceremony was and I could not have done it without Aviva.

Jackie C.

My wife and I recently used Church of Ancient Ways for our ceremony officiant (shoutout Rev. Aviva Sala!!) and it was perfectly what we had imagined. Our officiant took time to meet with us months in advance, review exactly what we were envisioning, wrote a fully custom ceremony based on our wants/history/personal details and delivered it beautifully the day of the wedding. Highly recommend!!!

Noah T.

When we first spoke with Rev. Joe, we knew right away that he was a great fit for us given his ability to customize a ceremony as we are an interfaith couple (myself Catholic and my husband Muslim). Day of, Rev. Joe spoke as if he had known us for a lifetime, and had the perfect balance of touching sentiments as well as lightheartedness, fully capturing our guests. After the ceremony, almost every single guest had asked us "Where did you find your officiant?! He was incredible!" Many guests told us that they never expected to cry, and were incredibly grateful they grabbed tissues as they were "definitely needed for that emotional rollercoaster." Cannot say enough good things about him!

Meghan N.

We had Rev. Joe Iadanza. Leading up to the wedding, he was great with communication and reminders (including sending a link to all information regarding our marriage license). We chose to create our own ceremony and used their website for ideas and samples. It was really easy and a pleasant experience. Day of the wedding, Rev. Joe showed up early, excited and ready to go. He was so friendly and made us feel like he knew us for years. Rev Joe brought great energy to the ceremony which made it perfect!

Kimberly L.

Brenda Santana was amazing and super sweet! She has a wonderful energy. she is also bilingual! I spoke with Rev. Joe as well in the beginning and he gave me Brenda’s email right away! They have someone for everyone there! Thanks again Brenda!

Stephanie Z.

Recently we had Rev. Joe Iadanza as our officiant at our wedding and was just absolutely amazing!!! Joe felt another family member to us as he helped bring our relationship into its next chapter. He made leading up to our ceremony so easy, and spoke about us like he has know us for years. I can not stress enough to book Church of ancient ways to officiate your ceremony!

Bridget V.

REV. Joe was ABSOLUTLEY INCREDIBLE. I found REV. Joe by posting on the Brides of Long Island (BOLI) Facebook group. After we secured our date, REV. Joe set up a more thorough appointment for us to chat where he spent at least an hour or so talking to us as a couple and then individually. With that he produced an incredible ceremony, with little details about each other that really wowed our crowd. Many people thought that he had known us for a very long time, or that he was a friend.

Jami-Lyn B.
Reverend Joe Iadanza was our officiant at our wedding at the de Seversky Mansion and he was absolutely phenomenal!!! Working with him was definitely one of the best decisions we made in the entire wedding process. He completely elevated our ceremony and made it so, so special and unforgettable. So many people afterwards commented on how personal he made it and how great he was! I was so impressed by his ability to include humor and emotion and how it felt like we'd known him for years! Our wedding would not have been the same without him.
Paige I.
Joe was an absolute pleasure to work with planning the ceremony for our wedding. He took the time to get to know us as a couple to deliver a heartfelt and meaningful ceremony. He was prompt with responses whenever we had a question and made the day of our wedding smooth and effortless. We got so many compliments on our ceremony and I couldn’t imagine our day without him!


Lindsey S.
Incredibly grateful for Pastor April's unique touch on our special day. Her originality, personal connection, and genuine caring made our wedding unforgettable. Choosing her was the easiest and best decision we made!
Margaret W.

My now husband and I felt entirely at ease working with Rev. Joe. He handled everything and we didn't have to stress at all! He really did an amazing job of capturing us. So many guests complimented our ceremony and loved hearing our story - it made the most special part of our day fun and memorable.

Katherine L.

Rev. Joe was the perfect officiant for us! We ended up getting very lucky because we booked him late, and I’m so grateful he was available. It was important to my husband that our officiant be someone of religious standing, but we wanted more of a secular/mildly spiritual ceremony. Being able to see similar examples was so helpful, and Rev. Joe nailed it! He was so sweet and kind the whole time we worked together, let us know exactly what to expect, and was punctual on the day of the wedding. His delivery was great, and I can’t recommend him enough.

