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Top Tier Entertainment New York is an upscale full-service event production company. We specialize in DJ & Entertainment services, as well as Photography, Film Making, Photo Booths, Live Musicians, and much more! Top Tier Entertainment is all about great music and entertainment WITHOUT the cheese!! We pride ourselves on class, sophistication, elegance, and experience which is unrivaled across the industry!

The Wedding Industry

I was introduced to the "event" planning industry while busing tables at a friend's restaurant.  At 14 years old they gave me a microphone at a party and I haven't looked back since.  

I'm not really sure what it was... Maybe it was the fact that when I said 'jump' everyone jumped.  I loved having the ability to captivate the crowd and create an energy in the room that was unfathomable elsewhere.

I've spent the last 22 years of my life dedicated to my craft.  After many years of polishing, tweaking, experiencing, and maturing I can now truly say that I've become a master of the entertainment industry.

My goal in life is to spread love and joy to others.  What better way than through music and entertainment on perhaps one of the most memorable days of their lives?  I get one shot deliver!  There are no due-overs or second chances in this business.  I guess I'm the kind of guy who always liked the ball in my hand, down 1 with 10 seconds to play.

I'm blessed to work and collaborate with some of the finest talent the industry has to offer.  Together we create the BEST possible outcome one could dream of when envisioning their wedding.  I truly love this industry and believe absolutely that my love and passion for what I do comes out not only at every wedding we do but in every conversation and meeting we have. 

The Wedding Memories

I've spent a lot of time collecting memories over the past 22 years!  Some would say "I've seen it all". Lol

There are a few things that stand out for certain thinking not too far back: 

My bride Jaclyn had one of the most picturesque wedding scenes in her Aunts backyard!  (Without giving too much info away you can find a clip of this on our Instagram).  Anyway, the wedding was just so beautiful, the weather was perfect, her guests came ready to party and she just had one of the most perfect days ever!


We did a wedding at a temple recently and leading up to the wedding the groom was adamant that HE DID NOT WANT TO STOP THE PARTY!! Not even for dinner...  In the back of my mind, I'm thinking "Nobody parties for four hours straight without stopping!  It's just not possible." 

I was wrong.  Had the venue let them... We'd still be there dancing.


We did a NYE wedding at the Mansion at Oyster Bay!  Let me just start by saying NYE Weddings are AWESOME!  Everyone is always ready to get wild at these parties!  This one was no exception.  With a live performance by Gloria Gaynor, confetti cannons at Midnight and a grooms cake for the ages this wedding replays in my head every single New Year!


I'm sure I've got more but you're probably done reading by now.  Call me if you want to hear some other exciting stories!


I think the common answer you'd hear someone in my industry say is "We specialize in DJs, MCs, Lighting, Photo Booths, and much more."

So I'm going to take a different approach and say we specialize in communication and attention to detail.  We take the time to get to know the ins and outs of our client's most specific wants, needs, and desires.  Relationship building is a big part of what we do here.  



Company History

You can read a lot about this above under the "Wedding Industry".  A lot of this information I like to go into detail with you on our initial services call.

Hey! I can't expose all of my secrets! Lol


My goal in our initial service meetings is to answer all the questions you may have before you have the opportunity to ask them.

Let me see...

Have you worked there before? (Meaning the venue they've selected)

What's something "different" we can do?

Do you have any specific song suggestions for a particular formality?

What would you do?

Personal Hobbies


BOLI Love!

Let me start off by saying I am VERY picky with DJs at weddings. I find them cheesy, playlists are terrible and/or the MC is annoying. I learned about Frankie and Top Tier through a friend's recommendation, who spoke so highly about him. From the first phone call, I felt like Frankie and I knew each other forever. The whole booking process was extremely easy, and we loved that Top Tier had all these extras that we could pick from, like a saxophone player. We even booked an acoustic guitar player for our cocktail hour and our favorite, the photo booth! On our wedding day, our playlist was exactly what we wanted, and everyone was dancing the WHOLE night. My husband is Portuguese and I’m Croatian, so we played a few sets of specific music. Top Tier went out of their way to add songs that made it extra special. Now being six months married guests are still talking about our wedding! I wish we could relive the day over and we would book Top Tier a million more times. You will not regret it! We love you, Frankie!

Jaclyn K.

Frank Vega makes you feel like you are his only party that year! Full attention on you! Brings the energy and the best music and dancers for the event of a lifetime!

Amy R.

I cannot thank Frankie and the entire staff at Top Tier for taking the time to listen to what we wanted our event to be like, and having them exceed our expectations. The photos we have are proof that seats were empty, and the dance floor was full. We highly recommend Top Tier! They are experienced and professional.

Pam A.

I want to give a shout out to Top Tier! All I can say is they did such a great job... from the music to the light up dance floor, they had everyone out there dancing. We all had such a great time!!

Chrissy L.

We used Frankie Vega and Top Tier Entertainment, and they were amazing to work with. Frankie and Top Tier took care of everything from room decor, centerpieces, logo design to day-of MCing and made the process so easy and stress free for me. They kept everyone dancing and having a great time. We received tons of compliments from guests. Highly recommend!!

Alison L.

Frankie at Top Tier Entertainment just DJed our wedding and killed it. He listened to everything we wanted and didn’t play what we didn’t want. He had everyone on the dance floor all night. We loved him!

Zoe F.

Frankie was prepared, honest, upfront, adaptable, flexible, affordable, professional, courteous, and grateful. From the first time I met with Frankie it did not take long for me to realize that we would go with him. I knew my wife would love him and he didn't try and oversell us anything. His outgoing and friendly personality is the same when you first meet him as it is during the stressful month leading up to the wedding and from cocktail hour to the very last song. Frankie went above and beyond when it came to planning, communicating and providing advice throughout the process. Our wedding was on New Years Eve and it was a great party that Frankie started, maintained and enjoyed with us. He had everyone up on their feet dancing from the first to last dance without being overbearing. He was very receptive to the crowd and allowed his guests to influence his style. We opted into the picture service and TV’s that showed pictures of the guests all night long, in addition to a welcome slide show prior to the grand entrance of the bride and groom. This was a huge hit, and the pictures were amazing. We were hesitant about adding this because we already had a photographer and a videographer, but we have ZERO regrets. The pictures were amazing and truly encompassed every guest, and the little aspects of the wedding that were priceless.

Erin G.

We got married at Insignia this past June and we LOVED Frankie and his team! Great to work with and our guests are still taking about how much they enjoyed the music, the dance floor was never empty!

Gina S.

From the moment we met with Frankie we immediately knew we wanted him as our MC. His personality is so great and was amazing throughout the entire process. He played every single request I had that night and then some. We had a percussionist for our wedding who was a HIT! Everyone loved him and he even brought the bongos out for our guests to play. Highly recommend!

Emily K.

AMAZING! They were referred by Insignia, so I spoke to Frankie and just with one call I knew he would be the perfect MC. We wanted a PARTY, and when I tell you we never got off the dance floor I mean it! I think sometimes we forget how important the DJ is, and their vibe really determines how your reception will go. They really killed it, this was probably my favorite vendor!

Evelin C.

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