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“Every single person is going to feel like a million dollars:” Spend a day in luxury at the de Seversky Mansion with the Alli Murphy Photography Experience

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This exclusive, first-of-its kind event is more than just a photo shoot – it’s a celebrity experience.


Image: Alli Murphy Photography

As a bride, you’ll be in plenty of pictures – from engagement sessions and bachelorettes on the beach, to first looks and that ever-famous walk down the aisle. And while you’ll love everything about capturing those unforgettable bridal moments, you may find you’re longing for something …a little different.


Picture a day celebrating your beauty, your strength, and your femininity in one the Gold Coast’s most stunning locales. Imagine getting pampered by a team of the best professional make up artists and hair stylists, sipping champagne as you slip into a beautiful gown or your fiance’s favorite lingerie, posing underneath an intricate and ornate chandelier or inside of a classic luxury car.


Image: Alli Murphy Photography

Those dreams of a day spent in grandeur can now be a reality. Join the team at Alli Murphy Photography on October 19th, 2021 for a one day only experience inside the stunning de Seversky Mansion, and leave with pictures you’ll cherish for a lifetime.


Image: Alli Murphy Photography

For Alli, the idea for this epic event was rooted in the time she spent as a bride herself. “She’s always had a vision of doing this stunning mansion boudoir shoot, back when she was getting married,” says Elizabeth Woodward, marketing director at Alli Murphy Photography. “She looked at a bunch of these mansions and just fell in love with the look and the feel.”


The idea lived on as she built her business, existing in the game plan as a long-term goal. According to Woodward, the team decided that now was the perfect time to bring everything to fruition. “Finally this year, we said ‘we want to make this happen.’ The de Seversky just really fit the vision that we were looking for. We’ve been cultivating this event, constantly reaching out to new partners, and it’s really starting to come together into this amazing experience for our clients.”


That amazing experience goes beyond the typical photography session. “We’re calling it an experience because it’s a lot more than a shoot. While it is the point, we really want everyone to leave feeling like ‘I had the most amazing day. I feel incredible. This was beyond what I dreamt it could be.’”


Image: Alli Murphy Photography

Upon arrival, you’ll be whisked away to meet your own personal glam squad: ten of the area’s top hair and make-up artists. After treating yourself to some bubbly and a few bites, you’ll have the opportunity to select your favorite spots in and around the de Seversky, with scenes curated by Alli Murphy and her stellar collaborators. “We’re going to be bringing in specialty furniture, decor, flowers, and luxury cars to really make the sets come alive,” says Woodward. “The mansion as it is, is stunning. But we just want to take it up to another level. Every scene is going to have so much detail that it’s going to show a story.”


Not only will you get a heightened backdrop for some incredible shots, but you’ll also be able to take advantage of a few heavenly props – a set of black or pink wings.


Image: Alli Murphy Photography

Many brides consider doing a boudoir shoot, but often feel somewhat apprehensive about the process. Woodward notes that the de Seversky experience provides a freeing alternative to the typical shoot. “In this mansion setting, It’s not as traditional boudoir as you would do in the studio. I try to communicate that you don’t have to wear lingerie to take sexy photos. You can wear gowns, you can wear a cocktail dress, you can wear what you want. It’s all about you.” What better place to show off that reception dress you wish you could have worn for longer, or the ball gown that got packed away when you decided on a backyard wedding instead, than in the elegance of the de Seversky?


Also unlike a traditional boudoir shoot, the Alli Murphy Photography experience allows you to bring others along for the ride – like your fiancé, friends, and even family. “We have one woman who is bringing her daughter,” Woodward mentioned. To sweeten the deal for your bridesmaids who need a day of indulgence, Alli Murphy offers 10-page photo books for any two clients that mention each other’s names when reserving slots.


Image: Alli Murphy Photography


For brides caught up in the whirlwind of venue tours and dress fittings, the experience will prove to be a day of feeling like royalty. “Brides are so enveloped in wedding planning, and yeah they get engagement shoots, but this is a little bit more personal I think,” says Woodward. “You can pay a site fee or something and have the outside, but here you’re really getting a lot of opportunity for luxury, classy photos.” And photos you’ll get – each client will receive a full downloadable gallery with every picture lightly edited, and the opportunity to select 10 shots to be edited further.


While you’ll leave with plenty of images that make you feel like the stunner you are, you may also leave with something extra: raffle prizes for the event range from a 3 day, 2 night stay in Las Vegas with a shoot at Alli Murphy’s studio, to a 20×30 metal wall print of your favorite photo, to a number of other prizes offered by partners and collaborators.


Image: Alli Murphy Photography

So what should a BOLI do to prepare for such an extraordinary day? According to Woodward, decide on a vision and get inspired. “Everyone is going to have a different vision of what they want these photos to turn out like,” she says. “It’s a good idea to really sit down and search for inspo online, or look at the photos that we provided, and of say to yourself, ‘Well, I really love the stairs and I’m picturing myself there in the gown, but I think in the ballroom I really would love to do a lingerie set.’”


No matter what your vision is, you’ll be sure to have an experience like none other (with the pictures to prove it)! “Every single person is going to feel like a million dollars,” Woodward assured. “It’s really about being pampered and treated like a celebrity, treated like royalty, and coming out with these stunning photos that you’ll want to display in your home, that you’ll want people to see.”


Image: Alli Murphy Photography

To book your slot for the de Seversky Mansion Alli Murphy Photography experience, click here.

Written by Jennifer Rizzuto,

BOLI Blogger

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