Kennedy T.
There are so many wonderful things to say about Pastor April and the Church of Ancient Ways. Pastor April made this very nervous bride and groom relaxed during the ceremony with her poise, professionalism, and aura. All of our guests praised the ceremony, especially the readings. Thank you Pastor April!


Julie R.
Our wedding ceremony was made truly special and unforgettable thanks to Revered Joe’s services. We met with him a few months prior to our wedding to get to know each other and share with him our love story. He crafted a beautiful and deeply personal ceremony that perfectly reflected our story!!! He left everyone so touched and we still constantly receive compliments from our guests that they were truly moved and really felt the love between me and my husband from our ceremony. My husband and I come from families with slightly different religious traditions and Reverend Joe crafted a ceremony that was respectful and appreciated by all of our attendees. We could not have asked for a better officiant!


Kerin F.
We had the pleasure of having Pastor April officiate our wedding and it was the best decision we could have made. She was so kind and helpful throughout the entire process, and she captured our love story in such a heartfelt and eloquent way that all of our guests are still raving about her and our ceremony. My new husband and I cannot thank her enough.
Laura P.
We worked with Aviva Sala from Church of Ancient Ways for our marriage ceremony. We chose the more personal option and it was well worth it. We received so many compliments on our ceremony and people were surprised that she didn't know us outside of being our officiant. She worked around our edits and took all of our feedback creating the most perfect ceremony for us. We highly recommend Aviva Sala specifically from Church of Ancient Ways!
Allison L.
Rev. Joe was so fantastic and easy to work with! He really listened to what was important to us and made sure to incorporate those things. It was so stress free and easy to work with him. Rev. Joe was one of the most talked about things at our breakfast the next day! We are so happy he was our officiant and we can’t wait to get our video back to see it all!
Colette V.
We used Rev. Joe from Church of Ancient Ways for our wedding. From the start of working with Rev. Joe, he was enthusiastic for our special day and seemed as excited as we were. While we had an unorthodox ceremony that differed from the status quo, Rev. Joe was on board to the point of coming up with ideas that far exceeded our expectations. He was also able to add some traditional flare to appease our more traditional family. He was very responsive and we never waited long for an answer on any question or qualm that we had. Many of our guests spoke to the originality of our ceremony and raved about his presentation and delivery. By the way he delivered our ceremony, he was able to give the impression that he was a longtime member of our lives. We highly highly recommend using Rev. Joe for your future events.


Danielle L.
Rev. Joe Iadanza was truly one of the best decisions we made in terms of vendors for our wedding. His personalized ceremony truly captured our relationship, and he made the entire process easy. We had so many people compliment us on our ceremony, commenting on how special it was and that was in large part due to Rev. Joe! My recently engaged sister was so impressed that she also hired him for her wedding next year! Couldn't recommend him and the Church of Ancient Ways more.
Sarah S.

My husband and I got married a few weeks ago and Brenda was our fantastic officiant! From start to finish, Brenda was always responsive and helpful. On the day of the wedding, she went through all the details with us and kept us at ease. When I said “there’s just one last thing I wanted to tell you that I read from bridal groups….” And she said “Don’t worry I’ll move out of the way for pictures.” She was a true professional and brought a great energy to our special day! Highly recommend her and the Church of Ancient Ways

Nicole G.
Rev. Joe did an absolutely beautiful ceremony for me and my now husband. He curated it perfectly to paint the picture of our love story. It was better than I ever could have imagined. Our guest are raving about the ceremony.
Brittany C.
Pastor April made our wedding more magical than we could ever imagine. She helped us put what is in our hearts and souls into words. We are so grateful to you and blessed that you married us.
Jennifer W.

