4 Reasons to Get Married on an Off-Day

Considering a Thursday wedding? Or even a TUESDAY wedding? Here are 4 reasons to get married on an off-day!

Image courtesy of Castellanos Cinema

There’s no denying that weekends are made for weddings – most of us are off from work and ready to party, with fewer responsibilities than we have during the week.

But while choosing a Saturday or Sunday may make the most sense for a lot of reasons, having your wedding on a weekday comes with a few big benefits. Here are 4 reasons to get married on an off-day.

1. It’s cheaper

This is a BIG one. Most everything related to your wedding will, more likely than not, be cheaper during the week than it would be on a weekend. This includes venues, photographers, hair and makeup artists, hotel block rates, you name it. So if your dream venue is just outside of your price range on a weekend, be sure to ask for off-day rates – you may not need to sacrifice your budget for your vision!

Getting married on an off-day may also save you a few bucks in some other ways. If you’re paying for food and alcohol based on consumption, a weekday wedding may mean your guests take fewer trips to the bar (you wouldn’t want to go to work hung over, would you?)

2. Vendors may have more availability

Wedding vendors can fill their calendars very easily, especially from May through October. But chances are, they’ll have more openings during the week than on the weekends. This is important to keep in mind if you’re looking for a date 6 months to a year away, or if you want to have your wedding during a popular season. 

3. Fewer conflicts for guests

Most of us like to fill our weekends, and sometimes that means trips out of town or making plans with friends and relatives. A weekday wedding may mean your guests won’t have as many previous engagements lined up – another aspect to keep in mind if you’re planning your wedding within a shorter time frame (6-12 months) or want a summer date.

4. It gives your guests something to look forward to!

Having fun on a Saturday? Psh, child’s play. Having fun on a Thursday? Now, that’s something to brag about! Let’s face it – we could all use a little something to look forward to during a long work week. What’s better than clocking out early, slipping on a nice dress, and celebrating the love of a beautiful couple?