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“A Resort Destination on Long Island.” Atlantis Banquets & Events Has Everything You Need For the Perfect Long Island Wedding…Including Penguins

If you’re looking for a ‘destination wedding,’ but don’t want to travel very far, Atlantis Banquets & Events is the perfect Long Island wedding venue for you.

(Photo courtesy of Atlantis Banquet & Events)

If the thought of having a destination wedding excites you, but you love Long Island, then Atlantis Banquets & Events, a BOLI preferred vendor, is the Long Island wedding venue you need to check out ASAP!

From its spacious Sea Star Ballroom to saying ‘I do’ next to the sea lions, Atlantis Banquets & Events has everything you need for the most unique and perfect destination wedding right here on Long Island. Located along the Peconic River, the venue shares its space with the Long Island Aquarium, which brides can take over for their wedding if they choose. The property also includes the Hyatt Place Long Island, the Preston House & Hotel and the Howell House, which are across the street. Couples can invite friends and family to stay the weekend and enjoy the East End of Long Island, while celebrating their wedding day.

(Photo courtesy of Atlantis Banquet & Events)

BOLI recently sat down with the team at Atlantis Banquets & Events to find out what the venue has to offer and learn more about why it’s the perfect resort destination on Long Island.

Getting Married With the Fishes

Atlantis Banquets & Events offers so many choices for brides when planning their dream weddings. Any space at the aquarium is available for a ceremony and cocktail hour. Some brides have had their ceremony in the Sea Lion Stadium, where they can be surrounded by their loved ones, as well as several California sea lions. Others choose the beautiful Riverside Pavilion located on the tranquil Peconic River. “There’s a lot of different options,” says Director of Sales Tony Cotignola. “One of the main things that makes us very unique is, let’s say you wanted to do a cocktail hour reception in the aquarium. People can linger around, get some food and see the animals. Then, you can move into the Sea Star Ballroom to have more of a sit-down, formal meal.” Yes, that’s right, you can utilize the entire aquarium and the ballroom, if you so choose.

However, according to Director of Marketing Darlene Puntillo the majority of their brides do choose to have their weddings at the aquarium. “You can put your tables around where the fish tanks are,” explains Tony. “And there’s a separate area for dancing that’s connected to the coliseum.”

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The aquarium can fit up to 270 guests, while the Sea Star Ballroom can host up to 340. The ballroom overlooks the Peconic River and the marina. “There’s also space where there can be a ceremony, as well as cocktail receptions right in the Sea Star Ballroom,” says Tony.

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Penguins And Sea Lions And Sharks! Oh My!

If you really want a unique wedding, consider a shark dive wedding! “You can get married inside our shark habitat!” says Darlene.

(Photo courtesy of Atlantis Banquet & Events)

Those who’d rather stay on dry land can meet with some penguins, say ‘I do’ beside the sea lions, and even take photos in the beautiful butterfly exhibit! “No other venue can you go into a butterfly exhibit and take pictures with butterflies flying around,” says Tony.

(Photo courtesy of Atlantis Banquet & Events)

The size of the aquarium allows for different things too. “We’ve had people bring in acrobats, where they hang from the ceiling and pour champagne,” explains Tony.

And, of course, Atlantis does offer various packages for couples. “We have vendor packages that you could add on that would include a florist, DJ and photographer,” says Tony. They also offer all-inclusive packages at certain times of the year with some parameters. In addition, each couple gets a complimentary overnight stay at the Hyatt Place the night of their wedding. And for your guests? Atlantis couples get priority when it comes to room blocks at the Hyatt Place. But make sure to get those blocks early!

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Never-Ending Fun

At Atlantis Banquet & Events, your wedding doesn’t have to be just five hours. You have the opportunity to create an entire wedding weekend experience for you and your guests. You can arrive on a Friday night, and unwind with your close friends and family for a small gathering or rehearsal dinner at Preston’s.

The day after your wedding, your guests can take a canoe or kayak on the river at Long Island Canoe Kayak Rentals, or perhaps plan a trip out to Long Island’s wine country. In the summer months, you and your guests can plan a beach day in the Hamptons. But if relaxing the day after your wedding is what you have in mind, you can plan an after-wedding brunch at the Sea Star Ballroom or the Preston House Restaurant.

“We really consider it a resort destination here on Long Island,” says Darlene. “You can have your destination wedding, but you’re still at home. And you’re only driving as far as the expressway.”

(Photo courtesy of Atlantis Banquet & Events)

What About the Food?

Atlantis Banquets & Events isn’t just a unique, beautiful venue. It features locally sourced, delicious food. The menu is always changing to stay up to date with what guests are requesting and interested in. “Our executive chef has been here since Atlantis Banquet & Events opened, over 20 years ago,” says Director of Food and Beverage Danny Lanieri. “He is very good at what he does. And he has a tremendous number of compliments on our food.”

Right now, Danny says the most popular cocktail station is the bacon bar. Tony adds that they have a large selection of seafood, as well. “Being an aquarium, we do practice the best choices for sustainable seafood,” explains Danny. “We partner with Seafood Watch, but we also speak with local fishermen in the area.”

In addition to the local seafood, Danny says they purchase their produce from farms on the East End of Long Island. He adds that they carry craft beer from Long Island breweries. And Tony explains that the house wine is actually from Raphael Vineyards, because Atlantis’ ownership also owns the vineyard. “We like to support local businesses,” says Danny.

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Trust the Team

If you’re still not convinced that Atlantis Banquets & Events is the perfect space for your wedding, why not hit up their showcase on Feb. 16? It’s the perfect opportunity to tour the aquarium and envision your dream wedding. It’s also “a good opportunity to test our food and give it a sample!” says Darlene.

And once you’re booked? Tony explains that when brides tell them what they want, they can be assured that it will happen, and it will be perfect! “Trust the team,” says Darlene. “Your wedding is super important to us. Trust us to help you make it the best day ever.”

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