Pastor April made our wedding more magical than we could ever imagine. She helped us put what is in our hearts and souls into words. We are so grateful to you and blessed that you married us. - Scott and Jen 

Jen M.

Truly an amazing Pastor and made the wedding process so easy. Her communication is great and whenever I had a question, she answered everything in a timely manner. I recommend her to anyone who is getting married and is looking for an affiant.

Maritza R.

Reverend Joe is the BEST! We loved having him officiate our wedding. He made the process of creating our ceremony so easy and smooth. Rev. Joe was always available to talk to and was very responsive when we had any questions. He also was great at sending reminders about our marriage license and other important things we needed to do. He preformed our ceremony without any flaws. Even though we only met him that day, it felt like we’ve known him much longer. He is so kind and we are so glad we chose him to officiate our wedding!

Kayla G.
Reverend Joe is the cream of the crop when it comes to wedding officiants! He took detailed notes on our love story and created a beautiful script to make our ceremony extremely personal. Multiple guests came up to ask how long we had known Rev. Joe for and even asked for a copy of the script! Thankfully his laid back personality was also contagious to the crowd as he put them at ease after we experienced some logistical complexities and he had no qualms about starting a few minutes late. We would recommend Rev. Joe 10 times out of 10 and are so thankful that he made our ceremony so memorable!
Andria R.
Reverand Joe Iadanza was such a pleasure to work with; writing our ceremony was a collaborative process, which translated to a beautiful, personalized, meaningful ceremony on the day of our wedding. On the day of, Joe was a calm, joyful presence. A number of our guests told us how they really enjoyed the ceremony, especially Joe's upbeat attitude. I highly recommend (and actually have already recommended to a few people) Church of the Ancient Ways, and especially Reverand Joe.
Katherine L.
Reverend Joe delivered the most beautiful ceremony - it exceeded our expectations and was my favorite part of the day. We received so many compliments on the ceremony because of Rev. Joe. He was so personable, funny and a true professional!
Michelle F.

 Brenda Santana was our officiant from church for ancient ways. From the beginning was very kind, caring, and open to suggestions. We decided on a custom wedding ceremony and met with Brenda a couple of months before the wedding. On our wedding day Brenda showed up early to have us sign the marriage license and told us exactly what to say/do during ceremony. Ultimately, Brenda did a beautiful ceremony that had both us and all our guests tearing up. Our families and friends loved the entire ceremony and they all said it was one of the most emotional wedding ceremonies they have been too. Our families also loved that Brenda was bilingual in Spanish and English and the ceremony flowed well. We would highly recommend Brenda for any wedding ceremony and she is truly amazing at what she does.

Natalia P.

I cannot recommend Aviva from Church of Ancient Ways enough! She wrote us a custom interfaith ceremony that blew away all 200 of our guests. My guests keep telling me it was the most beautiful ceremony they’d ever heard. Aviva has a way with words and was able to personalize it perfectly. 10/10.

Dominique G.

 We’re truly honored that we were the most recent couple in my family to have Aviva as an officiant and we hope the tradition is able to continue on! She has married so many couples on my side of the family, so shes essentially part of it at this point. Our guests have been saying nothing but nice things about our ceremony, and that wouldn’t have been possible without Aviva. I have a feeling a lot of my friends will be asking for her info too when they get married, so we hope to see her again in the future!

Michelle O.

April was absolutely the best! From start to finish we made our ceremony so seamless and beautiful ! She took the time to get to know my husband and I and created a wonderful ceremony for us. We were so blessed to have her at our wedding!

Marissa L.

At my wedding, the top 2 things people complimented were #1 the food #2 the ceremony! Countless guests came over to ask how long we knew Rev. Joe. The ceremony was so personal, no one would believe we only spoke with him for an hour! He just got us. The ceremony completely reflected our personalities. He kept it heartfelt and yet upbeat and fun. He has the absolute best demeanor: you can tell he truly LOVES what he does. He was so easy to work with, and took all our notes and feedback and created a truly beautiful ceremony. I want to do it all over again!!

