5 Alternatives to a Bouquet or Garter Toss

Who says you have to keep every tradition? Try one of these alternatives to a bouquet or garter toss instead.

There are plenty of wedding traditions that deserve to be upheld — wearing white dresses, walking down aisles, and including “something blue.” But as we’ve gotten older and society has grown more self-aware, some traditions like bouquet and garter tosses have started to feel outdated, awkward, and maybe even a little inappropriate. 

That’s not to say that you absolutely can’t include them if you want to. Remember, it’s your day and you get to call the shots! However, if you can’t fathom pitting your best single gal pals against each other in a fight to the finish, here are five alternatives to a bouquet or garter toss.

1. Anniversary Dance

Also known as “Longest Married Couple,” this relatively new tradition dictates that the bride gives her bouquet to the guests who’ve been married the longest. Ask all married couples to join you on the dance floor, then slowly narrow it down. Your DJ or MC will ask those married less than one year to sit down, then those married less than five, then less than ten, and so on until the longest married couple is found!

2. Shoe Game

In this bouquet or garter toss alternative, the bride and groom sit back to back holding one of their own shoes and one of their new spouse’s shoes. The DJ or MC then asks the couple various questions, and they have to vote whether the bride or groom is the best culprit by holding up the corresponding shoe. 

Image courtesy of Tom’s Towers Flowers

3. Toss Something Else

Who says you HAVE to toss a bouquet or garter? If your favors aren’t breakable, toss those at the end of the night! You can also toss confetti, sparkles, candy, or any other fun item.

4. Pass it On

Give your bouquet to the next BOLI in line! This is a beautiful gesture that symbolizes well wishes for another woman ready to walk the aisle. You remember what wedding planning was like — wouldn’t a gorgeous bouquet make your day better?

5. Nothing

If your ideal wedding reception is a packed dance floor, then you can ditch the toss AND it’s alternatives. Keep the music blasting and the party going!