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Hey there and welcome to Peachee Memories Photo Booth. My name is Marina and along with my husband Brandon we run a Photo Booth business. This business first started out with making Real Estate tours with our 360 camera but we knew it wasn't our passion. We wanted to be apart of someone's special day, helping them create those once in a lifetime memories. This is when we decided to get a Photo Booth and film wedding videos. We soon realized this is our passion !

The Wedding Industry

We decided to get into the wedding industry because it's one of the most special events in a couples lifetime. The one thing we love about the Photo Booth is that it's so easy to use for people. Sometimes the photographer cannot capture everyone at the wedding and the Photo Booth allowes anyone to come up and take as many pictures, gifs, boomerangs and videos as they want. 

The Wedding Memories

Our favorite memory was when we did a Photo Booth at The Paramount in Huntington, New York. They have a secret room called The Founder's Room and our backdrop for the Photo Booth was a secret rotating book shelf door. It was definitely a very unique experience. 


We specialize in having a unique Photo Booth set up for every event. From custom photo props to amazing backdrops and customs signs. Every event turns out to be unique and memorable. 

Company History

We have been in business for about a year and love every minute of it. Like stated before we first decided to name our company Vision Reality 360 because we did many real estate tours but soon after broke away from that and decided to focus on weddings. We also decided to name our Photo Booth Peachee Memories and keep Vision Reality for the wedding videographey. 


The one question everyone asks is "What is that ?". Because our Photo Booth is very slim and elegant looking people always wonder what exactly it is when we have it all set up and running. We always tell everyone it's a Photo Booth and the the answer is always wow that looks so cool !

Personal Hobbies

Since we are a wife and husband team we each have our own hobbies that we enjoy doing. Brandon enjoys doing taekwondo since this is something he has done since he was 2 in a half years old. Marina enjoys doing many spiritual activities like sound baths, breath work and meditation. We also have 2 beautiful boys and a little girl on the way so family time is very important to us. We love spending time together whenever we can. 

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