Nicole M.
Rev joe iadanza was amazing to work with, very responsive and professional. My ceremony was beautiful and better then anything I could’ve hoped for
Jennifer Puterio

Brenda Santana was absolutely amazing and I can not recommend her enough!!! When we went to bridal expo last April she was one of the many people we meet but my fiancé now husband and I both knew that night we wanted her to marry us! We felt at such ease from the first moment! I had many questions throughout this process and she was there to help guide me every step of the way! She even helped calm my anxious husband and gave him the encouragement and guidance he needed to help create the most perfect hand written vows. My guest loved and raved about about how beautiful the ceremony was from the moment we left the ceremony! I wish I could give more than 5 stars for the service I received!

Kristy Rizvi

Our wedding was officiated by Reverend Joe Iadanza, who did an exceptional job right from our initial phone call. Reverend Joe has a wonderful speaking voice and a positive energy that made the process stress-free. He guided us through the entire process and provided helpful reminders along the way. On the day of the wedding, the ceremony was perfect, and we received numerous compliments throughout the day on how beautiful it was. We highly recommend Reverend Joe and Ancient Ways for your wedding ceremony needs. Thank you, Reverend Joe, for making our special day even more memorable.

Jessica Fisher

We got married by Rev. Joe. He exceeded all of our expectations! We asked for a religious yet short and sweet ceremony and he gave us just that. Our family and friends keep raving about how great the ceremony was! Rev. Joe also made my nervous husband feel more comfortable while waiting at the alter. Thank you so much for making our special day even more great!

Amanda Seda

We used Rev. Joe from Church of Ancient Ways for our wedding. From the start of working with Rev. Joe, he was enthusiastic for our special day and seemed as excited as we were. While we had an unorthodox ceremony that differed from the status quo, Rev. Joe was on board to the point of coming up with ideas that far exceeded our expectations. He was also able to add some traditional flare to appease our more traditional family. He was very responsive and we never waited long for an answer on any question or qualm that we had. Many of our guests spoke to the originality of our ceremony and raved about his presentation and delivery. By the way he delivered our ceremony, he was able to give the impression that he was a longtime member of our lives. We highly highly recommend using Rev. Joe for your future events.

Danielle Gabrini

We had Aviva Sala as our officiant and she was OUTSTANDING. She worked so close with us wanted to know every single detail of our love story to make our day extra special. Funny enough two of our best friends used her, and our cousins as well. Goes to show how highly recommend she is. I would truly give her a shot you will not be disappointed.

Zita Dinda
Pastor April was so wonderful! After just minutes of meeting with her, my husband and I knew we wanted her to marry us! Pastor April spent hours with us, creating the most beautiful ceremony. Our guests were even asking us how many years we had known her because of how well she told our love story. She was flexible on our rainy wedding day, standing up on the alter with a smile on her face. Nearly every guest in attendance came up to us after the ceremony to tell us how wonderful they thought she was. We can’t even put into words how happy we are with Pastor April. She truly has a gift and she made our wedding ceremony so special. If you are looking for a meaningful ceremony that’s all about you and your partners love for each other, consider Pastor April!
Meagan Petersen

Rev. Joe Iadanza at Church of Ancient Ways was amazing. We wanted a ceremony that incorporated Catholic elements, but also my husband’s Filipino heritage. Rev Joe learned all about the various Filipino ceremony traditions and about us as a couple. We had the most beautiful, personal ceremony. So many people came up to us afterwards to complement our officiant and tell us that they loved how personal the ceremony was. I highly recommend Rev. Joe, he will put in the time and effort to learn about you as a couple and work with you to make sure the ceremony is everything you want and more.

Stacy G.

We had our wedding with Aviva. She was absolutely incredible! We were clueless as to the process of getting the ceremony drafted and what we wanted, and she met with us and completely walked us through everything you could imagine. The day of, all of our friends and family told us how much they loved the ceremony and how much like us it felt. We cannot thank her enough for adding such a special and lasting personal touch the the beginning of our lives together!

