Welcome to a taste of tradition, where family values and Sicilian heritage come together to create a culinary journey like no other. The Sicilian Wheel is a cherished, family-owned establishment that originated from our Sicilian Roots and blossomed into a thriving business right from our backyard and childhood dreams. In every bite, you'll discover the essence of Sicily, a land known for its bold flavors and warm hospitality. From our table to yours at The Sicilian Wheel we make you feel like Family. 



The Wedding Industry

We love being a part of every couples special day! Our team at The Sicilian Wheel is dedicated to creating unforgettable moments, and we believe we have the perfect offerings to make your event have a wow factor your guests will love.


What are your packages 

1) margarita- plain pizza 

2) "pick two"- the margarita + any two pizzas off our menu. 


How long is the service?

2 hours. It included boxes & paper goods. 


Are their customizations available?

Yes, for pizza boxes! 

Can we add additional hours?

Yes! Contact us today for pricing! 

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