Britnie W.

Rev. Joe Iadanza was beyond perfect! He made us feel so comfortable always. He captured our love story perfectly and had everyone in tears. So many people came up to me asking where we found him that he was awesome! I highly suggest choosing Rev Joe you will have no regrets!

Jennifer N.

Pastor April was great to work with, and I would highly recommend her as an officiant. She worked with us to create the perfect ceremony.

Elizabeth M.

Brenda from the officiants at Church of Ancient Ways is AMAZING! I cannot express how all of our guest at the wedding, especially my dad, couldn’t get over the way she kept everyone engaged with the love story and relationship that my husband and I share. From the first time we spoke with her until the very moment at the alter, we knew we had the best of the best! Brenda was a perfect fit for our wedding and is a master at her craft! We are so blessed and honored to have had her for our special day!

Yvette S-A.

Reverend Joe Iadanza stole the show; he was amazing! He was so easy to work with and made both my husband and I feel comfortable from the very beginning. So many of my family and friends walked away from our ceremony saying it was the most beautiful, charming ceremony they had witnessed. He even gave us a fantastic idea to incorporate our grandmothers as our ring keepers in the ceremony. It was very special for the whole family. I couldn't be happier with our decision to go with the Church of Ancient Ways, and I am so happy we had Rev. Joe!!

Angie L.

The Church of Ancient Ways was recommended by our venue. Brenda was everything we were looking for in an officiant. We saw two videos of weddings she was a part of and knew immediately she was the perfect fit for us. She made us feel so at ease throughout the planning process. She has such a calming presence that not only we felt, but so did all of our guests. We received so many compliments from family members after the ceremony about how much they loved Brenda. We are so thankful that Brenda was our officiant and a key part to making our wedding perfect.

Justine W.

I honestly cannot say enough nice things about Rev. Joe! We were blessed to work with Rev. Joe twice this year, because by chance our good friends booked him as well! We all love Rev. Joe we cannot get over how awesome he is! Our family LOVED the ceremony, beautiful and very well spoken. We would go back and pick Rev. Joe a thousand times over! Thank you so much Rev. Joe!

Meaghan N.

After our bilingual (English and Spanish) ceremony with Brenda Santana, several people came up to me and told me that it was the best wedding ceremony they’ve ever been to. I had to humbly remind them that I didn’t write any of it. It was all Brenda.

Trevor B.

Aviva has been amazing from our first meeting to our actual wedding day ceremony! She is friendly, personable, and truly takes the time to get to know you as a couple. Aviva arrived early on our wedding day to meet with us and prepare us for what to expect during the ceremony. She made the whole process seamless. She also gifted us a binder with our entire ceremony in it. Our ceremony was completely "us" and special. All of our guests approached us during cocktail hour to tell us it was the best they've ever seen! I highly recommend Aviva.

Laura B.

Joe is seriously the most amazing person ever. I got so many compliments on what an amazing ceremony he put together for us. He has such an amazing personality and he really takes the time to get to know his couples on a personal level. We chose to do the personalized ceremony vs a cookie cutter one and we met with him a few months before the wedding for our interview. He took the time to hear our story, how we met, etc. and put together a beautiful ceremony for us. 10/10 recommend!!

Analise M.

We were recommended The Church of Ancient Ways by our venue. We then spoke to April who put us in contact with her right hand man, Reverend Joe! Rev Joe was amazing every step of the way. We had an in person meeting where we told him about ourselves so he could write our personal ceremony. Everyone loved the ceremony so much they kept asking if Rev Joe was a friend since the ceremony was so personal. But he really did feel like a friend throughout while keeping his professionalism. I cannot recommend Rev Joe and The Church of Ancient Ways enough! If you're looking for someone to write your ceremony who will get you as a couple, Rev Joe is your man!

Jillian C.

Reverend Joe was absolutely amazing and made our ceremony so incredibly special. From the moment we first met him over Zoom, he made us feel comfortable and was so kind and attentive. He answered all of our questions and took the time to learn all about us, our relationship and what we wanted in our ceremony. He was very communicative and professional and made the entire process so easy. Our ceremony was a beautiful mix of genuine, heartfelt, funny, and thoughtful words that truly encompassed who we are as a couple. We received so many compliments from our guests on how impressed they were with Rev. Joe and how much they loved our ceremony. A few guests even asked how long we had known him and were shocked to find out we had only met during the wedding planning process as they had assumed he had been a friend for years! We cannot recommend Rev. Joe enough. He was an absolute pleasure to work with and we are so thankful we found him!!

Jessica P.

Aviva Sala and Brenda Santana are hands down the most beautiful souls. Aviva was amazing from the very start, and her words were beautiful. Brenda ultimately officiated us, but she made us feel so calm, so seen and so special. Everything she did and said at the ceremony helped make it so magical. I highly recommend these 2 officiants from Church of Ancient Ways!

Elizabeth G.

Rev. Joe was nothing but amazing, from our first email exchange to our in-person meeting, and then our wedding. Everyone loved our ceremony, because it felt as though he knew us for years. He has an uncanny skill for listening and manifesting our conversations into a personalized ceremony filled with laughs, love, and some tear-filled moments. I would highly recommend Rev. Joe. He is incredible.

Amy S.

Rev. Joe Iadanza led the most beautiful wedding ceremony. All of our guests couldn’t believe that we didn’t know Rev. Joe our entire lives

Maria S.

April Grismoldi was absolutely amazing! So easy to work with. I switched officiants weeks before the wedding and she made the process so easy. I absolutely recommend her to anyone who is looking to have a memorable ceremony.

Andrea G.

Rev joe is a sweetheart. We met with him and told him our love story and he wrote a BEAUTIFUL ceremony. He is also great with communication! Thank you Rev Joe!

Amanda D.

Rev Joe was professional, kind, super responsive, and most importantly made us feel comfortable. When we met him for the first time, we knew right away we made the right choice because he was patient, and a good listener. After getting to knowing us and our story, Rev. Joe put together this beautiful ceremony draft and sent it to us right away. Wow, his words was everything and more than what we had imagined it will be. During this time he also made sure we had all the information we needed to prepare for our wedding day, such as how to obtain a wedding license, where, when, etc. On our wedding day, Rev. Joe was amazing! Our ceremony was nicely done. Rev. Joe spoke so beautifully. It felt very easy going and not rushed. Thinking back on our wedding ceremony, we wouldn’t change a thing. We feel so happy on how it all turned out, and Rev. Joe was a big part of that. If any couples are looking for an officiant for their wedding day, I highly recommend looking into The Officiants at Church of Ancient Ways

Eva L.

A week after our wedding, and people are still raving about the beautiful ceremony officiated by Reverend Joe! In the brief time we had spent with him prior to our big day, Joe was able to pinpoint who we are, individually and as a couple. As a result, his words were so meaningful and personal that some of our guests were sure he was an old friend! He did such a wonderful job combining the traditional parts of the wedding ceremony with references to some very sentimental family elements, and even worked in some lighthearted humor… it was perfect! We would not hesitate to recommend The Officiants at Church of Ancient Ways, and particularly, Reverend Joe!

Emily S.

Rev Joe was the most perfect person to officiate our wedding. Not only did I know it was destiny from the moment we found out we had the same Alma Mater, but he made us feel so comfortable in sharing “our story” from the very start. After being together for 12 years, I never thought someone could have captured our relationship so succinctly, perfectly, and beautifully as Rev Joe. We have had so many people come up to us after the wedding and start by saying how great our officiant was and what a beautiful start to a perfect day it was. He really took the time to understand who we were as a couple and delivered our ceremony flawlessly. We can’t thank Rev Joe enough for being a part of our special day.

Ashley B.

Rev. Joe Iadanza is absolutely the BEST! From start to finish our experience with him was phenomenal. He had my husband and I over to his house to get to really know us and our relationship. From there, he wrote a very detailed ceremony for us that captured our personalities and story perfectly. During the ceremony, he was extremely personable and a great public speaker, our guests loved him. He was extremely thorough, has sent many reminders and follow ups, and let us keep the printed ceremony that he used day of. I have nothing but great things to say and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to get married (with any type of religious affiliation as well). Thank you Rev. Joe!

Ashley D.

After learning that we needed an *official* officiant for our wedding on Long Island I had no idea where to even look. Upon finding The Officiants at Church of Ancient Ways (via BOLI) we met with Rev. Joe and immediately loved his energy and felt like he was a great fit. He gave the most heartfelt ceremony, you would have thought that we knew him personally for years. Our friends and family still talk about what a great ceremony that was, and we are so grateful to Rev. Joe for being a part of our day

Leanna A.

Reverend Joe from the “Officiants at Church of Ancient Ways” was absolutely INCREDIBLE!!! Incredible doesn’t even begin to describe Rev. Joe. He was the easiest person to work with in all of our wedding planning - he was so patient, thorough, and responsive. Everyone who attended our ceremony had nothing but great things to say about how personal, professional, and funny it was (over and over again). Please please please make sure you use Rev. Joe as your officiant. I PROMISE you won’t go wrong! I wish I could give him millions of stars!

Heather B.

Rev. Joe was absolutely amazing to work with. Our first meeting was like reconnecting with an old friend! When he sent us the first draft of our ceremony it was clear he not only listened but that he got us as a couple. Our ceremony was filled with love, humor, and just general joy. Our guests could not stop raving about his ceremony. What was also a bonus was that him and the Church of Ancient Ways are LGBTQ friendly

Katherine K.

We had the pleasure of Reverend Joe Iadanza officiating our ceremony. It was absolutely perfect and intimate and he listened to everything we wanted. I would 100% recommend him as your officiant!

Elyse C.

With the restrictions placed by the RC church, my spouse and I would not be able to be married in a church or have a priest officiate a wedding at the venue. I wanted to have a spiritual ceremony that respected by spouse's beliefs but still have faith, spirituality and God present for our day and bringing in some traditions of a Catholic ceremony. After talking with Rev Joe, we knew he understood our vision and worked with us over several months to put together a very personal ceremony. My family and friends were in awe of the ceremony and many stated it was the best they have ever been to! Although we had to plan our wedding on Long Island from Rochester NY, communication with Rev Joe was never an issue. He was amazing to work with, very responsive and he really takes time to get to know you as individuals and as a couple. We would definitely recommend Rev Joe!!

Colleen R.

Absolutely INCREDIBLE!!! However, incredible doesn’t even begin to describe Rev. Joe. He was the easiest person to work with in all of our wedding planning - he was so patient, thorough, and responsive. Everyone who attended our ceremony had nothing but great things to say about how personal, professional, and funny it was (over and over again). Please please please make sure you use Rev. Joe as your officiant. I PROMISE you won’t go wrong! I wish I could give him millions of stars!

Heather B.

April did the most amazing job on our ceremony. From the moment we met with her, we knew the ceremony would be so special. She put our words on paper so eloquently, and there truly was not a dry eye in the place because it was so, so beautiful. She is a wonderful person and it was so great to have her as a part of our special day

Victoria D.

Joe Iadanza was absolutely outstanding. He made us feel so comfortable through the nerves of the ceremony & every guest came up to us raving about how outstanding the ceremony really was. One of the most important things to me was who would marry us, and Joe completely out did himself and exceeded our expectations. We could not recommend him more!

Melissa K.
We were so lucky to have Aviva Sala as our officiant for our wedding. She married my Dad just a few years ago, so it was so incredibly special to have her marry us as well. From the very beginning, Aviva was amazing. We met with her via zoom (she does in person meetings as well) and really got to know her, and she got to know us as well. As we were getting married on our decade anniversary, I was finding it hard to encapsulate our entire relationship, but in the end, Aviva did it. Our ceremony was personalized to us and it was amazing. Aviva had so many amazing ideas that could be added to our ceremony- she described it I think as a menu of options that we could chose from, and it was amazing. We ended up incorporating a small tribute to our parents in a rose ceremony during our wedding and we also included an anniversary box. These were ideas we had never heard of or came across, and it was so wonderful to have them as part of our day. Aviva was kind, generous and knowledgeable, and we were also able to review the ceremony she wrote for us beforehand (though you can choose to be surprised!). Overall, we couldn't have asked for a better day, or a better ceremony. I am so grateful to Aviva, she is amazing and definitely the best officiant there is!
Nicole F.
Joe was our officiant for our wedding day and he made sure our wedding ceremony was perfect and exactly what we wanted! He truly took all of the stress away from us and made the ceremony lighthearted, funny, and sweet! All of our guests kept raving about how great he was! We are so grateful for choosing such a wonderful officiant! We would definitely recommend him!
Lizzi G.
Working with Rev. Joe Iadanza from the Church of Ancient Ways was truly an amazing experience. From the minute we met with him we knew he would be the perfect person to perform our ceremony. He was able to understand our relationship right away and he exceeded our expectations with our ceremony. Our guests are still telling us how much they loved our ceremony and how great Joe was! He also immediately took care of all the paperwork and license information making the whole process such a breeze for us! If you're looking for an incredible officiant, look no further! Thank you for everything Rev. Joe!
Ally V.
If you’re looking for an officiant, look no further than Reverend Joe [from Church of Ancient Ways]. He crafted the most incredibly beautiful ceremony for us and was so warm and inviting, everyone loved it! We absolutely loved him and would recommend him to everyone. 10/10!!
Lauren A.
My husband and I used Rev. April’s services for our elopement and thought she was spectacular. She was warm, funny, and well spoken. We really enjoyed the small, intimate ceremony with her. We had a renewal and we used The Officiants at Church of Ancient Ways again. Rev. Joe was also fantastic. He wrote a beautiful non-denominational ceremony with our families. He was lively, genuine, and delightful. We are so thankful that both of our experiences were so lovely. They went above and beyond our expectations and we absolutely recommend them!
Kristine M.
Joe was incredible! We only used him for the signed of our license. Of course when he arrived, we noticed we forgot the license at home. When I completely lost my cool over this Joe’s calming response was “well it’s not far”. He waited probably over and hour for a family member to go and get the license to sign it. Highly Highly would recommend!!
Olivier J.
Reverend Aviva SAVED our covid wedding in 2020!! We were lost with what to do for our 9/19/20 wedding after we decided to postpone the party but still get married that day. My mom was married by Reverend April in 2010, so she recommended me to reach out to Church of Ancient Ways...and I'm so glad I did. Aviva happened to be the one to answer the email in August of 2020 of a music loving, nerdtastic couple looking to finally tie the knot. In a month or less, she managed to pull together the most amazing, most romantic, and most "us" wedding ceremony we could've possibly dreamed of. Her attention to detail is impeccable, and talking to her is like talking to an old friend Of! Of all the things that 2020 brought, I'm forever grateful it brought us Aviva!!!
Tina K.
April is simply amazing and I can not emphasize that enough! She goes above and beyond to personalize your ceremony to whatever you want it to be. She is so helpful and a pleasure to work with!
Courtney S.
When I got engaged April was the first vendor that I booked based simply on the reviews here and on the brides of Long Island page. She exceeded all expectations. Every communication with her was pleasant and she was quick to respond to my questions through both email and phone call. She arrived on the day of my wedding in a timely manner, briefed both me and my bridal party on how the ceremony would work and then provided the most memorable and excellent ceremony ever. People are still saying how incredible our ceremony was, some even saying it was the best they’ve ever seen. I would hire April again in a heartbeat and will recommend her to anybody that ever asks.
MaryLynn S.

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